Those Jewish Movies

by The Shadow

25 March 2005

The eternal subtlety and malevolence of the Jew cannot even be imagined by the vast majority of White people, even here on VNN. Allow me to give you a brief example of what I'm talking about.

I caught the last half-hour of "Love Affair" (1939), starring Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer. The casual (White) viewer would see this film as innocent Christmas-theme entertainment. But this is precisely the way the Jew works. He makes you think he's on your side.

Here is what I saw in this brief period of time (beyond the schmaltz -- which is the way Jews refer to such entertainment among themselves): 1. The darling little cihldren from the orphanage, who would sing for Dunne in her wheelchair [Do you see hwat I mean by schmaltz?], included a Negro and an Oriental.

2. The songs that the orphans sang for the cripple had nothing at all to do with Christmas.

3. The one-day-a-page calendar that autonomously flipped its pages on the screen as the days approached Christmas contained the word "Xmas" and not "Christmas" on each page, as in Dec. 14th -- 11 days till Xmas."

This third observation of mine made me think of how often I continue to see Jewglish spoken on VNN. Oh well, Rome wasn't destroyed in a day.


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