Strategies and Tactics

by The Shadow

18 March 2005

The assassinations in Atlanta of a White male judge and his White female court stenographer by a Black male criminal, with no mention (so far) in the media of the obvious conclusion that the killing of the stenographer was a "hate crime," underscores the enormous struggle we face.

Even if we had our own TV channel, there would be two dozen phony-baloney Nancy Grace types out there misleading the gullible public every day. "Tell us, Mary Lou, just what kind of a great mom was this wonderful lady that we all grieve for. And how long did you and she work together in the courthouse?"

We also have to bear in mind that Father Coughlin was No. 1 on the hit parade for a number of years. And that Henry Ford had his own newspaper, also for a number of years. While it is absolutely necessary for us to name the Jew, we must not -- cannot -- stop there.

VNNF Member A recommended that we all write letters to the media demanding apologies for going after the Matt Hales while studiously ignoring the Bart Rosses in the Judge Lefkow case in Chicago. Member A even posted a sample letter. But before the ink was dry on my screen, VNNF Member B tried to shoot down the idea as worthless.

Well, first of all, attacking the efforts of one another here at VNN is itself worthless. And number two, Member A has a damn good idea. Too bad so few forum visitors have gone to look at his thread.

Member B, however, did come up with an outstanding suggestion of his own, namely, to call specific people in the media and hold their feet to the fire. This technique is also known as rattling their cages. And it is a major tactic in the second aspect of White Nationalist strategy, that is to say, the softening up of The System for the non-awakened masses. As Member C likes to say, these people, that is, the people in the press, are still walking around with their teeth.

Member B, unfortunately, not only looks down on anonymous VNN members, but he also likes to expose himself, as it were. Giving the jew unnecessary targets is just that -- unnecessary. Letters to them and their lackeys can well be anonymous (the postmarks tell the Judenpresse that they're not all from the same mailbox), and phone calls can be anonymous as well. Enemies they can't see are even scarier than those they can see.

Furthermore, even VNNFers with the gumption to click on Member A's thread -- the one about the letters to the press -- may well be too prudent/timid/frightened to make even perfectly courteous calls from their homes. hell, even Member B apparently was somewhat put off by the mocker on the other end of the phone who told him that Bart Ross was probably Catholic. The call, after all, was about Ross's race, not his religion.

A great way to make perfectly anonymous phone calls is to buy an AT&T calling card for $30-40. You get between 300 and 700 minutes, more or less, with no expiration date. With this card and a list of target phone numbers in your pocket, you can spend your free time making phone calls from payphones. Yes, they do still have payphones.

Have fun with these calls. Don't say anything "dirty," "racist," or -- certainly not -- threatening. But, dare I say, fuck with their heads. We've got plenty of experience fucking with one another, or at least watching it done. Be prepared, though, for Jewish comebacks. In their spare time they think up comebacks just for people like us.

Those reporters and columnists are very, very human, though. In other words, they'll shit their pants faster than our balls will shrivel up into our pelvises. And it's difficult to write newspaper copy with shit all over your legs. So, as the jews like to say, Enjoy!


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