Movie Review: "Trial"

by The Shadow

22 February 2005

I caught only the last 35 minutes of this 1955 Glenn Ford courtroom drama, but that was more than enough for purposes of a VNN review.

Angel Chavez, an Hispanic teenager as clean-cut as an Hispanic teenager can possibly get (which is still dirty-cut) is on trial for the apparent rape (in 1955 they still weren't using this ugly word in movies) and murder of a White girl. Glenn Ford is the boy's lawyer and is seen prepping "Angelo," as I tuned in to the movie.

The remainder of the film is dominated by courtoom scenes. But we also learn that Ford is one of those dedicated lawyers, who happens to be in a law firm with a sleazy partner even lighter-skinned than he is. The partner, who wants their client to be found guilty, now takes the case away from Ford, who nevertheless shows up in court as amicus curiae. Below are scenes/observations of the courtroom that will resonate with readers:

1. The judge is a Black man with largely White features and no hint of a Black accent. ("Color is only skin deep.")

2. The judge, who has a 'hanging' reputation, turns out to be not only extremely fair-minded but also extremely restrained as Ford's "bigoted" law partner calls him a handkerchief-head and an Uncle Tom. (The lawyer later got 30 days in jail for these remarks among others, but surely should have been committed to an asylum, even back in 1955.)

3. While Angel agrees on the stand that he was alone on a private beach for no reason, that he met the girl there, that the girl put his hand on her lap, that he kissed her, and that her dress ripped when he also hugged her, he nevertheless asserts that he had nothing to do with her rape and murder (and wouldn't even have known!! how to "seduce" her, even though he had passed a sex-ed class). (As usual, the Jews are ahead of their time with sex ed in junior high health classes in 1955.)

4. No other suspect in the crime is ever mentioned (although the early part of the movie may have suggested one).

5. The White observers in the courtroom are classic Hollywood hick bad guys, with large jaws, wrinkled skin, and extra-long faces.

6. Angel's mother (Angel has no father), who only looks old enough to be his sister, threatens bad things for (White) people if her son is executed. ("He weel nutt ov died een vain.")

At the end of the movie, the 'hanging' judge sentences Angel to an indeterminate sentence in a juvenile reeducation facility where he eventually can go free on the say-so of the principal.

So was our angel guilty or not guilty? It seems that the only reason the little monster escaped death was that Glenn Ford had somehow been tricked by his "prejudiced" law partner into letting Angel testify in court, a move that led to a very effective cross-examination by the prosecutor (who, believe it or not, now wants to let Ford speak as a friend of the court).

As if the aforementioned Jew movie deceptions weren't enough, here's the kicker. Ford tells the court that his blond law partner is a Communist and that he wants Angel executed in order to stir up racial hatred. Did you ever?

This last stunt reminds me of today's situation where we have zionist jews like Michael Savage supposedly opposing Marxist Jews like Barbara Boxer. Even in 1955 they were playing both ends against the middle (class).


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