Naming the Jew on a Call-In

by The Shadow

10 February 2005

On January 13, 2005, on C-Span 2, Josef Joffe, editor and publisher of Die Zeit, a well-known German print publication, was interviewed. It seems his paper had featured a story on life in Israel, whatever that meant. When I happened upon a replay of the show late that evening, they were finishing up the call-in segment, and I heard the last three callers speak to Joffe.

The first caller, a White man, asked Joffe gently if he's Jewish. Joffe refused to answer the question. After the caller hung up, the White male interviewer was bold enough to pursue the point, saying, "You're not going to answer the question about your religion?" Joffe insisted, "It's irrelevant."

The next caller was another White male (from Georgia). This guy came on with cannons roaring. "Of course he's a Jew! etcetera etcetera etcetera."

The final caller was an Asian Indian. He also attacked Joffe, but only indirectly, apparently likening his own (and our) presence in North America to that of Jews in Palestine. With his accented English, I couldn't be sure of his point.

The interview later asked Joffe if the questions he had just received were similar to questions he receives in Germany. Joffe said they were except that there's no anti-Semitism expressed in Germany. There it is "verboten."

The interviewer also asked him what it was like as a boy after WW2 in Germany. Joffe said it was a lot of fun because the cities had been reduced to rubble and kids could build castles with the rubble.

From Joffe's body language during the calls and from his subsequent answers to the interviewer, the questions from callers clearly had him rattled, even though he managed the usual focker grin throughout (except when covering his mouth with his hand).

I believe we see here the benefit of two White Nationalist strategies, namely, calls to the electronic media and naming the Jew. Among other benefits, sophisticated White listeners had to have been both amused and heartened, while naïve White listeners had to have wondered how yet another "Holocaust survivor" not only lived (in obvious good health) throughout that terrible Nazi regime but then went on to become the owner of a major German newspaper.

Our own Polybius tells us that he combines these two strategies regularly himself, and on C-Span, at that. He asks obviously Jewish guests if they are, indeed, Jewish. It may be that his persistent calls have brought C-Span around to the point of giving his inquiry a little respect. [Yet another benefit to be derived from calling the electronic media and naming the Jew.]


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