Earth to Drudge

by The Shadow

28 January 2004

On his Sunday evening radio program, Matt Drudge recently took a call from a young man who identified himself as a member of the National Alliance. Even though the caller's presentation was obviously scripted, Drudge allowed him to speak for upwards of a minute. The man's call was made in support of limiting immigration to Europeans on the grounds of national security.

When the caller was finished, Drudge said curtly, "Code word for White," before hanging up on the fellow. Drudge was referring to the repeated use of the word European.

I was happy to see the National Alliance get the free airtime. In terms of the caller's accomplishments, I found five:

1. Mention of the National Alliance on a national range program
2. Mention of Representative Tom Tancredo
3. The inference that Jews are not Europeans ("they come here from the Middle East")
4. Exposure of Drudge as an antiwhite, Jewish media figure
5. Demonstration to other White Nationalists that they, too, can get on a show such as Drudge's.

What I would say Drudge himself gained from the call were:

1. The illusion that he allows all sides of the political spectrum to speak on his show
2. An opportunity to publicly treat White Nationalists as beneath contempt, by not even engaging the caller in conversation
3. An opportunity to point out that White Nationalists are afraid to identify themselves as White and instead hide behind the word European.

Were I to have made the same call, I might have tried to handle it differently, not saying that I could have. [Drudge is a tough nut.] I probably would have attempted to:

1. Avoid giving a canned speech
2. Sound more like an ordinary caller with no ax to grind rather than someone representing a WN organization
3. Draw Drudge into a conversation
4. Not give Drudge something with which to beat me up, like the use of European for White
5. Arouse the interest of the audience in just how a conversation on nonwhite immigration will play out
6. Make the audience wonder if I'm as dumb as I sound
7. By mocking the system, give the audience something to laugh about.

Here is how I might have spoken, first to the screener and then to the host:

Screener: Matt Drudge show. What radio station are you listening to?

Me: K I P U in Salt Lake City.

Screener: What you want to talk to Matt about?

Me: I think immigration is dangerous to this country right now. There ought to be a moratorium on new people coming here. [This is the kind of topic radio listeners are interested in and that a talk-show host may feel he can handle, as Drudge clearly did.]

Screener: What's your first name?

Me: Roger.

Screener: You're No. 5 in the lineup, Roger. I'll come on again just before Matt gets to you. Make sure your radio is turned off.

Me: You got it.

Drudge: Good evening, Roger in Salt Lake City. You're on the air.

Me: Hey, Drudge. [The cool callers address him as Drudge.] I want to see America go back to being a Black and White country. [Technically, I'm sticking with the topic I had given the screener, but I'm also throwing Drudge off a bit, and he could very well become suspicious. Also, I'm going at him right out of the box.] It was better for Blacks and it was better for Whites before there were so many other people here. [By being on the side of Blacks, I give myself some cover.]

Drudge: By other people, you mean Asians, South Americans, and people not like you. [He's trying to play it safe by drawing me out. He's also making the mistake by suggesting I'm White.] Or do you just not like Mexicans? [Drudge goes on the offensive faster than most talk-show hosts.]

Me: It's not that I don't like Mexicans, Matt. [I'm keeping it friendly.] It's just that they take jobs away from Americans, especially Black Americans. [I'm making it difficult for Drudge to take one side or the other in our discussion.]

Drudge: How many Americans want to pick our grapes or clip our hedges? [He's on dangerous ground here, as you'll see.]

Me: How many Americans want to be on welfare? [I'm not hesitating to go back at him with the questions game.]

Drudge: That's not the point. [Here's one of their favorite lines.] Americans don't want to do a lot of the jobs foreigners will do. [He stays away from the mention of Blacks.] They want better-paying jobs, and they should. [Drudge won't go down the anti-Mexican road, either. Also, he's trying to throw me off message.]

Me: Black and White Americans will work for a fair wage.

Drudge: Are you willing to pay a fair price in the food market for your lettuce or a fair wage to your gardner? [I've really got him talking, and it's antiwhite.]

Me: So you don't think Arabs living in this country were responsible for 9/11? [I've won the Mexican argument. It's time to move on before he cuts me off.]

Drudge: Now you're blaming millions of Arab-Americans for 9/11. Isn't that what you're doing. [Again, we see that he's antiwhite.]

Me: Absolutely not. But if there were no Arabs in this country, we wouldn't have had 9/11. That's easy enough to figure out. [Now I'm playing the host of the show.] America was also better off financially before the 1965 immigration act that let nonwhite people in here. [I'm trying to make the major points of the caller from the National Alliance before Drudge kills me.]

Drudge: Is this one of those "America is for White people only" calls? It sure sounds like one. [Drudge is closing in for the kill.]

Me: I don't want America for White people only, Matt. You're assuming that I'm White. [Even if I sound like I'm from central Maine, Drudge can't attack me now, or even question my race. If he does, he's cooked. Suggesting to Drudge that I may be Black will also amuse his listeners no end. In fact, at this point I can just play with him for as long as he allows me to stay on. I've already won.]

Blah, blah, blah.

Me: God bless you, Matt. You're a great American. CLICK. [I kill him instead of him killing me.]

Drudge: They come out of the woodwork on Sunday evening. [The usual postmortem after a radio talk-show host loses a round to a caller.]

My objectives here would have been to:

a) Mock the BS that (1) Americans won't accept jobs that Mexicans will and (2) Arabs in America were not responsible for 9/11
b) Drive home the notion that nonwhite immigration is a common-man issue in America, for both job-security and national-security reasons
c) Make Drudge look evasive on both job-security and national-security issues
d) Demonstrate to White people that they do not have to be afraid of the people they call on the radio.

[The very next week a well-spoken Black male gave it to Drudge for making the Pistons-Pacers basketball melee in Detroit sound worse than the killing of 100,000 Iraqis by American troops.]

Before I ever picked up the phone, I would have to have given myself a certain persona. Age, educational background, occupation, attitude toward Black people, etc. I also would have to have some notion of how I wanted the call to go:

a) Getting Drudge to give his opinions on Mexicans and/or Arabs
b) Appearing sympathetic to the "plight" of Blacks
c) Staying "on message" despite the host's attempts to throw me off.

The National Alliance deserves much credit for having called Drudge. It's the kind of call we all have to make, make now, and make often.

Drudge is a particularly difficult talk-show host to deal with. But he does have a large audience. Perhaps more importantly, there are not very many intelligent callers on Sunday evening. I recently heard him go through about five of them in less than a minute. They had unintelligible foreign accents, sounded stoned, etc. So, it may be easier to get on Drudge than on some other shows, such as Rush Limbaugh.

Right here might be a good place for me to emphasize -- if I haven't done so already -- that an operative doesn't want to say anything that could be remotely construed as illegal, or even fattening. All he or she wants to do is mock the system in some perfectly legitimate fashion.

If the mockery can be accomplished while espousing the rights of the downtrodden, praising the Iraqi Supreme Court, or calling for peace in our time, why, so much the better.


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