A Platform of 99 Planks

by The Shadow

17 January 2005

Because we are engaged in a mission to help the fockish people leave America, we must be prepared for the aftermath of that happy event -- happy for them and happy for us. The fockers have become such an integral part of the mockery known as American society that we have to have a system in place for when they are gone. If you were to own a home that was termite-ridden, you would do more damage to your house by ripping out the infested beams with no thought of replacing them than if you were to leave the termites alone.

Fortunately for us, the physical structure of the United States will remain the same. Ships will sail in and out of our harbors. Planes will still land and take off at our airfields. Our railroads and highways will continue to deliver goods 24/7. A massive electrical grid will still span the continent. Water plants and sewage plants will continue to operate everywhere. So, these are not the beams that must be replaced as the diasporic departure takes place. America is not about to become Damascus under Peter O'Toole.

The fockers, after all, do not operate our infrastructure. There are no fockish tugboat captains in New York harbor. When an animal carcass blocks a pipe in a Chicago sewage plant, it is not a fockish engineer who determines how the problem will be solved. We don't count on fockers to arrive at the scene of an interstate pileup somewhere in Wyoming.

What will be called for when the fockers depart this land are massive changes in the utilization of the infrastructure. These changes are, in fact, the same ones that are needed right now to prevent the United States from either exploding or imploding. But with the fockers gone, their lackeys, while perfectly capable of operating the infrastructure, will, without our guidance, prove even more incompetent in its utilization than they are proving now.

If our seaports and airports continue to receive 10 times as many goods as they ship, we're doomed despite our infrastructure. If our electrical grid continues to be subject to sabotage, we're doomed despite our infrastructure. If our awesome hospital system continues to bleed from indigent invaders, we're doomed despite our infrastructure.

Below is a suggested White Nationalist platform for instituting the massive changes that are -- and surely will be -- necessary. The 99 planks in this platform will be put into place by the same means the fockers typically have used -- legislation. Thus, the White Nationalist platform amounts to a political platform -- one that can be instituted one plank at a time without undue convulsions.

We are not, after all, revolutionaries. We do not want a new country. We simply want our country back, as do a couple hundred million of our fellow Americans.

While not all the planks in this platform are directly related to White Nationalism, White Nationalism will not thrive in a White state that is not economically and militarily powerful, any more than White Nationalism thrives now. Therefore, many of these planks, when instituted, should have an indirect effect beneficial to us and to our descendants.

Almost needless to say, some necessary planks are missing, while others are ill advised. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere. Kindly give this platform your studied attention, adding or subtracting planks as you deem necessary.

1. The 1965 Immigration Reform Act will be rescinded.

2. Repeat violators of immigration law will be placed in detention camps in either interior Alaska or northern Michigan where they will work on chain gangs constructing roads and railroad track for a period of not less than five years before being repatriated.

3. Any applicant for admission to the United States who is 10 years of age or older must be proficient in reading at the third-grade level in his or her native tongue in order to receive further consideration.

4. No legal alien who has spent less than 36 consecutive months on American soil will be eligible to apply for citizenship.

5. Any legal alien who has faithfully served this country in a war zone for one year or longer will automatically become a United States citizen.

6. The foreign relatives of a naturalized American citizen will no longer be permitted to leapfrog other applicants from their nation applying for immigration to the United States.

7. Any legal alien sending dollars out of the United States must register any amount over $100 with the federal government and must not send more than $100 per month.

8. Legal aliens receiving Social Security disability payments will be removed from the rolls.

9. No person unable to read English at the third-grade level, even if a United States citizen, will be allowed to register to vote, unless that person is legally blind.

10. The Census Bureau, in collecting racial data, will confirm those data through DNA testing.

11. Public signs and paper documents written in any language other than English will not appear in any federally-funded facility, whether that facility be a government office, a health-care facility, or a transportation terminal, on penalty of removing federal funding from that facility or termination of employment of the senior administrator.

12. Any American-born male who has fathered seven children in wedlock will be subject to only 50 percent of his normally due federal income tax from the time of the live birth of his seventh child until his youngest child has reached the age of 21.

13. Any American-born male who has fathered nine children in wedlock will not be subject to federal income tax from the time of the live birth of his ninth child until his youngest child has reached the age of 19.

14. Any America-born husband and his America-born wife who adopt the child of an American citizen not related to either of them by blood or by marriage will receive a 10-percent reduction each year from the normally due federal income tax of one spouse until that child is 18 years of age and still under their care, with each subsequent child bringing a 5-percent reduction in normally due federal income tax each year.

15. Family farmlands will be designated as usable only for farming and, if purchased by a corporation, will not be eligible for resale to another buyer for any purpose other than farming (including timber) or laying fallow.

16. The purchase of farm equipment for a family farm will require a minimum down payment of 30 percent of the cost of the equipment.

17. No mortgage on a private residence will be approved with less than a 25-percent down payment.

18. Credit will not be extended to any person under 21 years of age or to any other person who has not paid federal income tax for the prior calendar year on income of at least $40,000.

19. End-of-year financial statements required by the federal government from American citizens will be standardized by the financial institutions preparing such statements.

20. Mutual-fund statements will be standardized, with all expenses clearly disclosed on the statement.

21. Minimum distribution requirements on individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and other retirement plans will be rescinded.

22. An American employer found hiring illegal aliens will be fined $20,000 per alien, regardless of the size of the business.

23. Minimum wage laws will be rescinded.

24. No America-based corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship will be permitted to employ a legal alien on American soil for a position that an American citizen is willing and able to perform at the same salary.

25. No America-based corporation or pension fund will be permitted to invest in a foreign corporation except where at least 1/10th of that foreign corporation's employees are citizens working in the United States.

26. No American job will be refilled by a married woman where a married man living within a 25-mile radius is willing and able to perform that job at the same salary, except where the married woman is a member of the family of a principal owner of the business.

27. All foreign aid will be reduced by 10 percent in any given calendar year for every one percent over a 5-percent national unemployment figure calculated for any month during the prior calendar year.

28. Citizens 65 years of age or older and receiving Social Security will be permitted to work for themselves or for others without their incomes being taxed by the federal government, except for Social Security deductions.

29. Federal research grants will be awarded for research directly related to agriculture, manufacturing, and medical science, and for no other purpose.

30. The federal government will not subsidize any construction that uses imported steel where American steel of equal quality is available.

31. The federal government will be forbidden from purchasing any military materiel (aircraft, weaponry, uniforms, food, etc.) from any foreign vendor whatsoever.

32. Import taxes will be imposed, equal to 10 percent of the MSRP of the vehicle, on any consumer vehicle sold in the United States but manufactured or assembled outside the United States in an amount greater than 50 percent of the gross weight of the vehicle.

33. No corporation headquartered in a nation that receives foreign aid from the United States will be permitted to offer a product or service to Unites States citizens where an American corporation offers a comparable product or service.

34. A publicly-owned American corporation will be notified within 30 days of any other America-based corporation's contact with outside legal or consulting support for studying the feasibility of acquiring that corporation, by that other America-based corporation.

35. Federal monopoly legislation will be strictly enforced.

36. No executive with an American corporation, nor his parent, child, sibling, or spouse, will be permitted to sit on the board of that corporation unless the person or his/her direct ancestor had been a founding officer of the corporation.

37. No American citizen residing in the United States will be permitted to accept employment with a foreign corporation during a period of three months after voluntarily leaving the employ of an American corporation.

38. The federal government will no longer pay any farmer not to produce, but instead will buy his product with the funds that had been earmarked for foreign aid and will then send that product to that foreign nation as part of our foreign-aid package.

39. Any sole proprietor who manufactures a consumer product which he sells, wholesale or retail, for an aggregate of $500,000 or more, not including receipts for shipping and handling, will owe no Federal tax on income derived from that business for that calendar year.

40. The federal government will reimburse each adult foreign national visiting the United States up to $100 in any calendar year for state and/or local sales taxes paid on goods manufactured in the United States.

41. No capital gains tax will be imposed on the sale of stock in any American shipbuilding corporation.

42. All newly employed federal government employees, including congressmen and senators, will be included in the Social Security system.

43. The Government Accounting Office (GAO) will keep Social Security payroll deductions and Medicare deductions from Social Security benefits separate from each other and from the General Fund.

44. Persons receiving Social Security disability payments for alcohol or drug addiction will receive their monthly checks at the local Social Security office, at which time their urine will be tested.

45. No American citizen or resident alien who has successfully sued for divorce on grounds that did not include proven assault on that person or on his or her children will be eligible for any federally funded services.

46. Any woman receiving welfare payments or disability benefits who becomes pregnant will not receive any such income for two years following the birth of a first child, three years following the birth of a second child, and five years following the birth of a third or subsequent child.

47. Charitable organizations that accept federal dollars (such as Medicare payments) will lose their tax status as charities.

48. Proof of American citizenship will be required of any person applying for medical insurance -- public or private -- and will be kept on file for as long as the insurance is in effect.

49. Any person receiving care in any hospital who, after a period of one week, has not been able to confirm medical insurance and/or ability to pay for hospital services, will be fingerprinted and photographed, and the fingerprints and photograph will be forwarded to the local INS office to determine if the person is in this country legally.

50. Federal reimbursement for medical care will be provided directly to patients, with the cashing of all checks requiring the cosignature of the doctor, other health professional, or hospital representative.

51. Any America-born physician who has completed his or her college education in an American premed curriculum and has completed his or her medical education at an American university, and who then practices in a rural environment, will not owe personal income tax for the first ten years of his or her medical practice.

52. Foreign-born physicians without a doctor of medicine (M.D.) degree will no longer be permitted to enroll in specialty programs in American training hospitals without first completing junior and senior year of a premed program in an American college.

53. At least two chiropractors and two acupuncturists will be permitted to affiliate with any hospital receiving Medicare payments.

54. Social Security benefits will no longer be subject to income taxes. Instead, those monies will go toward long-term-care insurance premiums.

55. Food distribution centers containing unprocessed foods to include meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, whole-wheat bread, rye bread, milk, and fruit juices will be established throughout the country in available space, and 25 percent of all welfare payments will be payable in food distributed at these centers.

56. Persons who weigh more than 150 percent of their normal body weight upon entering a hospital will be forbidden from filing a malpractice suit against the hospital or against any personnel treating the patient in that hospital.

57. The federal government will develop a prototype of the safest automobile driver-control system, that is, placement of the shift stick, horn, window-wipers control, rear-window defroster, hazard-lights switch, and headlights switch; and any citizen purchasing a new automobile built to these specifications will receive a 10-percent reduction in federal income tax for the calendar year in which the automobile is purchased.

58. No sales tax will be levied on retail athletic equipment not purchased in bulk and not to include snearkers, caps, or uniforms.

59. No Child Left Behind legislation will be rescinded.

60. Households in which one or more children are home-schooled will not pay municipal taxes unless the children use municipal school facilities for extracurricular activities.

61. Children over the age of 10 who cannot read at the third-grade level will be transferred permanently out of an academic or a special-education program and into nonacademic programs to include agriculture, animal care, manufacturing, repair of consumer goods and business equipment, sick- and elder-care, and routine maintenance.

62. The parent of any child enrolled full-time in a post-secondary school engineering, physics, or mathematics curriculum will be permitted to deduct the amount of tuition paid by that parent on the first page of IRS Form 1040.

63. Any America-born and America-educated high school, college, or graduate school physics and/or mathematics teacher will owe no federal personal income tax during his or her first 10 years of teaching.

64. Federal student loans will be granted only when the major course of study is (a) directly related to either agriculture or manufacturing; (b) in the physical or biological sciences; or (c) in mathematics or computer science.

65. At least one military (ROTC) high school will be established in every city with a population of 500,000 or greater.

66. No more than two students from any one foreign nation will be permitted to be in attendance at any one time at all four United States service academies combined.

67. No foreign-born person will be permitted to apply for a faculty position at any one of the four United States service academies.

68. No American military officer who is not a graduate of one of the four United States service academies will be promoted beyond the ranks of Lieutenant General and Vice Admiral.

69. No American military officer who is not a graduate of either a service academy or an American military college will be promoted beyond the ranks of Major General and Rear Admiral.

70. Female soldiers and sailors, like female Marines, will train separately from male soldiers and sailors and will be deployed separately from them as well.

71. Any unmarried female soldier, sailor, or Marine who becomes pregnant and has not reported a rape will be discharged from the service without any further obligation on the part of the government.

72. Pornographic magazines will be removed from the PX of any United States military base here or abroad and from all ships at sea.

73. Admitted homosexuals will not be allowed to enlist in the Armed Forces.

74. Uniformed personnel of any state or municipality receiving federal funds will be strictly forbidden from displaying religious paraphernalia while in uniform or from altering their appearance in any way for religious purposes.

75. Federal funding will be allocated for the eventual supplementation of highway/parkway police manpower to a level three times the current national level.

76. Drug use will be decriminalized, and the United States will adopt a drug program similar to that recently instituted by Brazil.

77. Hate-crime legislation will be rescinded.

78. Persons convicted of nonviolent crimes will be given the option of spending time in prison or in public stocks.

79. Potential jurors will not be identified during or after the jury selection process.

80. Persons convicted of rape in three different courts will be sentenced to life in prison.

81. Persons convicted in three different courts of molestation/rape of a minor will be sentenced to life in prison.

82. Federal tax dollars will no longer go toward the operation of any prisonwhere inmates are not segregated on the bases of age, length of sentence, and race.

83. Federal tax dollars will no longer go toward the construction of any prison with any dining area accommodating more than 50 inmates.

84. Any convict convicted of murdering a prison guard will receive the death penalty.

85. A person convicted of murdering a foreign tourist in the United States will receive life in prison without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty.

86. Any foreign national convicted of either spying or terrorism against the United States will be sentenced to death and hanged in a public place.

87. The lead prosecutor in any criminal case where the defendant was sentenced to death but later found not guilty as a result of DNA evidence will be disbarred for life.

88. Any business facility found to be polluting a waterway on a regular basis and with knowledge of ownership/management will be padlocked and the property sold at auction, with the proceeds going toward protection/enhancement of the local environment.

89. The administrative justice system will be reviewed by the Congress in order to determine the feasibility of rescinding all administrative law.

90. The importation/housing of all animal life native to other continents will be strictly forbidden except for conservation parks (zoos).

91. Washington's Birthday will be observed by all federal office buildings on February 22nd and will replace President's Day.

92. No congressman will be allowed to serve more than six terms.

93. No Senator will be allowed to serve more than two terms.

94. No member of Congress will be permitted to vote on legislation directly affecting an industry in which the legislator owns stocks or bonds worth in excess of $10,000.

95. Lobbyists for foreign corporations will not be permitted to approach any member of Congress unless a corporation has in its employ, here or abroad, American citizens in an amount equal to or greater than 1/10 of its total workforce.

96. Leases for radio stations and television channels will be auctioned off every 10 years.

97. No single entity, such as The New York Times, can lease more than one radio station and one televison channel in the United States.

98. All lessors of radio stations and television channels must be either United States citizens or corporations headquartered in the United States.

99. The constitutional amendment reserving to the states all rights not specifically granted to the federal government will be faithfully adhered to.

Whether any particular plank in this suggested program pleases or displeases you is probably not as important as the fact that it interests you. An interesting plank can serve as the basis for an interesting call to Talk Radio and/or for action in an operation yet to be discussed. In fact, right now might be just the time to jot down various reactions to these planks, to be put away for future reference.


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