The Strategy Behind Our Mission

by The Shadow

10 January 2005

Our mission as White Nationalists is -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- to successfully enable all the Jews in America to leave the country. but to successfully carry out this mission, we have to have a strategy. That strategy is what I would like to discuss here today.

I see this strategy as being twofold. The first part of it is to change the mindset of White Americans. Right now, White people are not only comatose, they are also misinformed, complacent, and fearful. Our objective will be to transform that mindset.

First, we have to make Whites conscious. Then, we have to make them informed, agitated, and confident. Without this new mindset, our fellow Americans are in no position to replace the system with one the Jews will be unable to tolerate. With this new mindset, White people will become and unstoppable force.

The second part of our strategy is to soften up the system. After all, we White Nationalists cannot consciously allow a still-dazed populace to undertake a task of such magnitude all by themselves when we are here with the resources and the know-how to get them off to a smashing good start. The system we will soften up for them includes big business, politics, the bureaucracy, thet media, education, and religion.

This bifurcated strategy will be implemented through several different operations. The first of these operations has already been introduced here, namely, Operation Mock Attack.

We are depending on Mock Attack to implement the first part of our strategy, namely, arousing White Americans and then making them informed, agitated, and confident. Obviously, it is a crucial operation, as well as the first.

Our operatives -- working independently and anonymously -- will mock the system under which White people now labor and, in doing so, will rouse their fellow Americans out of their collective coma using their very own laughter. The tactic our operatives will employ to accomplish this objective will be the nationwide infiltration of Talk Radio on a constant but random basis.

Talk Radio is a gift that has been given to us -- manna from the airwaves, as it were. Talk Radio is a harmless game that the people enjoy, it generates considerable advertising revenue, and the omnipresent programs reach millions of listeners everywhere.

The Jew did not have Talk Radio as he took over the country, but we do have it. And we can thank the Jew for it as we exploit it -- and him.

Talk Radio is, as you and I know, only nominally conservative. Matt Drudge and Michael Savage, for instance, while refreshingly anti-leftist in most respects, are Jewish first, last, and always. While not Jewish, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham might just as well be.

In their calls to these well-known programs and to numerous lesser lights around the country, our operatives will raise issues that are rarely, if ever, raised in the media. Moreover, they will do so in a manner that is designed to arouse, amuse, and even delight, the listener.

A population that laughs out loud at its sacred cows is one that no longer stands in awe of them. Those cows include the media, the educational system, the military establishment, sports, the churches, and the political system, among others. A population that laughs out loud at its sacred cows is also a population inclined to pull those cows off their pedestals at the slightest provocation.

Matt Drudge himself recently gave us a gratuitous example of a mock attack on Talk Radio. While Drudge didn't actually pick up the phone and call himself, he might just as well have.

The subject was the news of Sen. McCain's 'outrage' over the use of steroids in baseball (shudder) and his threat to demand the drug-testing of all major-league baseball players unless baseball does something about the problem. Drudge's response was to ask McCain (rhetorically) if he would support drug-testing for senators and congressman. As Drudge is accustomed to doing, he ran with this little joke for most of the show, milking it for all it was worth. In doing so, he was mocking the system, particularly the political system.

Some years back, I made a real call to a Talk Radio program of the kind that Drudge essentially made to himself that night. I called this particular show at about 8:00 in the morning.

I had been listening long enough to become really fed up with the Jewish host's views on a subject that just happened to involve another Jew accused of a crime. Fro the following two hours, until they went off the air at ten, the host & company didn't take another call, they were so shaken by mine. Menawhile, I was laughing my ass off for the whole two hours. I couldn't have gotten higher on nitrous oxide.

The guy I called said I must have been up all night planning the call. No way. I did it right on the spot. And you can too, once I've explained how it's done. In the meantime, you might enjoy monitoring one or two of these guys yourself, just to see if you can spot the little tricks they use.

That call certainly wasn't the only one I've made to Talk Radio, but it was the one that hit the scoreboard. In fact, it darn near broke it (the host wasn't on much longer after that).

Not every call has to be a home run, though. Base hits add up to runs too. All we have to do is start hitting them.


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