Operation Mock Attack

by The Shadow

3 January 2005

During the 1960s, the long-abuilding invasion of Western civilization saw the walls of Arcadia come tumbling down. This cataclysm was the culmination of an incursion that had been underway since the early 1900s, if not before, and a number of different phenomenon during the '60s made this the perfect time for the final assault.

Among those phenomena were the Vietnam War, the Second Vatican Council, the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, Elvis Presley, Rosa Parks, the Beatles, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and the advent of The Pill. Plainly put, social chaos gave the Jews perfect cover for marching the Black and Tans north and the Yellow and Browns west.

The White American public has been in a coma ever since. Moreover, attempts to bring these invalids back to consciousness in any numbers through reasoned discourse is doomed to failure.

Do not believe for a moment that a comatose American follow your reasoning when you spell out for him 60 years of glacial invasion capped by a ten-year avalanche. Don't waste your breath attempting to demonstrate that it is as improbable to bring African IQs up 30 or 40 points by putting their kids through Head Start Program in New Hampshire as it will be for us to lower Jewish IQs 30 or 40 points when we help them back to Asia.

Even if it were medically possible to bring our fellow Americans out of their coma by talking to them reasonably, practically it is not a possibility. Our persuasion would be going up against Hollywood propaganda of almost a century; the entire educational system, run as it is by state fiat, even in our private schools; the modern-day Protestant and Catholic churches; newspaper, magazine, and book publishing; radio and television; and the recording business. The already enervated American brain is subject to continuous intoxication.

There is only one means by which the American citizen can be returned to the conscious state. This limitation in approaches, however, is not the bad news it might seem. For not only will our citizenry come out of their stupor, they will also spring into action! Remember, a converted America is not our mission. Our mission is the rapid repatriation of the Jewish peoplee to their homeland overseas.

The means to which I refer has come to us from Hippocrates through Galen all the way to Jackie Mason. The way to raise a comatose population not only up in their beds but also out onto their feet is laughter. Mocking laughter. We will do the mocking, and they will do the laughing.

Jewish verbal skill has always been at its zenith when mocking the Gentile. The Jew does this with his cartoons. He does it with his comic strips. He does it with his movies. He does it with television. He does it with radio. He does it with his newspaper columns. He does it with his standup routines. And he does it with deadly seriousness.

The Jew gets us to laugh at ourselves. Not a good idea. Not a good idea to laugh at the Howells. Not a good idea to laugh at Darrin -- the hapless fellow with the menorah in his foyer. Not a good idea to laugh at the life of Riley.

Who laughs at Rabbi Schneerson? Who laughs at the Holy Ghost? Well, they do laugh at the Holy Ghost. I mean the Holocaust. Who laughs at Menachim Begin or Yitzhak Shamir or Ariel Sharon -- characters who would be laughed off the stage in Dubuque. I don't have to tell you who laughs at them. But I will. Nobody laughs at them. And I'll also tell you why nobody laughs at them. Because it isn't smart to laugh at your own people.

All this is going to change. Now the Gentiles are going to do the mocking. But don't be upset. This doesn't mean we have to mock the Holocaust. Well, you can if you want, but it won't be part of the operation. What we're going to mock is the mockery.

America under the Jews is a mockery of what it once was. We have a publishing industry, but it doesn't inform. We have an educational system, but it doesn't teach. We have a military establishment, but it doesn't defend. We have churches, but they don't enlighten. We have a representative democracy, but it doesn't represent. We have an entertainment industry, but it doesn't entertain. What we have is a mockery of what we once had.

You and I know that a comatose American still loves his entertainment. Entertainment is, in fact, what keeps him alive. It is the glucose that flows into his withering veins.

The White American loves entertainment more than he loves sex. When the lights go out every few years, America is reborn nine months later. Otherwise, it's entertainment as usual.

We will only be giving our fellow citizens what they think they are already getting. They won't even notice that it's now the real thing. They'll barely notice that they're sitting up again.

White Nationalists will entertain White Americans at the precise period in time when Jewish entertainment is no longer entertaining. The best shows on television today, if you factor out baseball and football, are comedy reruns. Here is the media hole we're going to fill. (Who says you can't make the big time without an agent.)

We ourselves are going to benefit from this entertainment as well. White Nationalists are far too gloomy. We need laughter too. And we are going to get it.


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