Legislative Agenda for the WFP to Consider

by TKR "the Salesman"

29 January 2004

Alex laid down broad guidelines for the White Freedom Party.

There are 200,000,000 White Americans. Here are highly saleable-electable concrete legislative proposals which the White Freedom Party might consider to capture them:

1) Immediate Home Mortgage debt forgiveness-repudiation:

a) $30,000 to a single homeowner.
b) $75,000 to a married couple up to female age 28 with no children.
c) $110,000 to a married couple with two children up to female age 30.
d) $150,000 to a married couple with four children up to female age 37.
e) $200,000 to a married couple with five or more children up to female age 40.

The jew-owned debt market will need to adjust to this new reality of home ownership -- homes actually owned by the folks who live in them.

Whites own homes, and Whites owe the great majority of wage-slave debt. This subsidy buys back the debt-ridden wage-slave from jew control. Returns jew stolen loot back to the Whites who built it. 80% of American Whites would abandon their jew multi-cult indoctrination in an instant to vote themselves this sudsidy.

2) A 30% direct subsidy paid to American businessmen, workers and farmers on their production. This would effectively end outsourcing of American jobs and demolish globalism, policies undercutting every American businessman, worker and farmer. Every White small businessman, worker and farmer would vote this.

3) Homeland Security to be used solely to track down illeagal aliens, with automatic no-contest maximum two day deportation to country of origin. Employers or those who shelter illeagal aliens ten years automatic no-contest jail time. White Americans would broadly support this measure.

4) All hate legislation scrapped. Frees up White leaders to dispense the truth and the duped to hear the truth.

5) No jew or combinatation of jews to own more than 25% of any American business (including media and entertainment, of course). Opens the door to White business owners. Markets will adjust to this new reality.

6) Dual passport jews to be limited to residence and travel to New York, Florida, California.

7) Any contiguous area within the United States, currently 50% or greater White by race, may, with 50% plebiscite approval, regulate real estate sales and rentals by race to maintain or increase the White racial percentage. Restores and grows White community.

This program is based on the KISS principle.

80% of White America would vote these proposals.

A more aggressive legislative program could follow behind this one, once this one is successfully concluded.


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