Old Hippie, Buddy Badass Biker Dude "Trips" off to Valhalla

by Ray F.

30 July 2005

I recently noticed several senseless Easy Rider biker (motorcycle) items submitted to VNN Reader Mail and Articles.

Strange? I figure these biker stories might be purposeful jew libertarian misdirection curve balls served up to White Man that maybe needed a little comment. Or, maybe possibly they are just raw stupidity.

"Cruisin" is just cruisin'. Opting out of the struggle. Cruisin' at best is a big distraction to doing.

Bikes. Buckets of bolts. Been there. Done that. Bikes are waaaay stoopid.

Bikers are mostly childish nihilistic libertarian escapists, often kill themselves, and very seldom have families or children -- good for jews, bad for White Man.

Stay away from bikes and bikers!

Get focused squarely on racial activism, the only historically significant "adventure". Be the most effective activist. Spend all your time promoting and selling.

In my college days, I worked for six months as a helper in a hospital emergency room. I remember them bringing in bikers. It was comical in a certain sense. One would have a rock the size of your fist wedged two inches deep into his skull, just behind one ear. The next would have both legs sheered off neatly at the knees. Some would have virtually no skin. Some no lips. When I heard "biker coming in", my interest always peaked, because I knew I was about to see something new.

This note to younger readers. I'm sure you already know, but thrill seeking, extreme games behavior is stupid and counterproductive to the Great White Gene Pool. So is "laid back" cruisin'. Being legless and brain-damaged crimps your White Nationalist sales productivity.

Productive "adventure" is to be found in White Nationalist activism -- practical, purposeful, calculated risk-taking to improve your personal prospects and the prospects of your Great White Gene Pool.

Most recently, Biker "Bruno" wrote in to VNN Reader Mail chronicling his aimless biker wanderings and worthless existence as somehow exemplary.

It's truly hilarious shit:


Biking is about "freedom" and "joy", says Bruno!


Comment: Cruisin' for cruisin's sake to nowhere, Bruno's "freedom" is pure nihilism. A bike is the ticket to Valhalla? Wha!Ha!Ha! Bruno's "freedom" is the freedom to suicide yourself meaninglessly.

Bruno says he's a multiple heart by-pass biker.

Bruno says he rode the Honda model named the "Honda Dream". If I recall correctly, only pussies and queers ever rode the puny little Honda Dream.

The whole of Bruno's story is a disjointed biker drivel.

"Honda Dream" "Buddy Badass" Bruno says he once bench-pressed 395 pounds; then he talks about sky diving along with biking.

Impressive Bruno!!! You be da Man!!!

But now that he's had heart by-pass surgery he's older and smarter, but still talks up bikes and cruisin' freedom? Still the weed-toking 60's hippie in a tie-dyed t-shirt -- a manly pack of Marlboros rolled up under the short sleeve. Whoaa!

From one biker to another, Bruno:

Biking is a solitary, pointless, useless, anti-social, mind-numbing, thrill-seeking pursuit. Bike fetish is just another libertarian hobbyist fetish like car collecting and gun collecting. (Used as tools by the competent, cycles, cars and guns can, on occasion, be quite useful for specific purposes, but not as lifelong escapist fetishes.)

I have had some buckets of bolts -- a Triumph Bonneville, a BMW R6O, a BMW R75/5, a Norton Commando and a police-edition Russian Ural. I did the cross-America, cross-Europe jaunts on the BMW's and the Ural. I don't want anything to do with bikes now.

I quit biking by age 22, after four years. It was dangerous. It was a stupid waste of time. I'm extremely fortunate to have my limbs and most of my skin -- extremely fortunate to be alive. Biking taught me absolutely nothing about life or people, except that I was a fool to have chanced the pointless risk. My kids don't and never will ride a motor-powered bike. They always ride on four wheels and the vehicle they ride in always weighs at least 4000 pounds. If they ever make contact with a 500 pound cycle noone would likely notice. Just wash the debris out of the wheel well and go on. Their four wheelers will never go on directionless "cruises" "to find yourself". One White baby is worth more than all the bikes in the world. Dying on a bike is the stupidest, most unproductive way to go out. If a White Man just has to kill himself, well, he can sure find a much more meaningful way to do it.

For the active biker, death is waiting. Every time you ride through an intersection you dodge a bullet. Sooner or later one gets you. Everybody I know who kept up biking either ended up crippled or died from it. The probabilities mount fast. A car or truck runs a red light, or you accelerate out of a hard turn and the back wheel makes unexpected contact with a wet leaf. Instantly your entire torso is transformed into gorp -- blood soup. Your brain squirts out your ear.

To spend one second on a bike is just plain stupid.

Be a social organizer, like Hitler. Copy Brutus or Todd's White Man activism -- see the VNN Activism Forum. Purposeful risk. Read "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Learn how to grab and control people's minds. Start doin' that to everyone you meet. Now that's real thrills. It's useful. It's White. It's constructive. It's community building, not childish libertarian escapism. White Man Brutus is the Man! White Man Todd is the Man!

Cruisin’ Bruno is a fuzz-nut fool.

Instead of filling his life with family and White Babies, White Community and White Activism, Bruno sat on a bike seat and floated by while the jews subjugated and murdered his race.

Bikers don't fight the race war. Likely they are lice-infested, bug-splattered, drugged, drunk, dizzy fuckers, with, on the rare occasion they can find one, a fat, barren birth-controlled biker whore in tow.

Bikers don't build community, they ruin it.

Riding a cycle is only an "adventure" for zombie 85 IQ types.

What kind of White activism or White political organizing have you been involved in Bruno? How come you ain't talking up the kids you never sired, instead of talkin' up that Honda Dream piece of garbage "transporting you to Valhalla"?

I say you're a worthless sack of shit until proven otherwise. You're on clueless life-long cruise control to oblivion while the White race is being murdered.

Bruno says: "Many don't realize that, for modern man, there's still an escape hatch. Let me tell you about a way of riding into freedom."

Comment: Hey, Old Dude. What drugs are you on? You don't outrun the jew on a Honda Dream.

Bruno says: "Economic slaves have to survive for children, wives, husbands and homes."

Comment: A slave to children? You fucking jew-parroting idiot! Bikers have no children, wives or homes. They know no family. You are as barren and worthless as teats on a boar. You're a slave to your suicidal jew-duped 85 IQ stupidity.

Bruno says: "Moreover, there are multitudes who fear the glistening motorcycle."

Comment: The "multitudes" got this right. The "glistening" motorcycle looks kinda funny shaped after it's been tapped by a 7000 pound Ford Econoline van driven by a drunken mexi-shit. So does the gorp that was you. Your blood soup "glistening" on the black asphalt in the bright sun!

Bruno says: "Most don't know that the biking world has dating associations for singles, discussion groups or that many scholars use them to ascend into the happiness of another universe."

Comment: Most with an IQ above 85 don't want to know. Biker whores, biker discussion groups, biker "scholars", biker "universe"? Yeah, "biker universe", that's what the White Race needs. More bikers. What drugs you taking, Old Hippie Dude? Wheeeeeee! Free at last!!!

Bruno says: "The Harley-Davidson crowd may have known more about happiness. They have a saying of 'You come into the world with nothing. You leave the world with nothing. While you're here, you should have something real cool?'"

Comment: Bruno came into this world with defective genes -- low intelligence, drug susceptibility and dementia. He got suckered by a Honda salesman. "You meet the nicest people on a Honda." He sat on a "real cool" Honda Dream half-a-bucket of bolts til his number came up. The good news is that his defective genes expired with him. All he left behind was a pile of Honda Dream rust "blowing in the wind".

Bruno, despite all the big-lettered bright yellow road signs pointing the route to Valhalla, somehow you've still managed to cruise through a whole lifetime lost as an ignorant jew-duped fuck up.

Quality Whites have at least four babies. That's the "real cool" "something" to have in the world. Your first baby by age 18, now that's a sure sign of precocious brilliance. That's gettin' intimate with the White God. Babies and their likeness of you never die. They are the here and now Valhalla. That's "the coolest".

One Brutus or Todd distribution of the Aryan Alternative -- see Activism on the VNN Forum -- has more significance than Bruno's entire directionless cruise through life. Their efforts might appear thankless grunt tasks to the stupids, but their historically correct efforts may just play a role in saving themselves and the whole White Race.

One more jew-wise White Man created out of White activism is worth more than all the bikes on the planet.

Hail Brutus! Hail Todd!

One gleaming new White baby is worth more than all the dead "Easy Rider" "Buddy Badass" Brunos on the planet.

Hail White Babies!

Hail White Families!


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