The Purists and the Pragmatists

by T.S. Pyne

17 September 2005

When living in a white-minority hellhole like California, one is directly exposed to the pleasures of Diversity (tm) on a daily basis, and there are few ways to escape it. One pretends not to take notice as he drives along the freeway, of all the bizarre racial configurations operating the adjacent vehicles, as well as those of the oncoming traffic. I often find myself pausing to think, what the fuck is that thing behind the wheel? Could it be 40% Asian, 35% Nigger, 25% White? Should I just call it "Hispanic" and be done with it?

Whether the bi-weekly trip to the grocery store, the commute to work, or a quick get-your-shit-and-get-out visit to the local mall, there is no escaping it. MysteryMeat, itz. And itz on the rise. Decades of miscegenation propaganda are taking their toll. These days, any sort of ethnic combination imaginable can be found in Kwalifornia, be it Korean-Iranian, Tutsi-Frenchman, or Mestizo-Turk. The question of "What is it?" is, in most cases, satisfactorily resolved with a, "well, it ain't White, so who gives a shit." However, in the odd and increasingly prevalent case, it is not so clear. The sort of racial entropy taking place in California, and across America and the Western world, plays hell with one's White-Man recognition system.

The question moves on to the dread-inducing "Is It White?" White Californians are so buried in shit, they can hardly recognize each other. This question in the intended context, which would have been unimaginable just 40 years ago, takes on increasing significance in an environment of run-away miscegenation. We should not have to ask ourselves this question. The fact that we do, tells us only that our ancestors dropped the ball, and dropped a very important ball indeed. As most of "the choir" has come to recognize, we are on our own, and must on our own merit, pick up the white-survival ball and carry it forth. So, our most important issue arises, as it often does in White Nationalist circles: "Who Is White?", which then begs the question "How Do We Dig Ourselves Out?"

The suggestions and opinions delivered to address this issue typically form two camps, which I will refer to as "The Purists" and "The Pragmatists." A purist would likely be, as logic suggests, a White man with a strong pedigree (presumably of Nordish descent or extremely fair disposition), and a strict sense of White culture and White phenotypic identity. The reasoning of the purist would operate according to the current working definition of White: a person of Occidental origin possessing no Oriental/Asiatic, Australoid, Semitic, or Negroid genes.

A pragmatist, on the other hand, will place greater weight on the circumstances of the here and now. With the White gene pool dwindling even within our ancient ancestral homelands, miscegenation accelerating in pace, and unspoiled Aryan blood becoming exceedingly rare, the pragmatist argues that absolute purity is not a feasible directive. The position of the pragmatist will be motivated at times by a lack of confidence in his own White ethnic integrity. Indeed, a pragmatist could well be a mixed-race individual classified by the lion's share of White Nationalists as "non-white," possessing upwards of one quarter in Asiatic, Australoid, Semitic, or Negroid admixture, yet seeking purification through admission to the White gene-pool. Regardless of motivation, it is well known that American Whites, and some European Whites, such as the Portuguese, have assimilated non-Occidental populations and absorbed these genes in the process. In many instances where an individual is known to possess assimilated alien genes, it is not phenotypically possible to detect this admixture. Thus, the problem arises in which loyal White patriots inadvertantly choose mates carrying assimilated genes. The pragmatist will argue that since it isn't always possible to detect miniscule traces of admixture, there should be a certain level of tolerance toward admixture in determining who is White.

Taking the two perspectives as valid (except in the case of up-breeding mystery-meat), how can one resolve the two groups and turn them into a concerted White revival force? I have devised a model, which I call the concentric populations model for this purpose, which should satisfy both parties. The idea as follows, has as its obvious precondition the re-acquisition of political power in the name of the American people (who are White by definition), and the separation of evil, deceptive, cunning, Holocaust-propagandizing Big-jew from all levers of social control.

Firstly, a baseline must be set for designating acceptable levels of admixture. This will be the point of greatest conflict as, with any spectrum, the cutoff point will leave some on the "exclude side" who are highly similar and for practical purposes identical to the people at the very bottom of the "include side." As a result, there will be much gnashing of teeth as these people go. But go they must. Ideally the cutoff point will be high enough that race-traitors will have great difficulty achieving the baseline through up-breeding. I suggest a maximum of 1/16 Asiatic/Semitic, and a maximum of 1/64 Australoid/Negroid.

The kicker with this model, however, and the reason I refer to it as the "concentric populations model", is that the Pure among us, shall be permitted space to mix only among others of Pure descent. If there are not enough citizens of unmixed Aryan descent, a baseline of 99.0% shall be designated "Pure." A system of eugenics will be established in which the unmixed population shall be permitted to move to areas outside of designated "Pure" states or zones, while the slightly-mixed Whites shall be forbidden to reproduce with unmixed whites in territory designated for "Pure" populations. Using this strategy, and by influencing birth-rates, the genes of the assimilated aliens can be effectively washed out.

It must make the jew swell with pride to behold the sea of human excrement now running rampant across the country. It is up to us to restore the pride and dignity of our forefathers by defeating the culture-distorter in this monumental showdown between the forces of civilization and chaos. We honour them by acknowledging the blood spilled in our name, and by treating with reverence that priceless gift bequeathed to us in the form of White DNA.


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