The Feminization of Everything

by Kevin Porter

15 July 2005

Is there any part of White, Western culture that hasn't been feminized yet? Even basketball has been feminized -- there are women's professional teams now. Women are even mountain-climbing and running marathons these days. Heck, they are even firefighters these days. Who do they think they are - men?

It seems like almost everything in the West has been feminized. And that feature will get worse quickly.

Soon, the once-godlike male will be seen as just another type of human, albeit taller and with different genitals. His status in the world will be reduced to driving the kids to school and uttering a few obligatory "whatever you say, dears" to the new master of the household, a different type of human: one with tits.

Or, the hapless male will have to follow the nonsensical, emotion-based mandates of some 26-year-old office-babe down at company headquarters - or find himself fired for "sexism."

Yep, it's coming. All facets of Western society will soon contain 50% little-humans-wearing-lipstick - many of whom will be in supervisory positions, whether they are qualified or not, thanks to something called affirmative action.

The feminization of everything will bring lots of tears and whining and soap-opera-like sagas with it. It will ensure more social "equality" within the Western societies, since women are more likely to embrace multiculturalism, homosexuality and other neat-o things. The gal who manages a sports team will be likely to make up some silly rule that 34.5% of the team must hail from darkest Africa or down Meh-hee-co way. Chicks are like that. They wanna play nicey-nice all the time - except when it's that-time-of-the-month and Miss Snotty shows up.

Of course, the feminization of the West is no accident. It's all part of the Jewish/liberal strategy to refashion the West into something more...pliable. More "modern" (Read: more Jewish, since women wear the pants in most Jewish households).

Just think: your husky, soccer-playing brother may soon be taking orders in a locker room from a cute little gal who doesn't know beans about the game. And if he complains about it, he'll have to report to some fancy office for "gender and diversity sensitivity training" -- an office probably run by a chick from New York City named Goldberg.

Yes, the feminization of everything: it's progress, and it'll make your Western country (cough) much better!


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