The Feminization of Everything II: Career Girlin'

by Kevin Porter

23 July 2005

This is a companion essay to "The Feminization of Everything."

There are two types of working women in America these days: those who must work outside the home, and those who simply want to.

Concerning the former type, it's a fact that some women must work. Maybe they're divorced, or they never married, and must support themselves somehow. It makes sense for them to be employed.

However, the other, more common type of working woman - who I refer to as the restless "career girl" - has a vocation simply because she wants to. Her husband has a good, white-collar job which can provide well for her family, but that doesn't matter to her. Even worse, she often has kids, too, which means that little Jimmy and his sister Cindy get to cool their heels all day in a day-care center while Mommy pretends that she's a man by issuing memos down at Big Shiny Corporate Headquarters in Liberal Eastern City, USA. Yes, Mommy's been indoctrinated by years of Jewish-produced TV shows, so now she thinks that kids are like pets: you just feed 'em once in awhile and buy 'em a toy to play with every now and again, but otherwise you should ignore 'em because your career comes first (your husband comes second). Put another way, Mommy's maternal instincts were "adjusted" by the kike many moons ago, and her brain waves are flowing in a different direction than they should.

Let's face an important fact: women should only work outside the home if they absolutely need to. If they are working just to feel important in a man's world (the usual reason they work), then they are simply aiding the Jewish/liberal agenda of weakening the very core of American society: the traditional family unit, with its two or three kids, working husband, homemaker wife and tidy house with a lawn in the front of it. If that core doesn't remain solid and completely intact, then the center won't hold, as they say, and the Jews and liberals know that, which is why they push the "stay-at-home Moms are suuuch losers" message with subtle-but-worried vigor. After all, what if the public catches on to their scheme too soon?

American women, if you want your country to remain viable, productive and decent, don't work outside your home unless you have to. Say "no" to the sickness of "career-girl-syndrome," which is feminism pretending to be the natural progression of society. Instead, do what women have done for centuries: make your home a good place for your family to live. Raise little Jimmy and little Cindy yourself, under your watchful eye, with good food, good values and lots of love. (And if you can, homeschool them).

I think most readers will agree with me when I say that America needs to quickly halt the anti-gentile, anti-family "career-girl-syndrome" while there is still time. Hopefully, once that Jew-invented illness finally disappears, freckled 8-year-olds will once again shout to friends, "Hey, let's go to my house for lunch - Mom makes great sandwiches!", and Mom will be there, happy to oblige.


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