Book Review: Jewish Supremacism

by Donald E. Pauly

17 August 2005

For the record, this reviewer has an agenda. I am a Zionist, a Rastafarian, and an Atheist. While the so called Southern Poverty Law Center is hardly an unbiased source, they have an interesting biography of Duke here . Some of it was used in this review.

Before getting to the review here is a little background on David Duke. In 1977 Duke worked with Tom Metzger in organizing a KKK border watch south of San Diego. In 1998 Terrible Tommie told me the story. At that time of the border watch Tommie was a believer in Christian Identity and Duke was an Atheist. Duke constantly ridiculed him about his beliefs. Tommie has since become an Atheist.

This book would have us believe that Duke is a devout Christian. It gives the impression that it was written by a living saint. Duke was trained in science when he went to LSU. This gave him the necessary background to become an Atheist. In my opinion Duke is a hypocritical Atheist, who kisses the Bible just like other politicians.

Duke rented his mailing list to Louisiana Gubernatorial candidate Mike Foster for $152,000 in 1995. Any White Nationalist who does so is a low life. My name was on this list. He failed to declare this as income on his tax return and had to pay taxes and penalty when audited. This started his trouble with the law.

Duke pissed away over $100,000 of his supporters' money on riverboat crap tables. Some of that money was mine. I personally read a letter that he wrote to Marianne Van Court on that subject. He assured her that a mathematician friend had worked out a system to beat the house. He was going to use the method to win money for White Nationalist causes. Duke studied the Mathematics of Probability at LSU and knows fully well that such a scheme is impossible. The probabilities of dice throws have been known since they were worked out by Blaise Pascal in 1654.

Duke raised $2.4 million in his 1989 U.S. Senate campaign. He was finally thrown in Federal Prison in 2003 for six months over his financial misdeeds. He has apparently learned his lesson. We have the U.S. Government to thank for stopping this hemorrhage of White Nationalist money.

The vast majority of White Nationalists oppose Zionism. They apparently think that by doing so, they are punishing Jews. On the contrary, Zionism is the ultimate punishment for a Jew. For a Jew to be confined to Israel and surrounded by fellow parasites is a punishment worse than death. Israel after Zionism will resemble ticks confined to a bottle with no warm blooded host. In all of the last 100 or so expulsions of the Jews from various countries, they have reinfested another country. Zionism puts an end to this eternal cycle.

Duke fails to see that he should be the greatest enthusiast of Zionism. No sacrifice of Arab lives or property is too great if it provides room to settle Jews in their eternal home of Israel. Moslems are at least as bad an enemy of the White race as Jews. Sympathy for them is misplaced. They should be expelled from Israel to give the Jews more room. On the other hand, sympathy for the Palestinians generated in the book may cause some Christians to wake up to the brutality of the Jews.

Rastafarians will be disappointed that Marcus Garvey was not given enough space in the book. Garvey was a Negro from the Jamaica who wanted to take all American Negroes back to Africa. He formed the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Instead of being given unlimited resources from the taxpayer, he was prosecuted for mail fraud and deported in 1927. See . Duke needs to correct the slight of Garvey in the next edition of his book.

This book has many excellent photos but suffers from the lack of an index. It does have an excellent bibliography with 659 footnotes. Reading this book is the equivalent of reading several hundred books. It will take a sheeple and make a White Nationalist out of them. It is the closest thing to one-stop shopping for an understanding of the Jewish Question.

This quote from the Jew Benjamin Disraeli stood out: "The racial question is the key to world history...all is race, there is no other truth." We learn that the German government set up 40 agricultural centers thruout Germany to teach Jews about kibbutz life in Palestine. The official SS newspaper supported Zionism until the war forced it to halt.

There are many tidbits and pearls of wisdom in this book. We learn that Lord Balfour of Balfour Resolution fame, was a secret Jew. George Tenet who ran the CIA is a Jew. Nero had a Jewish Princess for a mistress by the name of Poppaea Sabina. She prevailed upon him to persecute early Christians. Duke incorrectly states that media mogul Rupert Murdoch is White. His mother was a Jewish Princess, which makes him a Jew.

The book discusses how Jews have come to physically resemble the White populations of their host nations. This adaptation allows them to better infiltrate and subjugate their hosts. At the same time the behavior of Jews has become radically different from their hosts. In like manner, the eggs of cowbirds and cuckoos have come to resemble those of birds whose nests they parasitize.

Duke fails to stress adequately the danger of Whites interbreeding with Jews. The resultant half breeds are not recognized for the danger that they represent. They retain the worst properties of Jews and at the same time are more difficult to identify.

Here is a quote that explains the biological nature of the Jew: "No Jewish leader needs to direct his minions to seek political control over Gentile nations, they do it as naturally as a blue jay appropriates another bird's nest. Jewish media bosses and government bureaucrats don't have to be told to destroy Gentile pride, heritage, honor, loyalty, tradition, while simultaneously defending their own."

A Duke quote puts a dangerous Triad of Jews in perspective:

"This is revealed in the tragic implementation of the doctrines of the three most influential Jews of the 19th and 20th centuries: Marx, Freud and Boas. These three Jews came to debase mankind, not to ennoble it."

These Jews are the founders of the three Jewish pseudosciences; Communism, psychoanalysis, and anthropology.

Duke makes an excellent point about lawyers. When Jews infest a society they encourage conflict and strife. As lawyers, they are then in a fine position to profit from this discord. One fifth of all lawyers in this country are Jews. They are overrepresented by 10 to 1 in that profession.

Even with all its faults, this book is the best single volume course in the Jewish Question. It is a great present to wake up your friends to the reality of the plight of the White race. Jewish Supremacism is available for $16.47 on or for $24.95 from Dukes website p=358 .


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