(Un)Famous Jewish Cover-ups

by Dan Patrick

2 September 2005

Have you ever heard of Edgar Bronfman? This squirrelly-looking roach is the head of an investment group (Jew syndicate) and a son of Francis Xavier Bronfman, longtime chairman of Seagram* and president of the Worldwide Cabal of Presidents of Jewish Conspiracies. Seagram was founded by Grandpa Bronfman as a Prohibition-era bathroom racket run out of Toronto, if I'm not mistaken.

I imagine many VNNers have their favorite examples of Jew cover-ups. Well, I know mine, and it involves little Edgar.

It must have been 30 years ago -- maybe longer -- that Edgar was kidnapped. That's what I said: kidnapped. He was already a young man at th etime, though -- definitely not a child. The reputed bad guys were two Irishmen, if you can believe it -- one just off the boat and the other a NYC fireman. At least that's the way the flamboyant newspaper accounts of the day had it, led by Jimmy Breslin when he was at his best. This kidnapping caper could have been described as Laurel and Hardy playing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

In fact, it seems that young Edgar himself was in on the caper, to show you how unreal it was. (You probably think I'm making this up.) In any event, there was a lot that was fishy (Jewy) about the whole thing.

The reason I say there was plenty fishy about it isn't just how preposterous the whole scenario was. It's that as soon as little Eddie was home safe and sound, the story (which dominated the New York papers for quite a period of time) went down the memory hole. I can't even tell you for sure what happened to Pat and Mike, although I seem to recall that confinement was in their future.

I, for one, had been waiting for books to come out about this notorious escapade once young Bronfie was found unharmed. Did I say books? It wasn't even book, as in one book. That was when I knew the (Jewish) fix was in.

I don't believe you can even read about this stunt on the Internet, that's how dead the story became. It's been consigned to the junk pile or oral history. No book-burning -- simply no book. You'd have to find old NYC newspaper records to see anything in print.

When a powerful Jew wants a story spiked, that story gets spiked. Even Casey Stengel wouldn't have had the nerve to tell you you can look this one up. But I'm sure some G-man cruising here will be calling his father or uncle tonight to check it out.



* Seagram background here, from Nation of Islam.

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