America, the Lie

by Walter Mueller

14 March 2005

For most Americans, their country is "God's Country." It can do no wrong. The all-powerful, mighty USA. The bringer of peace, liberty and freedom. Rid the world of dictators at all cost. Peace through war, liberty through terror, and freedom through torture.

It was less than six years ago when being a "patriot" was borderline criminal. I remember having to search for American paraphernalia everywhere. For years, I had a patriotic Christmas tree, and it took us throughout Northern California to find its decoration.

Then Bush happened! 9-11 happened! And suddenly, being a patriot became fashionable. American people had a new scapegoat. The Arabs! American flags popped out like spring flowers. If you didn't fly one, suddenly you were considered un-American. Before all that, California had even lawsuits, trying to prohibit the American flag in homeowners associations.

Not since WWII were the American people this excited. A new dictator had emerged, and the American people believed it was their duty to free the people of Iraq from their "dictator."

Talk to any American on a street corner, and he believes that the USA is the role model for the rest of the world. Coca Cola, burgers, French fries and ball games made a civilized people of them.

Never in my life have I seen so many "experts". No matter what subject, Americans think their assessment is the right one. Thousands of books have been written about Germany and Hitler by American "experts." None of them has ever met the person or the people they wrote about. America has an opinion about everything. Not that this is bad, but when one thinks that his/her opinion should be the norm of the world, then there is a problem.

Superficial is the right word to describe the American mind. Only the military power that America possesses makes her powerful.

Sure, the USA is paradise for the immigrants of the Third World. Even the smallest of apartments and smallest of cars is paradise for them, compared to where they came from.

For civilized immigrant from Europe, America becomes a nightmare. And if the immigrant so happens to be white, a rough journey is just beginning.

Just like me, quickly the European immigrant finds out that the glamorous propaganda of Hollywood and big city life is just that. The American Dream doesn't exist - it's a propaganda lie! Especially the enormous power of the Jews has made this country a "dictatorship incognito." From the U.S., the traditional enemy has reached out to all of the Western world and brought it multi-culturism, immigration, and the "holocaust religion." All courtesy of the U.S., where the Jews rule 100%.

All of the current problems in Europe have emanated from the U.S.. Multi-Culturism is bad in Europe. But it is worst in the U.S.

Let's take a closer look at day-to-day living in "the land of the free and the home of the brave:"

HEALTHCARE: Today, millions of Americans have no health insurance. Millions of Americans can't afford to pay for their prescription drugs. The question of universal healthcare is taboo. Never mind that since 1870, Germany was the leader in healthcare. Von Bismarck was the first. Since then, many civilized nations have adopted universal healthcare - not the U.S.

But the healthcare crisis only affects the middle class. Middle-class people have too much money to qualify for a subsidy, and too little to afford expensive healthcare. If you are a person of color, and from the Third World, do not worry - you are taken care of.

PUBLIC SAFETY: The "bright flight" has begun. Most U.S. inner cities have been abandoned by the White middle class and are now ruled by black, Mexican and Asian gangs. While police have the manpower to arrest innocent Ernst Zundel, they claim they have not enough personnel to get a handle on inner-city crimes. Drive-by shootings, murder, and felonies of all kind are rampant. Little pockets of ethnic populations have emerged, and they are all at war with each other. Abandoned cement blocks tell of a failed infrastructure. Today, law enforcement has given up on certain parts of the inner cities, because all the efforts are concentrated on America's new war, the war on terrorism.

If your home gets burglarized or your car gets stolen, don't bother to call the police. Open-air street drug markets are completely ignored by law enforcement, unless run by Middle-Easterners. Racial profiling has become a klutz on the foot of law enforcement. The U.S. government, which has declared war on terrorism, cannot curb its own terrorism or provide safety for its own people.

EDUCATION: A once-thriving and productive educational system has become one of the worst in the civilized world. Standards have been lowered so dumb and dumber can graduate! Billions of dollars are wasted pay an army of incompetent educators to educate those who can't be educated. Statistics tell us that most high school graduates do not know how to fluently read or write. But, forced holocaust education is the law. Never mind that the kids wouldn't know where Auschwitz is located.

ENVIRONMENT: It's probably the worst I have ever seen. To be a reasonable environmentalist is to be declared nuts in the U.S. While American borders are unprotected, the immigrants have created a traffic chaos never seen anywhere else. Millions of Third World immigrants pour their car oil and coolant down the storm drain. Major cities have "spare-the-air" days. More and more, wildlife is disappearing, becoming prey of the constant development. The abuse of the environment in the United States of America is a long-ignored danger.

ECONOMY: Now here you have a propaganda campaign, telling all Americans that it is great, wonderful, go spend more money. But reality - it is nothing but a giant Zeppelin that is going to blow any day. Huge companies have moved their headquarters to underdeveloped nations, producing for a nickel and selling it for a dollar.

Small businesses are squeezed out of the market and the middle class has almost disappeared. A huge population of welfare recipients is whaling its body through the artificial economy, representing the buying power of the U.S. Credit is the magic word. Multi-culturism has forced creditors to give credit even to those who don't even qualify. Home loans, car loans, and I don't know what else.

The Hollywood magic that makes everyone believe that one day he'll strike it rich. In the Black community, all boys and girls believe that they will become a ball player, a rap singer, or an actress. Trust me, today's white kids are not much different. From the Midwest, they come to California by the thousands, hoping their dream will be fulfilled. They don't realize that the glamour shown and the dream are all a lie.

POLITICS: What can I tell you? One of the most superficial issues in the U.S. A free people that choose freely their elected officials. The truth is, America doesn't have free elections. Money decides elections. Over the years, political districts have grown so large that it is not possible for Mr. Smith to go to Washington. Even small offices, like council and school board are impossible to win, because the districts have become so big.

According to the last election, President George W. Bush spent more than $100 million to get re-elected. US Senators and Representatives are not far behind. Now you guess who are the people with the money! And once you have figured that out, you know who is running this country.

RELIGION: It's always been a touchy subject in the USA. The puritans in their self-righteous mind have messed it up. Thousands of Christian groups are competing for the pool of new clients. Denominations exist that I haven't even heard of. The churches look like warehouses and people hysterically shake their whole body, believing that the crooked bible-beater is going to heal them. Most Christian groups support Israel, and believe that the Jews are the Chosen People.

Religion and God is yet another dictatorship which doesn't fit their mold. On the surface, American Christians are compassionate and devoted. Beneath, their puritan mind is the destruction of white culture in the U.S. The concept of separation of state and church is completely twisted. Hitler's policy that the church should not be involved in politics is considered "evil" today.

George W. Bush's conversations with God in the White House, on the other hand, are a blessing. Go figure! Most Americans pray to an evil God and don't mind letting it show. My God is a friendly God, a social one, a festive one, and a supportive one. Live and let live, a foreign concept to American Christians.

Did I cover all? Did I miss anything? If so, let me know! So, now you know why I don't believe American "historians and experts." Writing history from reading books - what a concept!


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