To Say Or Not To Say

by Walter Mueller

22 February 2005

Sam Francis died last week. Many obituaries have been written and surprisingly, most of them by the white nationalist movement. You know what they say, you shouldn't say bad things about a dead person. Well, tell that to the Jews.

I don't subscribe to the policy of being nice, just because someone has died.

Sure, Sam Francis was a friendly guy and seemed to have a few good writings. However, he was also a coward. I had a few personal dealings with him when I was still the chairman of the California Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), and a member of the board.

The entire organization, in which Sam Francis had a leading position and was also the Editor in Chief of the "Citizens Informer," never mentioned the word "Jew."

My dealings with the CofCC's top hierarchy was always one of caution, many times I was warned about white nationalist organizations, and it was recommended not to deal with them.

Gordon Baum and Sam Francis are/were the Judases of the European-American community. Organizations like this and its leaders are something we have to be aware of.

In order to gain membership, recognition, and funding, they pretend to be in the mainstream, however, they are just as critical of the Jews and Israel as anyone else in the movement. They want the good times. Congressmen, State Senators, and even U.S. Senators have been lured by the mask of conservatism. Actually to the detriment of their career. The CofCC is just as white supremist as your homegrown "tattoo Nazi." The difference, members of the CofCC think what the National Alliance says.

Sam Francis was as phony as he was overweight. I am not about to sit here and admire those people who have cut ties with those of us who have the guts to name the real enemy.

I quit the CofCC because of that reason. All the writings of Sam Francis missed the point. Lamenting about immigration, blacks, and other conservative issues, without pointing out who is behind it is like serving an ice-cream cone without the ice cream.

I have to say, with the white nationalist movement, at least one know what and who they are. But with people like Sam Francis and the CofCC, you never stop wondering.

And I am not talking about using racial slurs, because by now everyone knows that I am opposed to that. I am just talking about the simple sentence "The Jews own America." It never did happen in Sam Francis' writings. May he rest in peace.


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