1933 - 1939: Strength Through Joy

by Walter Mueller

1 February 2005


January 30th: Reichs President Paul von Hindenburg named Adolf Hitler to be Reichs Chancellor; swearing in of the new Cabinet. Then, the unemployment numbers were at more than 6 million.

February 11th: The International Radio Show in Berlin.

March 1st: Introduction of the world fastest plane: HE70

March 15th: Unemployment goes down by 65,000

March 31st: The first warship of its kind - Deutschland - is delivered to the Reichs Navy (57,000 hp, 28 sea miles per hour)

April 10th: Elimination of the automotive tax for sedans, trucks and motorcycles

April 25th: New law to prevent overcrowding in schools

April 30th: The unemployment numbers go down by another 700,000

May 1st: The Day of Labor becomes an official holiday (it is still today)

May 15th: The first diesel driven train in the world goes into service from Hamburg to Berlin (287 kilometers in 2 hours and 18 minutes)

July 6th: Boxing world champion Max Schmeling marries actress Annie Ondra

July 20th: Reichs Declaration between the Catholic Church and Germany that Catholics will always be part of German history, however, they will get no political recognition

August 5th: The Fuehrer announces his plans to build a freeway system throughout Germany

August 18th: At the 10th German Radio Show in Berlin, the Reichs Propaganda Ministry introduces the world's first radio (Volks Empfaenger VE301). Each radio was priced at 76 Reichsmark

September 13th: Marks a revolutionary social program, the introduction of the formation of the Winter Help Program to fight poverty, hunger and homelessness, funded through donations

September 23rd: Groundbreaking for the first freeway from Frankfurt to Darmstadt and Heidelberg

October 1st: The Day of German Farmers

October 2nd: The Fuehrer's book "Mein Kampf" becomes the most sold book in world history. More than 1 million sold

October 5th: The Fuehrer breaks Ground for the "House of Arts"

November 24th: First animal protection law in the world

December 21st: Unemployment shrank to 2.7 million


February 12th: New law that separates girl and boy schools

March 4th: The Lutheran Youth join the Hitler Youth

July 1st: More than 200 kilometers of wireless TV programs are successfully accomplished at Brecken Test Facility

August 2nd: Von Hindenburg dies, the Fuehrer sworn in as commander in chief

August 19th: Germany votes on whether or not they support Adolf Hitler, his politics and leadership role. Voter turnout 95.7%. In support of the Fuehrer 89.9%

August 29th: The first flight in the world to China by the Deutsche Lufthansa

October 1st: Drivers licenses can only be made when 18 years old


February 4th: Opening of the world biggest film archive in Berlin

March 12th: Opening of the first radio contact between Berlin and Tokyo

March 22nd: In Berlin begins the worlds first television program

March 30th: Groundbreaking law to provide low-income housing

April 1st: The Fuehrer makes theater, opera, and movie theaters a public affair. 4,781 movie theaters are now available to the public with 1.8 million seats

April 2nd: The worlds first CHP starts its services on German highways and freeways

April 3rd: Germans have donated for the Winter Hilfswerk 362 million Reichs Mark

May 12th: Italian car ace Rudolf Caracciola wins the great prize of Tripoli in a Mercedes Benz

May 19th: Opening of the first 23 kilometer long autobahn from Frankfurt to Heidelberg

June 14th: Experiment to replace gasoline with wood gas

July 5th: Gottfried von Erem wins Wimbledon

August 3rd: Opening of the first mountain highway - the Grossglockner Hochalpen Freeway

August 31st: The unemployment rate shrank to 1.7 million

October 4th: The Darmstadt/Heidelberg Freeway opens

October 12th: New law that bans black jazz music

November 2nd: The German Hans Speeman receives the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine

November 12th: Now about 250,000 people are employed to build Germany's freeways


January 1st: 7,192,952 radio owners are in Germany

January 25th: The Reichs Post announces live coverage of the XI Olympics in Berlin

February 6th: Der Fuehrer opens the Winter Olympics in Garmisch Partenkirchen

February 25th: The world's fastest locomotive begins its service

March 29th: Nationwide election brings a turnout of 99%. 98.8% go to Adolf Hitler

April 4th: Opening of the freeway Berlin-Stettin

May 7th: English becomes the first foreign language to be taught in German schools

June 22nd: A new law punishes the kidnapping of children with death

June 26th: The world's first helicopter is introduced to the public

July 20th: For the first time, the Olympic flames are carried from Greece's Olympia to Berlin. 3,331 athletes carry the flame over 3,187 kilometers

July 22nd: Charles A. Lindbergh visits Berlin

August 1st: The Fuehrer opens the XI Summer Olympics in Berlin. Over 328 women, 3,634 men from 49 countries make these Olympic Games one of a kind. Germany receives 38 Gold Medals, 31 Silver Medals, and 32 Bronze Medals. For the first time television is used to cover the games live

August 3rd: Another animal rights law to forbid hunting on horses

October 1st: The unemployment rate is now reduced to 1 million


January 1st: Germany has now 8.16 million radio listeners, the biggest number in Europe

January 10th: Opening of the Berlin-Hannover freeway

February 20th: The Fuehrer introduces the concept of a people's car (Volkswagen) at the International Car Show in Berlin

May 5th: The biggest passenger liner in the world, Wilhelm Gustloff begins its Virgin cruise

May 18th: A new law makes drunk driving a felony

August 31st: The unemployment rate down to 509,000

October 4th: Europe's first Historical Preservation Law and Redevelopment Plan to rebuild and preserve Berlin, Hamburg, Muenchen and Wuerzburg

October 31st: Goebbels opens the World of the Book "Book and Sword are the symbols of national politics"


April 10th: Austria voted 99% for unification with Germany

May 21st: The Fuehrer orders the creation of a Richard Wagner Research Institute in Bayreuth

May 26th: The Fuehrer lays the first stone for the building of Volkswagen factory in Fallesleben

August 11th: The Focke Wulff Airplane flies non-stop from Berlin to New York

August 31st: The unemployment rate is now 179,000

December 15th: More than 3,000 kilometers of freeway are opened

December 17th and 19th: The German Chemists Otto Hahn and Fritz Shabman successfully accomplish the first uranium nuclear experiment


January 9th: The grand opening of the new Reichs Chancellery

February 19th: Christl Kranz wins the Ski World Championship in Zakopane

May 7th: The first speed limit on German freeways becomes the law (100 kilometers)

June 9th: The International Olympics Committee awards the Winter Olympics 1940 again to Germany

June 29th: Unemployment rate is 0. 113,000 foreign workers brought in

September 1st: With the war on Poland begins WWII

November 27th: Germany wins the World Championship in soccer

In February of 1940, Manfred Baron von Ardene finishes the first electron microscope with 500,000 times enlargement


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