The Auschwitz Lies

by Walter Mueller

30 January 2005

"Auschwitz liberation": usually the same show every year. However, this year, it is bigger because for one it's the 60th anniversary, and two, the Jews so badly need to remind the world that they are victims. According to them, anti-Semitism has increased throughout Europe, and Germany is on the way to another "Nazitum."

Every year, a net of lies is woven that spans the world. I wasn't sure if I should write about it again. However, Rush Limbaugh -- or as my brother calls him Rush Hashanah -- announced that tomorrow, in order to pay tribute to the Jews, he will educate his audience that Reichs Chancellor Hitler was never elected. I don't need to dignify this with a response.

So, tomorrow, leaders from around the world will gather at the "Halloween site" of Jewish lies. Auschwitz will be the place where politicians from around the world will make sure that their re-election funds are secured.

Auschwitz is still the biggest one of the lies when we talk about concentration camps. Community News in 2003 published a four-part series "The Lies Of The 21st Century" by a German fellow who was there. His name - Paul Krupp. His series became an instant hit with our readers, since he provided rare, never before published pictures of Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Mauthausen, and Sachsenhausen.

Since then, Mr. Krupp vanished without a trace. It is my contention that he did what he wanted to do, as long as it was still safe.

Knight-Ridder News Service distributed an Auschwitz piece, written by Raphael Medoff, Director of the Wyman Institute. The Institute has quite a reputation of keeping tabs on "holocaust deniers activities." A picture of "surviving" children of Auschwitz accompanied the article. I was actually surprised, because the kids, 15 of them, looked like they just came from a Smorgasbord Hometown Buffet. A couple of them were even overweight!

For whatever reason, Auschwitz became the centerpiece and showcase of the Jews. More than 600,000 tourists visit it every year.

What was Auschwitz? It was a camp, no different from the camps in the U.S., Britain, Russia, and elsewhere. Auschwitz was a collective station for prisoners of war, criminals, refugees, foreign workers, and enemies of the state. It was a transit camp.

Many scholars have proven that there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz. So, all the stories surrounding Auschwitz and gas chambers were exposed as the biggest hoax the world has ever seen.

Before January of 1945, Auschwitz inmates had a choice, either to go West, with the Germans, or wait for the Russians.

Eli Wiesel, holocaust-fraud-par-excellence, decided to go "with the Nazi murderers rather to be liberated by the Russians."

Whatever is shown today to these hundreds of thousands of tourists has been added on by the Russians during the time Auschwitz was closed for ten years. After major additions, it was opened to the public and soon more than 4 million Jews were allegedly gassed in the camp.

Over the years, the number of gassed Jews in Auschwitz was reduced from 4 million to about 1.4 million, and just recently the editor of Der Spiegel, Fritjof Meyer, reduced them to 350,000.

Daily life for the inmates in Auschwitz was swimming and sunbathing beside the Auschwitz pool on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Now think about this, why would the evil Nazis provide a swimming pool if they were planning to kill them all? The vivid Jewish imagination read like a Marvel Comic book:

- Boys of young age survived the gas chambers six times

- Holocaust survivors lived because they were hiding underneath dead bodies

- Eli Wiesel claims that geyser-like blood fountains were squirting from the earth, because the ground was trenched with Jewish blood

These stories read like Spiderman, The Hulk, Superman, Elektra, and The Darkman. All the survivors must have had special powers to survive the "gruesome tactics of the Nazis" described by holocaust survivors eyewitness accounts.

Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf, both experts in chemistry, proved without the shadow of a doubt that the gassings described by the holocaust survivors were impossible.

"Margo and Todd's" Auschwitz experience made them volunteers for the Holocaust Museum. Logical thinking has left their body. However, the saddest of them all is the young generation. No more inquiries, no more questions, no more investigating. Their minds warped from Ritalin made them incapable of independent thinking.

In Germany today, holocaust lies are cherished and protected by law. While the truth is prosecuted and imprisoned.

In that spirit, I always believed that we are among the fortunate ones by being around scholars like Prof. Faurisson, Dr. Toben, Fred Leuchter, Arthur Butz, Udo Walendy, Juergen Graf, Germar Rudolf, and so many more.

So, tomorrow, leaders from around the world will look again at a fake gas chamber and morn, and yes, some will even cry.


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