British Arrogance

by Walter Mueller

13 January 2005

".....the British treated the Germans, as they treated the natives of their colonies: With terror and violence."

Rolf Kosick - 1995

Like a brushfire, the news of Prince Harry's partying in a Nazi uniform went through cyberspace. He was also wearing an armband with a Hakenkreuz. The Prince is third in line to the British Throne.

Prince Harry has already issued an apology, however, and the Jews want him to be educated by visiting Auschwitz.

For us Americans of German heritage, this was an insult and a direct result of British arrogance. British newspapers printed the headline "Harry, the Nazi."

However, Prince Harry's stupidity not only made news around Europe, but also triggered a wave of German bashing from the British Island. Of course, depending on which paper you read, you get a different story every time.

Germany's Jewish magazine Der Spiegel alleges that Prince Harry's uniform was that of Hitler's Africa Corps. What a great opportunity for Der Spiegel to go on a rant about Rommel and his men.

"The hateful African Corps of the German Wehrmacht," cries Der Spiegel.

The truth, as always, is much different. The army of tyranny in Africa belonged to the British. The Germans freed the African nations from British torture, mass murder and slavery.

The superior General Erwin Rommel, with the help of Albert Kesselring, kicked British butt. Rommel was so good that they gave him the nickname "Desert Fox."

The hypocrisy on part of the Brits makes your stomach ache. Whenever someone wants to take away their colonies, they cry foul. The British have been the conquerors of the Third World and are as much hated there as the U.S.

India is a good example of the brutal colonial tactics of the British. Today, the tables have turned. Millions of immigrants from former British colonies have turned the island into a septic tank.

Only with the help of the Americans was Britain able to defeat the German Army in Africa.

No offense to my readers from Great Britain. But half-Jew (and half-American) Winston Churchill is one of history's biggest war criminals. Great Britain's legacy of oppression makes them least qualified to criticize Adolf Hitler.

Today, the Jews run Britain, and Prime Ministers light crystal menorahs each Christmas season. The British Crown is only a shadow of what it once was, and the royals' spoiled asses are being spanked by the Jews every time they breathe.

As an American of German heritage, I have very little sympathy or respect for the British. And deep inside, I welcome the terror they endure from the immigrants of their former colonies. [VNN differs with Mueller on this point; we stand with true Britons, and help them reclaim their land and the good part of their heritage. - Ed.]

We hear constantly about how much the British hate the Germans. Even Chancellor Schroeder is trying to get rid of that hatred.

The truth is, during January, February and March, thousands of Germans will gather to remember the evil and brutal mass murder of German civilians by the British at the end of WWII. If anyone should hate, then it is the Germans who should hate the British. The little damage to Britain during WWII is getting lost in the Tsunami of terror from the British on German women, children and elderly.

Aaah, and let's not forget that Great Britain is again at it, killing innocent civilians in Iraq. The U.S. and Britain - the Axis of Evil.

I've been in London once, and I won't go back there again. Compared to Germany, it's the dark side. Always cloudy, always wet, the food sucks, and the beer is an insult. Compare that to Germany, with its colorful spring, the bright summer, the gorgeous winter in the Alps, the friendly cities and the awesome art and music.

Military strength was the power of Great Britain.

Prince Harry's tasteless wearing of a Wehrmacht uniform is the best example of the arrogance of British. I suggest to them: Wake up, take care of your country, or soon, instead of wearing nazi uniforms you'll be wearing turbans on your heads.


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