A Pronouncement of Condemnation for America's Ruling Elite

by Gerald McManus

18 September 2005

Today America's libertine ruling elite deliberately deceive their own people and the world at large with two great lies that are forced upon humanity via the enormous cultural impacts of our unparalleled economic wealth and military power.

Great Lie # 1 - That blacks and Muslims can be successfully integrated into Caucasian Western civilization. The repeatedly verified statistical fact that the average black IQ (84) falls midway between retarded (69) and normal (100) levels cannot be refuted by sane people. The general cognitive incompetence of blacks and the many colored Muslims has led directly to a growing discontent among them in America and abroad. This discontent is bred by the grossly exaggerated myths of white oppression and attempted genocides. This black and Muslim discontent is responsible for the increasingly horrible acts of terror perpetrated against innocent Caucasians across the planet. This was most amply demonstrated by the recent atrocities committed by dozens home-grown conspiratorial Muslim bombers in London and the thousands of black males who raped, murdered and looted throughout the incapacitated city of New Orleans. If unchecked these primitives would quickly return us all to the perils of the Stone Age. In fact, hidden FBI crime figures kept under virtual lock and key by the federal government reveal that black males have raped and murdered many tens of thousands of white females since the criminally naive ruling white elite forced integration upon America 40 years ago. To their everlasting shame the savage carnage continues to worsen.

Great Lie # 2 - That freedom of the press is much to be preserved. On the contrary, one hour of Internet research shows that 90% of our treacherous Negro-centric media is controlled by Jewish CEOs (Sulzberger runs the NY Times, Eisner runs Disney/ABC, Levin runs Time/Warner, Zucker runs Universal/NBC, and Redstone runs Viacom/CBS). Point proved! Together they ruthlessly control the media. These CEOs relentlessly promote their own personal agenda of attaining huge personal fortunes for themselves while simultaneously supporting all minorities at the expense of Western civilization. These billionaire media dictators in New York and Hollywood and their subordinate producers, directors and on-screen personalities have purchased hundreds of Washington politicians and judges with untold millions in contributions. They have also blackmailed them with implied threats of career ending negative publicity. Combined they all insist that the media continue to be granted the right to dumb down our culture with a neverending stream of anti-Christian, pro-Israel, pro-black, pro-feminist, pro-homosexual obscene propaganda that destructively influences our undereducated young. We simply cannot allow a poisoned press to endlessly corrupt our young if we wish our civilization to endure.

For various reasons caused by the two great lies billions across the world now despise America. A few thousand of these blood enemies of Caucasian Western civilization will, no doubt, soon acquire the means and method to devastate North America and Europe via suicidal WMD attacks. When these attacks occur, as they surely shall, the fallacy and criminality of these two great lies will swiftly become self-evident. The long overdue trials of their major proponents will then commence. Our enemies must be eliminated as humanely as possible before we allow them to drag us past a point of no return. If we do not, then much as mighty Rome did 1500 years ago America's legacy to the future will be another long Dark Age. The clock does tick down for our civilization in particular and the ascent of Man in general.


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