The Hispanics and the White race?

by William Logsdon

14 February 2005

I am writing this letter in order to explain in simple terms some of the ways peculiar to the Hispanic people and how they affect the White Race. If you live in an area such as the nine-county region where Houston, Texas, is located, then you have witnessed a truly astounding and appalling transformation since the 1970s. Looking at Houston in the late 1960's you would see a predominately White Population. Veterans of the Second World War and their children held the crafts, skills, and trade jobs (the only jobs that have ever created wealth). Union members working under union contracts preformed many of these jobs. Houston was a good place to work, live and enjoy life. The powers that be decided that a change was in order.

The WW2 generation had performed a good deed by defeating the enemies of Bolshevism! These powers had allowed this "greatest" generation to work for a fair wage much too long. That generation was reaching its retirement age and it was time for a change; imported labor was their idea of a fix. Many of the companies have just flat-out fired or run off most or all of the White Americans and replaced them with Mexicans or other Hispanics. In other situations once a Mexican gets on as foreman he gets rid of the Americans with sleazy tricks; stunts, harassment, and lies. Millions of good White people have lost their jobs and the equity in their homes. They have had to leave the Houston area after toiling away the better part of their lives for nothing! In disgust and humiliation they travel north and east with little more than the clothes on their backs.

We have heard it said over and over again, "they will work cheaper." They do not always work cheaper and many times they work for free! Now how can that make any sense at all? Let us start with the first part of that sentence, They do not always work cheaper. In many cases the Hispanic works for as much or more than a White. They pay money under the table in cash to their Mexican foreman on Monday morning in order to keep their job. The foreman then gives a cut of this money to the greedy White super over the job. This is the exact same corrupt social structure common to Mexico.

More often than not the greedy, indifferent and treasonous White superintendent is a Baptist or some other member of the Jew/Jesus/Christian/Jehovah Cult. Now for the last part of that sentence, and many times they work for free. Say you are a member of the college-educated elite socially-connected class (mister or miss right stuff) and you need new carpet in your house. You obtain some estimates and find that a Mexican is so much lower than the others and has the same quality brand and color you wanted. Let us assume that the carpet is worth $3,000.00 - his cost. He installs the carpet for little or nothing in labor. You give him a check for $3,000.00 and you sign an open invoice. You have the carpet you wanted for far less than you could get a White contractor to install it for, and the Mexican breaks even with an open invoice in his hand. Then this Hispanic who works harder and smarter than the White man slaps $9,000.00 in illegal drug money on the invoice and shoots it through the bank and like magic that money is squeaky clean, LAUNDERED! The greedy White homeowner is quick to defend himself with those well-worn quips: "I got a good deal and that is all that matters," or "They are willing to do what it takes." These Hispanic people use all of the crafts, skills, trades and business to launder drug money! There are thousands of tacquerrias in the Houston each serving only 15 or so customers a day? Houston is the drug capital of the south! Ole! Ole! Ole!

Let us look at the way the Mexicans commit theft. They will post lookouts down the roads or streets and at the entrance of a sub-division then signal a warning with a cell phone or cheap hand-held two-way radios when law enforcement is in the area. The next-door neighbor's Mexican maid will check to see if your back door is locked. They steal from their employer or employer's neighbor a piece at a time so it is not missed. The householder thinks he lost those things, or that a son or daughter he caught with a little pot has a serious drug habit! The pot supplied courtesy of the family-values Hispanic, who just wants the same opportunities that the White People have! They want the same things we have, such as our hard-earned property, our jobs, our homes and our land. They buy these after we default on our loans because they now have our jobs and are working with the tools they have stolen from us. Mister Bush has many good things to say about these Spanish-speaking brown-skinned animals! With a gleam in his eye, our Patrician Class President and professor of Christianity tells us, "Family values do not stop at the border." Their family values are quite different from ours, Mister Bush.

Many other things do not stop at the border either, Mister Bush, such as tuberculosis, leprosy, illegal drugs, terrorists, murders, thieves and burglars, fully automatic firearms, plastic explosives and hopefully not a nuke. There are many other things that do not stop at the border that are going south, such as stolen cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, farm animals, airplanes, construction equipment including bulldozers and other heavy equipment, plus anything else they can rip off! We see our insurance rates going out of sight like the Star Ship Enterprise hitting warp drive. We know about the fake-wreck auto-insurance scams these disgusting morons perpetrate. Our food prices are going through the roof yet we are told that Mexican labor gives us cheap vegetables, so much more fresh horse exhaust from ZOG = (Zionist Occupational Government). The raw vegetables are so badly contaminated with E. coli from these unwashed sub-humans that we must soak them in water with a little Clorox before we eat them raw in a salad. The hygiene habits of these invaders make a bunch of feces-throwing zoo monkeys look clean. Mister Skull & Bones Bush is rich and does not care about all of the above problems we must deal with!

There is no possibility of voting in a government that will do anything about this mounting problem. Both of our political parties are hopelessly corrupt. Every church in this nation has a program to help these Spanish-speaking brown-skinned sub-humans run us off our jobs, our property, our land, and ultimately our country. Our Government and the greedy rich religious hypocrites behind it, which includes Christians and their masters the Jews, are out to destroy the White Working Class and they are getting it done. They accelerated their all-out war on White Working America in the 1960s. They hate us and see us as their mortal enemy. They are driven by blind greed! In many cases their fortunes are ill gotten, or off of our broken backs. They rack us up on false or petty charges in their meat-grinder courts of injustice, and tax us to the wall! They do whatever they want to us whenever they want! They started this hatred against us! They are evil and insane bald-faced liars! Their arrogance and greed are boundless! They are coldly behind this Hispanic invasion that is destroying our lives and laugh in our faces about it! These people must be dealt with in no uncertain terms. The ZOG we live under constitutes a corrupt police state, and our race is in mortal danger from it. We are doomed unless we are willing to install a White Nationalist Government in the place of this illegitimate, unconstitutional, de facto abortion with its two parliaments of filthy whores. The votes of our leaders are for sale to the highest bidders. Our shameless Christian elected officials have without question sold us out lock, stock and barrel!

One thing is for sure - we must stop any bickering and infighting between and within the different nationalist organizations before a change can be made. United we stand and divided we will fall! Some of us have towering egos that we ourselves must get under control first; we are all servants to a Holy Cause, the WHITE RACE. We need to follow our leaders and when called upon be leaders ourselves, egos be damned! The Spanish-speaking brown-skinned invaders and those behind them are united and they are winning thus far and will continue to do so if we let them get away with it.

Just imagine, if you will, our own White Homeland free of the ZOG. A land in which we keep the fruits of our labor as opposed to giving it to those who enslave and despise our White Race. No more foreign aid to overbreeding, overpopulating AIDS-ridden nations in which subhumans multiply like rats and live like swine. No more importing and educating mud-race scum with hard-earned White tax dollars, then losing our jobs to the same. No more bleeding the White Race to prop up the Semite-infested land they call Israel. We of the White Aryan Race can and must accomplish this by helping others of our downtrodden people to rip away the blinders of the poisonous multiculturalism cult of loving our enemies.

Let us cast off the false god of Abraham the Jew and all the mutated phony religions that have sprang from it. The evil Jew/Jesus/Christian/Jehovah cult has compelled us to turn the other cheek one too many times. Let the veil of this oriental religion of fear, guilt and thought control sink away from the mind's eye like a falling stone. Come and let us invoke the Mythical Gods of the White Race, Odin and Thor! Let us give our enemies a taste of Teutonic furry and riotous indignation! Let us stand united and watch the rising sun of a new dawn of racial and cultural awareness. Let us witness the glory of a long-awaited peace and prosperity that our White Race justly deserves. We must break the chains that bind us then banish the forces of evil that have forged them! Let this just and holy cause come to fruition.

The time to take back what has been stolen from us is near! The time to put our enemies behind us for good is coming sooner than we may think! While accomplishing our Holy task we need to keep in mind that the brave spirit wins, the strong will possess and the weak-minded lose out!


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