U.of Delaware's Lindsey Bonistall Harvested by Nigger James E. Cooke Jr.

by Alex Linder

17 June 2005

DE Student Murder: UPDATE

Lindsey Boinstall

May 3, 2005 - Police now say 20-year-old University of Delaware student Lindsey Bonistall was strangled in her apartment before the apartment was set on fire.

video VIDEO: Lauren Wilson reports

Needless to say, the campus is on edge, especially the female student population.

It's the talk on campus and front page news in the student paper "the Review".

Mike Shannon says he'll be escorting Marissa Robinson on and around campus more often now, especially at the Town Court Apartment Complex where 20-year-old Lindsey Bonisall was strangled, apparently by a stranger. Her apartment was set afire to cover the murder.

Campus police want everyone to be more careful. Campus police will provide escorts for students and staff, and anyone in trouble is reminded to look for a bluelight phone for immediate contact with police.

John Bishop says some of the victims' friends and classmates are already requesting counseling because students are struggling with so many emotions, especially fear.


We have here the case of a white girl murdered by a black [police sketch right]. Not unusual, happens all the time. Let's examine how the case is played by cops and media. Let's use our imagination to conceive how it might have been covered differently, and our mind to grasp why it never will be.

The first thing we see is that the murder is played as an attack on a woman. The reporter could frame this story as an attack on a white. Or, as a black male attacking a White female. But our society has billions in agitprop invested in the "black and blonde as partners in crime," in the lighthearted, sexual sense. Framing this horrific murder in the way known crime patterns make logical would dropkick the AmeriKwan ideostructure of porn, cop dramas, country videos, news-anchor pairings.

The question in the mind of the media is How can we play this story to advance the jewish agenda? The answer to that question determines what you read in your paper and see on your television screen, no matter what actually happened in the event concerned. Every other concern, even profits, is secondary to the prime directive.

The jewish agenda calls for racial integration. Any news event conducive to the reasoned conclusion that races are incompatible, as Thomas Jefferson believed they were, threatens that agenda. The story of the vicious murder and burning of an innocent, normal White girl by a black who lived nearby and had no reason other than his animal nature to be anything but friendly to her could be used by opponents of The Agenda to point out that letting blacks into your neighborhood makes as much sense as filling your pool with pirhanas.

So the jew is in a bind. On one hand, what happened was news. On the other hand, to report it in context endangers the prime directive. What to do? Simple. Report the story, make money on advertising, but keep the racial angle out of it, insofar as it can be suppressed. Play up the feminist angle: male creating hostile environment for females. Distract, mislead, profit; evade, deny, suppress. Denying context is enough to do the trick. When you keep the story myopic, you keep the audience babies -- seeing everything for the first time, with no perspective or pattern to fit the new happening into.

The media never portray black males as a threat to white females. That is an ironclad rule. If they portrayed blacks as threats, it would impede race-mixing. And integration is always to be promoted and never to be impeded. Resistance to integration is always immoral, and facts telling against it spring only from "hate." "Hate" is the only motive ever allowed an opponent of the jewish agenda. The mindset we describe determines the framing of every story you see in every news show you watch.

The understanding among the jews and geldings who produce what you see on tv is that a story must never be reported so that the viewer is likely to draw the conclusion that races are incompatible. Any apparent incompatibility is false and the product of white racism. There would be no racial problems in America except for extremists, haters, racists, and anti-Semites. No other explanation for racial woes is allowed. This liars' charade insures that much of what we see on tv and read in the papers is extremely confusing -- or would be, if we didn't understand the forces and motives at work. In short, the media collude to misrepresent reality in ways that can have lethal consequences for White people who take what they read and hear at face value. This collusion is so reliable that we can predict how any story will be played with 100% accuracy. All we need to know is what happened, and we can tell you precisely how producer Epstein will frame it. It's merely a matter of which agenda items are on the front burner, and which on the back. The categories and players rarely change.

Still, a certain amount of reality exposure is inevitable anytime real-world stories are covered. The viewer can't help but notice the race of the perp and the race of the victim, no matter that the reporter doesn't mention it, and the camera doesn't linger. The jews producing stories like Cooke-Bonistall are aware that many whites and almost all blacks will find race the most significant aspect of the story. The antidote to reality poisoning is manufactured in Hollywood. High-glamour, effects-laden blockbusters reinforce the anti-world peddled by the non-fiction media. A seamless Propasphere is created.

In the real world, interracial crime is 90% black on White. In the Propasphere, interracial crime is 100% White on black. To counteract whatever reality seeps through stories like Cooke-Bonistall, the jews at the Associated Press keep them off the national wires, while their brothers in Hollywood create national ad campaigns promoting the latest Denzel Washington movie, in which a virile negro male protects an angelic little white girl. The jews who control the major media collude to create the false impression that blacks protect whites. Reality teaches the truth that blacks endanger whites. Hollywood will show you a thousand Denzels before it ever shows you a single James E. Cooke. It will show you a thousand evil South African racists before it ever shows you a single Boer farm couple butchered by kaffirs. What you see on tv is the reverse of what you experience in reality. This all passes for "free" media because it is in the interests of the controllers to hide their hand. If you noticed their hand, you might seek for an ax to chop it off.

Worth interjecting here is the fact that media are not all-powerful. Despite decades of jewish lying, most White people do anything they can to avoid living around blacks. The true "hate" in America lies in the heart of the jew who smears the character of innocent whites, who after all are doing nothing more than trying to protect themselves by staying among civilized Whites and away from savage coloreds. Jews use the media they control, which is all the major media, as a tool for bringing about the physical destruction of the white race. Lying, honor, fairness, integrity - these are Aryan terms that find no correspondence in the jewish soul, which knows only strategic and pecuniary advantage. The near-term solution is twofold: to refuse to exchange White money for jewish media; and to move away from black colonies. The long-term solution is to organize and defeat the jew.

Getting back to the incident in question, we see that the jews must work the sex angle. Add Cooke's smoldering mite to the pile of evidence that men pose physical threats to women. Refrain from reporting the Department of Justice figure that black men are seven times as likely to commit murder as white men. The enlightened reader knows that this case is properly categorized as yet another black-on-white attack. He knows that crimes in this category happen all the time, receive little local coverage and no national coverage. Was this case any less interesting than the Scott Peterson case that occupied the media for a year? Was there less of a moral to be drawn from it? Of course not.

As we say, the universal key that unlocks the secret of crime coverage is knowledge of the jewish agenda. Students of jewish strategies know that jewish control derives from dividing the enemy into hostile, competing classes. If men and women are allowed to act naturally and cooperate rather than fight, then all of a sudden a lot of jewish academic and media and social work makes no sense -- in fact, it is counterproductive. Of course, the truth is that the jews and their minions intend the results they achieve. They are not well intentioned, in the ordinary sense of the term. They intend to do what is "good for jews." And jews believe you should pay for the privilege of having your family, neighborhood, and nation ripped apart.

Conservatives have said for decades that the welfare state sets up perverse incentives. But the incentives are only perverse if one refuses to acknowledge the ethnic interests driving the jews who constructed the system. For the perpetrators and administrators of the system, the incentives are rational. They provide a steadily growing stream of business to "needed service" suppliers as families and communities disintegrate. A conservatism built on the lie that races do not exist, thus can't compete, disqualifies itself from comprehending the sides and stakes involved in the deepest political questions.

...The Criminal

Cooke has a criminal record in New Jersey that includes convictions for theft, resisting arrest, riding in a stolen vehicle, drug possession and distributing drugs on school property.

The nigger has a rap sheet as long as his list of excuses. But always the system lets him out again for another chance. The nigger does what his nature compels him to do: seek prey. Whites make great prey. Jews see to it that they are filled with doubt and hobbled by law; the dawgs do the rest. The judeo-System makes black torture-rape-murderers like Cooke both possible and inevitable.

Niggers are given social excuses for not living up to white standards. White men are to blame not only for yesterday's ancestors' historical crimes but for present-day blacks' violent crimes, too. Blacks are insured against responsibility for anything they do, provided they blame the white man. This is the ultimate "blame the victim," cynically practiced by professional jewish propagandists and mass-media murderers.

What the black does matters to the white man, who must avoid it. What the black is matters to the jew, who makes use of it...to destroy the white man. That is why no matter how many crimes the black commits, there's a jew lawyer willing to plead for reduced sentencing, which is usually granted by the jew judge. Whereas if a white man takes one physical step to change the system, he is booked into jail for decades. White identification threatens the Big Lie on which the system is based. Black rapine and murder protect the system; their presence shows the system is healthy and functioning. There is no way to reform this genocidally anti-White system from within, rather it must be smashed.

We note that killer Cooke wrote something on the walls of Bonistall's apartment. The cops won't say what that was. This is part of the system, too. The black criminal's motive must be channeled away from the political. So that when a black guy commits multiple-murder in Atlanta and says he's a "soldier" for "his people," it must be hushed up. The jew, through media and education, puts a chip on the black shoulder. Teaches him to blame the white man for all his problems. When the simple nigger acts on this teaching, the jew media maestro hushes it up, so white folks won't get scared. It all dovetails, and it all redounds to the financial and political profit of the jew. It's just guys like you who lose out, White reader. Most of you never have an inkling there's even a game being played, let alone the name of the team skunking you.

What do you suppose Cooke wrote on the walls? Fifty-cent lyrics? Ebonical threats? Anti-White slogans? "Acid is groovy. Kill the pigs."?

Cooke worked at Payless shoe stores. He's in his thirties. The average black is illiterate and into hip-hop. All blacks really understand is external show: jewelry, rims, hos, pimpwear, etc. What does the average nigger 'think' when he watches MTV or BET and contrasts what he sees with his own life? He ain't livin' large and gettin' paid, yo -- he's livin' small and working at Payless. No surprise he thinks he's missing something. He thinks something is being kept from him. Whom does he blame? Whom is he instructed to blame? Why, the white man. In raping and murdering Lindsey Bonistall, he was just taking back what he was owed. Cooke may well have thought this way. He may well have put something like it into the near-words the cops won't recite for us. We might get the wrong idea. We might get the semitically incorrect truth rather than the semitically correct lie. We White men might be led to act rather than to slaughter.

The Aftermath

In the aftermath of colored-on-White murders there's usually nothing but tears and transference. A priest leads a vigil. Friends gather to party, because the victim would have wanted it that way. The family forms a foundation. So it is here:

"Mission Statement:

PEACE OUTside Campus is an organization dedicated to increasing awareness and prevention of crime, as well as helping victims of violent crime in college communities nationwide. With emphasis on young women, the Lindsey Foundation will help institute better safety measures in OFF-campus housing (more security guards and CCTV), provide instruction of self-defense and prevention of crime education.

It will provide young college women with crime statistics and offender information about their surrounding areas. Young women and men alike will receive free psychological and emotional help needed when primary and secondary victims of crime. In instituting these measures, the Lindsey Foundation can make students, notably women, feel safer not only on their college campuses, but the cities that surround them. The problem, as in

Lindsey's case, did not lie in the school, but in off-campus housing facilities. In many ways, our goals would not be to enforce a culture of fear, but to enforce a sense of strength, empowerment, and knowledge for young women. Lindsey was not afraid, and no woman should have to be."

The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our homeboys, but in our insecure off-campus housing arrangements. Another straightfoward nigger-by-nature problem converted into a moral crusade against inanimate objects.

We'll say it again, and not for the last time. Our crime problem is a race problem, and our race problem is a jew problem. The jews loosed the Cookes knowing full well how they would behave. They intended horrors like those inflicted on Bonistall, because they knew they would intimidate and pacify the white population -- tenderize it for heartier jewish consumption in the same way that gooks beat live dogs to tenderize their meat before cooking and eating them. It was, after all, the jews who wrote and arm-twisted into law the "civil rights" diktats denying white men the free association they need to protect their daughters. The jews use their control of the mass media to deny any of this is happening, and to blame and blast as "haters" sources like VNN that tell you exactly what they're covering up. Jew Murray Rothstein's MTV encourages your Lindsey to seek out kewl niggers like James E. Cooke Jr.; VNN teaches your children that, to the contrary, James E. Cookes are just ebola on the hoof.

Our own Craig Cobb has done more than anyone else to ferret out the story behind the shtik. You can listen to his exclusive interviews here.

Until next time, keep your anger white-hot, and your gun and family close. Teach your friends and neighbors the truth, and know that with each day we move closer toward the solution.



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