Funky & Waggles Uncircumcised Dictionary of Judenese

by Alex Linder

8 February 2005

Judenese: a particularly disgusting strain of verbal dissimulation employing words-formerly-known-as-English in its contruction...

anti-Semite - 1. non-jew. 2. critic of jews. 3. one who observes that jews have interests. 4. one who rejects jews' claim that they are Gods and other people animals.

antisemitic - 1. opposed to the jew's agenda or insufficiently supportive thereof. 2. differing with the jew in any way about anything, or threatening to, or appearing to. (passive antisemitism is the assumed state of the goy, needing only circumstance to make it active.)

appeasement - 1. refusal to follow jewish policy toward nations against which jews seek to foment wars. 2. failure to support those wars once they are underway. 3. refusing to join the jew-led chorus of denunciation against others who stay apart from jews' wars.

appeaser - 1. one who refuses to accede in the demonization of a nation jews wish to undermine. 2. one who resists taking on jewish enemies as his own. 3. one who places his own interests before the interests of jews or Israel. 4. a political analyst or comedian or talk-show host who fails to traduce France or Germany as loudly as the jews inventing lies as pretexts for war.

hate - 1. an emotion supplying the only motive driving critics of the jews. 2. a catchall political "bad" category entailing anything jews hate. 3. the simplest and most common cue to let women and masses and liberals know that it is socially acceptable to vent abuse on target motivated by which. Note: application determined by circumstance, such that what wasn't hate yesterday may become hate tomorrow. In general ~ is used to describe anything opposed to the jews' agenda: i.e., anything perceived nonconducive to the panmixian future envisioned by the jews producing the 'New World Order.'

hater - 1. a non-jew. 2. anyone who disagrees with a jew. Note: there is no such thing as jewish hate, a jewish hater, or a jewish hate group, and the claim there is itself constitutes hate.

democracy - 1. rule by jews in the name of the people. 2. a political end-state effected by lies succeeded by bombs, resulting in a change of leadership empowering either a jew or tool-of-jews.

democratic - 1. designating those states ruled by people controlled by jewish media and money. Note: a state controlled by an opponent of the jews is by definition nondemocratic. all nondemocratic states are subject to democratic revolution, i.e., jewish takeover.

white pride - 1. a form of hate based on the scientifically discredited notion that the white race exists and the politically discredited notion that whites have group interests and must protect them at the cost of their extinction.


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