Interview with Contentious Times

3 February 2005

[We're not entirely sure what Contentious Times is, perhaps a paper for teens, but we gave it an interview anyway.]

1. What is your name?

Alex Linder

2. What is your relation to Vanguard News Network?


3. How long have you been involved with VNN?

A partner and I began it August 9, 2000, with the goal of providing daily commentary from a White perspective.

4. You are a self-proclaimed "racist," which is usually thought of as a derogotory term.What redeeming qualities does racisism have? What first drew you to it, and at what age?

Races differ in substantial and extremely important ways. The most intelligent man this continent ever produced, Thomas Jefferson, was a racist, as were all of the Founders. 'Racism' as used today is a verbal bomb used to scare White people away from realizing that they have interests -- and fighting to defend them. A new generation of Whites isn't scared off by the term, and combats directly the jews responsible for it by building media and politics outside their control.

5.Your site expresses disdain for several groups of people, including: jews, blacks, hispanics, homosexuals, arabs, and professional women. That means you alianate a huge portion of u.s. citizens. in what way are these people inferior? What about them threatens your way of life? Does it vary from group to group? What is the cause of their inferiority?

This is a loose question, and difficult to make sense of. Superiority or inferiority must pertain to some specific thing. Blacks, for instance, are profoundly different from Whites. They have far lower intelligence, and are far more violent. So much so that White people hate being around them and move away whenever they have the money to. Blacks were used as a tool and front by jews, who do not feel safe in a nation with a strong and cohesive White Christian majority. In the name of "civil rights," they eliminated the White self-protection of FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, and forced Whites to mix with blacks at gunpoint. Your reader will know from tv that Whites are always portrayed as wimpy, stupid, and not with it, and encouraged in every sector to mix socially and sexually with all kinds of coloreds and deviants.

6. Your slogan (No Jews. Just Right.) reflects the site's pervading theme that the Media is controlled by Jews. Which media figures are Jewish?

Better to ask which aren't. The point is not that every person in the media is a jew, but that there is a political Line set by jews, and nobody seeking to get ahead dare cross it. I fell afoul it in my career in professional conservatism. If you don't think that jews control the media, you simply aren't acquainted with the facts. Did you ever notice that no jew is ever described as a hater? And no jewish group is ever described as a hate group? But to give you one specific example, the New York Times is owned by jews, has been since just before 1900. The NYT is considered the most influential paper in the country. All the major tv networks, and most of the rural papers, take their lead from this paper. The jews frame the issues, the jews define the terms used to discuss those issues. That is raw power.

7. Your site also claims that "Jews got us into this war [in iraq]. President Bush is a fundamentallist christian. How can it be argued that Jews are responsible for our current situation in Iraq?

Bush is a figurehead. If the war goes horribly wrong, he can be dispensed with and blamed. But the jews who produced this war, and promoted it through the media, were the ones who came up with the lies that Iraq had WMDs. These jews are tied to the Likud party in Israel, and they don't a damn about what's good or bad for America, all that matters is what is good for Israel. Same thing with Rumsfeld: he's there to give an appearance it is not jews conducting our foreign policy. But the minute things go wrong, he and not they will draw the heat. So the jews enjoy the real power, while escaping the responsibility. They're the power behind the scenes. They have operated this way for centuries. In fact, if anything, they're fare more openly powerful today than anytime before.

8. VVN consistantly portrays society as degenerative. What movements today do you consider positive? What steps would you like to see taken towards a better America?

I would like to see Whites flock to our new White Freedom Party - the first party in America overtly to represent the interests of the White man. Our platform includes pulling troops out of Iraq, shutting down the border with Mexico, and putting the leadership of the top jewish organizations on trial.

9. What, in your opinion, is the Holocaust?

It's a Big Lie that produces hundreds of billions in revenue for Big Jew while indemnifying it against all criticism. Your reader will not know, of course, that the people now promoting "the Holocaust" are cousin to the jews who produced the Real Holocaust - the murder of tens of millions of White gentile Christians in the Ukraine and Russia and Eastern Europe after a gang of jewish criminals murdered the Czar. To repeat: the jew-led Bolsheviks slaughtered literally tens of millions. The German nationalists attempted to prevent the jews from doing the same in Germany. They succeeded in taking power from the jews in that country, and that is why they are the most demonized men on earth. Only the jew won world war two. His victory allowed him to make the bogus claim that six million jews were slaughtered. That is a lie, and a big one. The placque at Auscwitz originally claimed four million were killed there. Today that placque reads 1.5 million. No correction has been made to the official six million figure. Your reader should ask himself: how come I "know" how many jews were killed in world war two, but have no idea how many Americans?...or Germans?...or French?...or British? Even the jews have given up on their lies about soap and lampshades being made of jewish corpses; tomorrow they will give up on the lies about gas chambers. Big Lying is a specifically jewish technique. As a side note, you will often see jews or sycophant columnists write about the Big Lie, and claim it as a Hitler or Goebbels technique. But when you read Hitler and Goebbels, they specifically point out that jews are the ones who practice it. Thus, jews lie about lying. They're a vicious and devious race, and it comes from their xenophobic, paranoid genes and culture.

10. Are you personally aquainted or friends with any individuals in the minority groups which you attack? What about when you meet a black or jewish person on the street? In a professional setting? What are your feelings? How do you react?

I treat individuals as individuals, but I don't shrink from making group judgments. I arrange my life to have as little interaction as possible with savages and their promoters.

11. What about hate crimes?

It's a bogus category set up by jews to demonize White males and draw attention away from the fact that black-on-White crime is out of control. For example, there are about 2 million black-on-white crimes a year -- almost all interracial crime is colored-on-White -- whereas there are maybe 7,000 so-called hate crimes, the majority of which are non-violent, such as swastika graffiti.

12. How do you feel about inter-racial marraiges and relationships?

"Give your child the gift of White genes." Blacks are subhuman compared to Whites. White girls are brainwashed by jewish tv to think blacks are cool. What they find is that all niggers can give them is VD and bastards. What a nice present for your child, girls.

13. What is attractive about Fascisim?

Fascism is a term that means little to nothing; it is generally used by leftists as an empty hate-signifier, much as 'corporate.'

14. What is your oppinion on Hitler's regime?

Hitler's party and governing period are highly interesting and worthy of study. The Hollywood version of Hitler has nothing to do with the real thing. Let's put it this way: Europe today is flooded with White-hating Muslims, and jews passing hate-crimes laws that literally jail people for speaking the truth about what happened in world war II. These would not be the case if the Aryans had beaten the jews in world war two. As we say, Only the jew won world war two.

15. Do you consider yourself a Neo-Nazi? How did you feel about Richard Butler's recent death?

I don't label myself. I came to racialism from conservatism - Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk and the old National Review. The German nationalists had many things of great value to teach, and I like to see how these two traditions dovetail, and what we can take from them to protect and advance the White race moving forward in the 21st century. Wisdom is wisdom, no matter where it comes from. I'm not bigoted in terms of source, since everything must be measured against objective reality in the end.

As for Richard Butler, I met him once. He was a very soft-spoken, polite, religious man who was greatly wronged by a corrupt system, and I lament his death. I would note that he was an adherent of a branch of Christian Identity, which I do not follow myself.

16. Racists are often attacked as being ignorant. Do you consider yourself knowledgable regarding the culture and customs of Jews?

Yes. They form a xenophobic, paranoid, hostile, aggressive tribe that hates all other people. Naturally they present themselves as lovers and great benefactors of humanity, but you'll find that in every case their humanitarianism and universalism redound to their benefit alone.

17. What do you hope VNN will acomplish?

Educate the public and draw the most vigorous White males to our side, as newly organized through our 'White Freedom Party,' founded January 15, 2005.

18. Where did you get the name Vanguard News Network? What significance does it have?

Vanguard has some communist connotations I would not choose, but I chose it for the simple English meaning - the leading party; the party in the front, showing and leading the way. We show people the suppressed truth about jews, and about the coloreds they sicc'd on us, and lead the way in fighting back.

19. What do you hope to gain out of this interview?

I hope that a couple readers will be interested enough in what I've said to check out my website(s) at and and Perhaps they will investigate my claim regarding the mysteriously reappearing 2.5 million at Auschwitz. Readers need to understand that nearly everything they read in the mass media is a lie, and a lie which serves an agenda - an agenda set by the jew. To give a non-overtly political answer, and just possibly intrigue a reader into checking it out, if only to reassure himself I'm lying, or a fool, take Albert Einstein. He's presented as the greatest brain ever. But he was a plagiarist.'s the kicker...he did not come up with E=mc2. Did you know that, reader? I'll bet 1000:1 you did not. What else you "know" ain't so?

20. You use derogitory terms consistantly in your website. Why?

It's spelled 'derogatory.' The jew-controlled media use 'white trash' every day of the year. Why?

21. Where, geographically, is VNN based?

It's based on the Internet. I live in Kirksville, Missouri. Readers can reach me at 660-665-8210. POB 101, 63501. Or Email is easiest.

22. What core values promote racism?

Sound mind in a sound body in a sound community in a sound nation. More simply, people prefer their own. And that preference should not be, as it is now, thanks to the jews, illegal.

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