Habits of Highly Effective Racists: An Analysis of Overseas Chinese

by Andrei Kievsky

6 February 2005

I live near two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. The Chinese are a race of highly enthusiastic gamblers, and are drawn to casinos like moths to a flame. They have a lot of problems in this milieu with loan sharking, fighting and sometimes murdering one another over lovers' quarrels and money disputes. They exploit one another horribly, and often rip one another off. In one case, it was discovered that Chinese got 2000 dollars in debt to the Chinese mafia, the Triads, in order to get a two-year stint working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, on a fishing boat. Of those two years, they spend about 13 months just paying back the Triad. In the last 11 months, they earn about 1200 dollars. For two years of 112-hour weeks. Do the math, that is about 1200 hours, for 1200 dollars, or a dollar an hour after they pay off the Triad goons. That is absolutely horrendous exploitation. How could such people be more effective Racists than us?

Here on the East Coast, Chinese will work 80 hours a week at Chinese restaurants, then come and blow all their pay at the casinos, and then sometimes get in debt to loan sharks. It's ugly.

But they are very quickly buying up property in Norwich and Ledyard. New London county is going to be a Chinatown. How do they do it?

I'll tell you how, and if you wrinkle your nose and say, "I would never live like that,"then you aren't a Highly Effective Racist.

One Chinese who is working as, say, a blackjack dealer or a maintenance worker at Mohegan Sun will get a mortgage and buy a house in Uncasville, in walking distance from the casinos. It is important that it is in walking distance, or near a bus stop for casino workers, because the Chinese are too clever to buy a car, not like us stupid American sheeple.

So a Chinese gets a big house with a 1500 dollar per month, and he rents out the house to 15 other Chinese working at Mohegan Sun. He charges 1 week pay from each of them. This is what really happens. A janitor pays 350 a month; a mah-jong dealer might pay 600 a month. 1 week pay a month is signed over to the landlord, period.

Suppose the average is 400 a month from your 15 Chinese sleeping in the bedrooms, basement, living room, family room even "hot bedding" between shifts. That's 6000 dollars a month. It might be annoying to live in close proximity with so many people, but you are making 70,000 a year. If they bought the place for 300,000 the place is paid off in 7 or 8 years, when you take into account taxes and maintenance.

I personally could not do this, only because my conventionally-minded wife would object. Were I single and knowing what I know now, I would do exactly this with White nationalists. Moreover, my house would be on a farm, and I would allow them to live in campers and trailers, and give them the opportunity to do things like brew beer, grow gardens, raise animals, have a woodshop or a metal shop, and board horses.

No one who isn't independently wealthy has the luxury to work a mere 40 hours a week, and then do Odin knows what in his spare time. Exactly the way the Chinese are "colonizing" pieces of America, we need to be colonizing, or re-colonizing pieces of America. We have to stop being such damned suckers! We are suckers and dupes for living as though the country still belonged to us. We need to live as though we are immigrants who need to "take over" a piece of the country, because Jewish immigration policy has made us foreigners in our own country.

There is a difference. We have a "home court advantage." But we haven't won the game. We won the game for a while, when we took over the country from the Indians, but the Jews opened the borders and made it a "multicultural empire" instead of a European civilization.

What I am demanding from Racially Aware Whites is to adapt in the Darwinian sense. We have a new situation, a new struggle, a new "war with the Indians." Adapt, damnit! Get it through your head - just hating niggers and kikes doesn't make you a racist. Good intentions and a five-dollar bill will get you a caffeinated beverage at Starbucks.

The Chinese model is an effective model of colonization. 10 White racists in Boston or Little Rock or Duluth, Minnesota can start buying up property - even farms, and start re-colonizing America, once they have reconciled themselves to working 70 hours a week, and making one another rich, one man at a time. If one of us gets a mortgage to buy a farm, then another 9 of us lives on that farm, and works 40 hours a week at some job. One week's pay goes to the landowner, and the other 3 weeks pay is your own. (one week's pay for rent is a damned good deal, let me tell you!). And when you aren't working, you are doing some income producing work on the farm, to add to your own savings, and make trade with your own people. For example, the farmer may grow barley and hops, and you brew beer. You give some finished beer to the farmer as pay for the barley and hops, and he gives some of that beer to the other renters on the farm who helped him grow the barley and hops. A ten-acre farm and 1 WN landowner and 9 sharecroppers/tenants becomes a micro-economy.

The Chinese could do this easily. No problem. If we can't, then we are pussies and losers who aren't worthy of calling ourselves racists. If you won't work 70 hours a week to colonize the American continent for your race, for your White descendants, then you might as well bow and scrape to the wonderful diversity that is taking over. If you won't get on your feet and work your ass off for the survival of your people, then you might as well get on your knees and pray to the kikes.

The Force of Evolution is making White people more Racist with each generation. How is that? Well, non-racist whites are breeding with mud people, and their posterity is no longer White. The only White people in 50 years will be the descendants of Highly Effective Racist White people. Being White won't be an accident in 2055; it will be an act of Will on the part of one's ancestors.

As an aside, I have to take a break from writing this to take my highly demanding daughter sledding! It is something I am happy to do. When I come back, I will finish this up.

At sledding, my daughter got quite a bit of exercise climbing the hill for the 15-second rush of sliding down and going over a jump. I was happy to see her face develop an "exertion blush" like you see on long distance runners. It is a warm day in February, and the snow is melting. I had the rabbits out under the sun for the day, instead of in their well insulated and roofed cage. When we came back from sledding, I put the rabbits back in their place. My daughter plopped herself on the couch and is watching Russian cable TV with her Ukrainian grandmother, who made her some hot chocolate. Everyone is well taken care of, and everyone in the household has their own job. My daughter takes care of the berry patches, and when the berry bushes start producing, I will let her keep half of the proceeds for spending money, and put half away in savings for her. She will have to spend hours picking just to get a few quarts of berries, but this will be good for her. Kids nowadays are "bored" because they need to be put to work. When they have some free time during which they aren't working, you can be sure they don't complain to their parents that they are "bored!" And some natural greed is good motivation to set them to work taking care of berry bushes and/or chickens..

The White Racialist movement as a whole is not working because the people involved do not realize that they need to start at Square One. Everyone is trying to skip steps.

The path to White sovereignty is directly through the jewish economic octopus. Every breath you take, every drink of water, every bite of food, every mile down the road, every TV show or movie you watch, every magazine or newspaper you read, makes profit for the jews.

Unraveling the jewish economic octopus with non-violent, honest labor and enterprise, if done with sufficient diligence and intelligence, will eventually threaten jewish power. You want your violent revolution, you are going to get it when our efforts to become materially self-sufficient become sufficiently mature. Do you suppose jews are going to take it lying down when they aren't making profits from our every breath of oxygen and bite of food? They take it for granted that they have the economic monopoly over the Western world. They are going to absolutely freak out when they begin to lose this. We have great feelings of despair and loss when we see non-whites flooding into the country, and see white girls breeding with shitskins. The jews will have similar or greater feelings of despair when their parasitism gets downsized, and they will probably take more action than we are. However, the action they take will only earn them the hatred of the general population. They will be forced into the open as they say, "We are jews and we deserve to live more than you goyim do, so we are taking your food, and some of you have to work as slave farmers for us." They have a lot to lose, and they will go before a great fall. Those of us who look forward to a violent tribal war against the kikes will get their wish, but it's not going to be any fun. The only consolation is that it's going to be worse for the kikes, if only because they have more to lose, and are accustomed to a very easy lifestyle.

All of this is going to happen with or without your participation. The forces of History are stronger than us. We aren't going to convince fat, comfortable lemmings to join our side any more than we could fight off a tsunami. The only advantage a White nationalist has over a lemming is foreknowledge of the coming tsunami; but most of us aren't even making use of this foreknowledge.

When all is said and done, being a Highly Effective Racist is not about self sacrifice for the some greater good; it is animal struggle for your White descendants. If you don't work 70 hours a week to be a Highly Effective Racist, then the hell with you. You will end up in the fossil record, with no White descendants.

I saw a great saying the other day, "Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian." -Dennis Wholey

The hour is getting late. It's time to stop fucking around, and grow up. We are the only adults in this country, or at least potential adults. We are the founders of the new White Nation, if there will be one at all; it's time to start acting like Founding Fathers and Mothers.

The concrete action I demand of you, is if there are 5 dedicated Racially Aware White people in the same area, is that one of you take out a mortgage on a farm, and rent the farm-house and property to the other 4. All of you work your tails off to build wealth, towards the goal of all 5 of you being landowners and/or business owners, and replicating the same for more of us, thus colonizing the area you are in with Racially Loyal White people. The only thing that stands in your way is if you are lazy and/or dishonest, and if laziness and dishonesty is greater than your animal racial loyalty, then you should die off.

If we can't do the sort of Racial Colonizing that the Chinese are doing, then what claim do we have to Racial Survival? Let's get real here. We have a situation where our very existence and our claim to this country is being seriously challenged, and those out there who are aware of the threat are NOT doing what it takes to adapt to the threat. If you are letting the Chinese outrun you economically and demographically in your own fucking native territory because you are too fucking lazy, then what kind of piece of shit evolutionary loser are you?

Forget the kikes and niggers for a minute. Sure they are like vultures feeding off the weakened White organism. If we weren't weak, they wouldn't get a plug nickel off of us. It's the Chinese who are destined to take over the American continent.

Are the Chinese going around talking political revolution? No. They are presenting themselves as the most unthreatening, accomodating, bowing and scraping coolies, "Oh sank you fely much fo opotunity to wok for amelikan dleam!" Give them a century and they will own this continent, UNLESS Whites adapt and rise to the Evolutionary Adaptive Level of Chinks.

It's long been said that "to whom much is given, much is expected." Being a racially aware White person puts you in this category, and if you aren't trying hard enough Now that you are one of us, it behooves you to always ask yourself, "Am I trying hard enough?" Not for some nebulous "greater good," but for your descendants.

I expect you guys to take some risks, and act like "overseas Chinese" in this country which has been stolen from you. I expect you to take a mortgage, and rent it to your comrades, and live like hippies, sleeping living rooms and basements, and working your tails off to save money and grow your own food, brew your own beer, and make your own good times. When you do this, more Whites will be recruited to your side. If you have a collective White nationalist hippie house and you bring home a high quality White chick from a bar, she will be impressed that you have created a community. This is a country of lonely people. People want to be part of a tribe. If you create a WN tribe the way the Chinks are creating Chink tribes over at the Mohegan Sun casino, you will be powerful and taking the first steps towards White sovereignty and victory.

This essay describes the first step in detail. It isn't meant to envision White Revolution in full. But before you've taken that First Step, the First Step is all that matters. Right now, the Chinks are the Highly Effective Racists that we need to copy. Until we become Highly Effective Racists who are re-colonizing our Living Space, the way the Chinks are re-colonizing New London County, we are going nowhere.

Right now the jewish media describes us as pitiful whiners who are failing to see how wondeful diversity is. We want the jewish media to describe us the way we might describe the Chinese - as a demographic and economic threat. We want the jews to whine, "Oy vey, the White racists are taking over everything! There should be a law!"

Don't let conventional ideas about having a house to yourself get in the way. Would you rather live on 5 acres and share a house with 5 or 10 White nationalists while being Highly Effective Racists, or live in a condominium by yourself and pay a jewish landlord while you slave away at some customer service job? Victory or defeat - make your choice.


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