Democracy is Death

by Colin Jordan

10 January 2005

[From Gothic Ripples, October 2004]

Democracy is Death

Above are the percipient words of Britain's pioneer National Socialist, the late Arnold Leese, who set my feet on the political path of my life. The present democratic system in all it stands for, as distinct from the abstract and make believe theory of it, engenders the complete decline and virtual death of our society, our nation, our race. that is the reality of it. As things are going and show all signs of continuing, Britain is sinking ever deeper into decadence and degeneracy, fated for utter ruination.

We see this in the displacement of Britain's native people by mass alien immigration. A Home Office official has disclosed that immigration could be running at six times higher than the official figures. More than 120,000 foreign nationals were granted British citizenship in 2003: that is to say they were given what should be your right alone. In that last recorded year there were 140,000 further applications for citizenship. Britian is now the asylum capital of the world with 61,050 new claims in 2003. The cost of free legal aid in asylum cases has now risen to 204 million pounds for last year. Democracy means deception with immigration like Iraq.

Pinpointing just one aspect of the present regime's commitment to the principles of mobility of mankind, an open door to Britain and the denationalisation of the British, our Home Secretary, the renegade David Blunkett, has declared that there is 'no obvious limit' to the number of economic migrants that Britain could accept (London Daily Telegraph, 26 May 2004).

The concern of our treasonous misgovernment in its promotion of alien invasion is merely so to arrange things that the public does not properly perceive the enormous scale of the alien usurpation of their country and thus proportionately object and resist it. For instance they practise jiggery-pokery whereby they achieve an appearance of tightening the asylum system by making it easier for people to enter Britain legally by means of various immigration schemes. Fiddling the figures concerning immigration is a constant major occuptation of our misrulers, while they allow visas without proper checks and avoid arresting and deporting illegal immigrants reliant on hoodwinking the public they exploit, and all the time putting out the pretence that, after managing without them in all previous time, now we cannot look after ourselves and are dependent on them for survival.

Exemplifying the deliberate inculcation of a belief in our benefit from Coloured immigration to the degree of now being dependent on them is the drive to bring in Coloured medical staff instead of attracting enough of our own people. The idea behind this particular form of alienation is that if Britons can be accustomed when unwell to turn for deliverance to a Coloured face, they will be that much more familiarised and made friendly disposed to sharing their homeland with the strangers. Thus it is that now 30 percent of newly qualified doctors are Coloured. Inspired and backed by the renegade politicians of democracy, private copanies and local and national government departments galore are making themselves dependent on immigrant labour and a continuing flow of it into the country. While thus bringing in Coloureds to oust white Britons from jobs, democracy, the national and racial death system, allows and approves firms increasingly shifting the production of parts and office functions to homelands of these immigrant Coloureds. Thus democracy and the globalism it inevitably results in means into the country come Coloureds to take jobs here away from the whites, and out of the country go jobs to be taken by Coloureds from whites!

For instance, Tesco, one of the Jewish supermarket giants dominating our food supply in annihiliation of the local British grocer, its profits last year 1.6 billion pounds, is now to sack 400 workers at Dundee, Cardiff and Welwyn Garden City because it is exporting the work to Bangalore in India where labour is cheaper. Shekels not Britishness is what counts supreme with such firms. Another giant, Norwich Union with 4,000 staff in India already, is aiming at having a quarter of its staff abroad before long. Among other giants of democracy's capitalism which are anti-British in giving work to Coloureds abroad instead of Britons at home are Lloyds TSB Bank and Abbey National. Every British nationalist should be right now venting furious disgust on these firms. This is the real battlefield for us, not Blair's balmy, diversionary escapade in Iraq in the service of his blessed Israel in company with that other servant of the same, blathering buffoon Bush.

Instead of the death system of multinational democracy, what is needed is a life-giving system of Aryan nationalism for Britain, comprehensively a Britain for the British, truly representative of her people and their interests and thus truly the provider of real freedom because racially exclusive and socially and economically just, not just a system parading a deceptive 'freedom of expression' and 'representation' while rigging the representation and restricting the freedom of expression so that democracy means dishonesty.

The European Union, favoured by the political gang now in power in Britain, is a means to bring more racial undesirables into the country both by expansion of this union eastward and by free movement within it. In the offing is the admission of Turkey so that any of its 70 million Asiatic Muslims will have the right to come here, take up residence and style themselves 'British', while Turkey will qualify for a huge receipt of EU funds to which we contribute, to benefit its impoverished areas.

If you find it hard to understand how a country not part of Europe properly speaking, either geographically or ethnically, can be held eligible for admission, do remember that the underlying role of this EU of democracy writ large is not the protection of Europe as an historical, racial and cultural conception, but instead is part of the progression of globalism which is the ultimate objective of that democracy. Significantly at this moment we find calling passionately for 'an emphpatic endorsement of Turkey' (London Daily Telegraph, 8 September 2004) none other than our very Foreign Secretary, the Jew Jack Straw, who as previously Home Secretary was instrumental in promoting the last prosecution against me because of my campaign for a Britain for the British free of the likes of Jack Straw.

The fact of the matter is that the traitors in office, pathologically committed to cosmopolitanism, are determined to allow the Coloured Invasion of Britain -- which started right afer the war fought by Britain for democracy against Aryan revival, as virtual fulfilment of the purpose of that war -- to go on and on until the racial aliens are the majority and dominant, this in accordance with their creed which is global racial revolution bringing about virtual communism in its long-term consequence. Thus what amounts to the virtual racial ruination of our nation is their in-built disposition, and there is absolutely no hope of salvation from them and through their system of democracy.

The full cost of this alien invasion in all its myriad aspects is catastrophically colossal. Enormous sums which could have been used to better public health, build and equip new and better hospitals, improve housing, improve education, and used for so many other worthy causes for the upliftment and betterment of our Anglo-Saxon and Celtic folk, have been and are being expended on all the numerous costs of all kinds of this utterly unnecessary and totally undesirable and fatally injurious folly. Without the horrific affliction of the Coloured Invasion, we now live under a national and racial death sentence in a grievously congested, increasingly slummy, drug-ridden land of televised vulgarity.

Just recently we have had a big outburst in the bogus 'patriotism' permitted and patronised as a safety valve in the Britain brainwashed against the real thing. We have had vehicles all over the place sporting the flag of St. George, and over what? The frenzied national obsession with football is the answer: the kicking of a large ball around a field. This is a game which on the national level, and this is what the flag-waving was about, is played by teams considerably Coloured and thus reflective of multiracialism, the Coloured players being accepted as 'British' because of the blinding effect of the race-mixing propaganda of television. The flag waving football frenzy is about as pathetic a pretence of patriotism as the Union Jack shopping bags of the Jewish chain store Marks & Spencers, and as vacuous a gesture as the singing of 'Land of Hope and Glory' in the Albert Hall in London, supplying a swan song for a land now so sadly lacking in these qualities.

While the mock patriotism of football struggle flourishes furiously, there has been no struggle by the insipid British public worth mentioning as the political engineers of democracy have reduced and reduced our freedom to manifest real patriotism in the crucial issue of criticising and challenging the Coloured Invasion and attendant Jewish ascendancy. Democracy, far from standing for freedom of speech, as it pretends in wooing the voters, has penalised agitation outside its ambit of multiracialism.

The engineers of democracy operate a dual process of mind control. Alongside the coercion by penalisation and the intimidation by threat of this, they practise omnipresent indoctrination by the press and radio and most of all by means of their control of that veritable instrument of the devil, television, which by its nature is an unprecedented and unequalled captivating device. This is so because the thing has an enslaving, hypnotic influence on the whole numerically preponderant, weaker willed part of the populace by means of the attention-compelling, fast frequency of the radiations of its transmitting tube.

This malignant mind-shaping power is used by its democratic manipulators to depict the native Britons as mongrels and declare that mongrels are best -- 'best' mark you as being more pliable and docile subjects of the system -- and denounce white nationalism as wicked 'racism', the most abhorrent of undemocratic aberrations while upholding Coloured nationism as commendable. Television teaches us that we have to feel guilty evermore for our imperial past and endlessly do penance for it by subsidising the teeming millions of the incompetent, dark peoples of the globe. Television teaches us that the great goal and boon of the new, democractic age is diversity. 'Diversity' is the new, cult word in the ultra-democratic lexicon for human mixture, regardless of the old and proven value of human cohesion and compatability for a stable and flourishing society. 'Diversity' stands alongside in that lexicon the fabricated hate and horror word of 'racism' and the similarly fabricated love word of 'gay' for homosexuals.

Mind-moulding television is used by the engineers of democracy day in, day out, round the clock to pursue the aim of democracy which is global multiracialism. Coloureds are ceaselessly pushed in front of us in all capacities from family drama to 'pop' and 'rock' so called 'music' to familiarise us with them as always part of the home scene, thereby conditioning us to accept them. Particularly signficant is the introduction of a host of Coloured news announcers so that we are brought to expect the news of the world with a Coloured face. with this power of television to move the masses, democracy must prevail, and without it no alternative political force can manage to win over the masses. Truly the agenda of democracy as presented by its television is a plan for the downfall of Aryan civilization through the downfall of its makers and upholders.

At the same time as it serves to implant the African and Asian in British life, television functions to coarsen and debase the minds of British viewers, thereby to render the huge herd of watchers and imbibers more receptive to the multiracial propaganda of democracy. Hence it pumps out round the clock a mixture of sheer muck and rank inanity replete with rough language, obscenity, obsession with the constant display of crude sex -- utterly devoid of racial responsibility, and disregardful of the privacy this intimacy calls for -- and devoted to the promotional display of crude materialism devoid of higher idealism. It thus functions as the great organ of vulgarisation in a system, democracy, which pre-eminently results in depravity and thus deserves definition as characterised by it. Paradoxically it may be said to lighten the home with darkness.

The end result sought by and certainly achieved by this mind processing monarch of the home is the development of a mobile, race-less, think-alike, standardised, conforming biped, a product of the cathode ray tube, the new and resplendent sun of democratic society, a creature modelled on the multiple soap operas which take up much of television time. By virtue of the extent of the Jewish presence in and over this medium of mastery of the masses, television might well be termed 'Judavision'.

[Caption (picture not available): Here on the right we have a couple of democracy's zombies getting their daily dose of inspiration from the glittering gogglebox enshrined as the focal point in the homes of the conforming multi-millions of democratic citizens. You cannot beat the gogglebox at the ballot box. You can only capture it or destroy it! Nothing else will work!]

Prominent indeed in televisions's mind-moulding for the benefit of the power behind the brain box of bright light dominating the home is the role of the hideous noise, Negroid by nature, marketed as 'music' and called 'rock'. This primitive pulsation is an aural narcotic achieving its effect by way of the pounding of a dominating drumbeat administered in deranging excess of the normal rate of the human heartbeat, and thereby stupifying the subject into a state of frenzied possession. This makes it both dysfunctional and dysgenic. Expressive of a return to the jungle by Negroes, it is a grievous but to be expected sight of the times under democracy to see masses of white youth writhing and frothing and gesticulating under the influence of this degenerate din of democracy, thereby making of themselves what some would term 'white Niggers'.

The weak and slack outlook on life encouraged by the persuasive influences of the dominant forces of democracy, manifest on television, as expressive of the submissive way of life designed for the masses, is reflected in the promoted garb and footwear, pronounced 'casual' and meaning slovenly, in vogue today, namely 'jeans' and 'trainers'. Such scruffy dress, indicative of the mentality of the subject citizen, is a veritable uniform of democracy. Even the nominal and superficial nationalists who make up the bulk of the natioinalist organizations wear this uniform, showing that they are still largely part of the old order.

Instead of any valid religion integrating race and nature in the pattern and process of the universe, the rampant hedonism which typifies democracy, conveyed by the cathode ray tube reigning as head of the home, has the benefit of a cosmetic coating of platitudinous Christianity, made to fit the times. This vapid creed serves to pronounce a blessing on racial indiscrimination and intermixture as the divine wish of an almighty deity. The ghastly Christian god, we are told, loves the faulty like the fine, all people whatever the colour and quality being equally his children, a thoroughly communistic concept.

In the Britain of today, mortally stricken with the democracy of death, naturally not a single party, not even the present BNP, espouses eugenical reform which is the one and only real means for national and racial survival and revival because the root cause of Britain's developing demise is the deterioration and diminution in human quality which means that the root remedy lies in improving the quality and increasing its holders by selective breeding. Breeding better people is incomparably the high road to a far better Britain, paper plans, whatever their merits, depending on the character and intelligence of the human beings involved for success.

In the early decades of the last century 30 American states passed laws providing for the sterilization of confirmed criminals, mental defectives and rapists. Now in 2004 these undesirables are protected to procreate in both Britain and the USA, under expanded democracy, their 'rights' being upheld above those of their victims and superiors. At the same time in both countries, while defective and grossly inferior persons are multiplying apace and better stock is abstaining from reproduction, eugenics is branded as intolerably 'Nazi' and academics who dare to express such racial views are hounded and harried.

The abstention from child-bearing by white women in comparison with Coloured women, which is a most perilous aspect of the Coloured Invasion as an external, racial matter, is aggravated, as an internal racial matter, by the fact that this abstention afflicts most of all the most capable of their kind. These latter are most of all corrupted by the exhortative and suggestive propaganda of democracy, particularly purveyed by television, which leads them to view their talents as wasted if they relegate themselves to the traditional role of housewife and mother, instead of attaining 'liberation' through outside employment and childlessness. They are driven by an illusion of emancipation, promoted by the social engineers of democracy, to disown, as restrictive and humiliating, what in fact is the noble vastly important role of childbearer and home keeper, the very foundation of human society, and to excel in which is an incomparable achievement.

Driven by this fallacy of freedom whereby they spurn their finest function and ape men, the next step, having escaped the home for a place of work, is to escape from the drawbacks of sexual pleasure, conceived as simply enjoyment devoid of racial responsibility, by means of methods of birth denial to avoid pregnancy, or, if precautions are not taken or fail, abortion. While it is indeed true that with really low-grade couples birth control or abortion is better for the race than birth, with high-grade couples birth denial is a crime against the race conducive to its death under democracy. It has just been reported that abortions among teenage girls in this country have now reached a record 37,000 last year alone, to say nothing of all the abortions happening with adult women.

With, under democracy, white women in Britain forsaking the home and abstaining from having children, while Coloured immigrants breed victoriously, in the world as a whole white people are fast dwindling in comparison with the burgeoning Coloured hordes. Facing us for instance are 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.1 billion Indians. Democracy with its inculcation of submissiveness and its deference to an elevation of Coloureds in its multiracial mentality causes the public to be bereft of the capacity to oppose and resist successfully the capacity of the Coloureds by their proliferation to come to control the world. With Democracy we are destined to go under.

Democracy is death because it does not give, and is incapable of giving its citizens any inspiring and activating ideal and purpose in life whereby they are imbued with a will to preserve their race and its heritage and work for the future of their Folk. Instead it leaves them to wallow in a crass, self-centered, pleasure-seeking materialism, laced with at the most a sickly and insipid Christian sentimentality conducive to global multiraicalism which means the destruction of our Aryan race. All around us today in twilight Britain are the authentic features of decay, the oncoming symptoms of death, so reminiscent of all the fallen civilizations of the past.

If our Folks is to survive and revive and upwardly prosper, this deadly sickness of the spirit has to be replaced by a ruthless selfishenss of the Aryans towards the non-Aryans which alone can ensure our future in the face of the menace of the fast-multiplying multi-millions of non-Aryans of this world, invovlving if not postiively seeking our overthrow. Enough of the dangouersly soft talk of the democratised nationalists about accepting, even acclaiming non-Aryan nationalism as a fellow feeling! Either we dominate the world or they do and we will thereby go under. That is the reality.

The way so many Aryan nationlistws eschew admitting the superiority of their race, restricting themselves to a recognition of differences devoid of evaluation shows the extent to which they have allowed themselves to become cravenly democratised in thought and in jargon. Let it be said -- because otherwise the spirit to survive is lacking -- that the Aryans are not just different from Africans and Asians, they are superior to them as the makers of civilization.

Democracy works to enfeeble us in the face of the Coloured menace at large, breaking down the social structures of race and nation. When Britain was healthy and robust, her people -- bound together by common race and thereby hereditarily thinking with the blood and moved by folk memory of the patterns of the past -- were interactively cohesive, being integrated in their local, regional and national communities of the Aryan Folk. Democracy, being intrinsically based on mere numbers of interchangeable voters, regardless of folk identity, is naturally destructive of real community which is a fusion which comes from kindredness and cannot come otherwise. Hence in Britain of today, stricken with the malaise of democracy, we suffer from a multitiude of ills which are demonstrably due to the disintegration of communties aned thereby the detachment of individuals from eadch other, a process of atomisation and consequent disharmony and conflict and upheaveal which can only continue and worsen with the advance of multiracialism, demoacracy's culmination and the end of the Aryans and their communities.

In the stricken Britain of today our children are in the hands of the enemy, that is to say they are put into schools where their minds are bent in favour of democracy and its inherent multiracialism by disciples of democracy called 'teachers'. They are in effect operated on to suppress their natural instinct to prefer the company of an support their kindred and be on guard against racial strangers, and instead ot associate with and ape and uphold those racial strangers and aspire to one-world citizenshp. Thus under democracy we have the alienation of the new generation, the pollution of our youth. Parents who should be protectively resisting these child-corrupting teachers furiously are themselves corrupted by television to accept it with docility.

While democracy pollutes the schools with alien ideas to match the incoming swarms of Coloured children, harming thus our most valuable asset, our youth, this system's damagers have progressively mutilated and demoted our most valuable asset, our youth, this system's damagers have progressively mutilated and demoted our most important industry, our agriculture, so irreplaceably vital in supplying a wellspring for our national life, a healthy nation needing to be rooted in a productive soil and thus related to the rhythm of Nature. The nexus of blood and soil, race and land, is absolutely vital for a living nation in good form. Yet in Britain today we are increasingly encouraged to or forced to look to foreign parts, not our own soil, for nourishment. Under the impact of continuing mass immigration millions strong, land in this greatly overcrowded island is being devoured at a great rate for roads, airports, supermarkets and leisure parks for deracinated urbanites, and new towns to accommodate all the influx of fast-breeding immigrants.

The urban decadence now transcendant under democracy has just been exquisitely stated by the pen of a poof of a columnist in the London Independent (17 September 2004). This freak, Johann Hari, is deeply disturbed that 'the West's lavish subsidies for its farmers makes it impossible for African farmers to compete.' His anguishing consideration leads this urban gnome of globalism to bare his soul and actually suggest that our country would be better for doing away with its farmers, abandoning its agriculture, and relying on imported food. Thereby, says this excretion of the big city gutter, 'the English countryside would revert to being a natural wilderness. This is the most environmentally friendly state possible. Chuck in small sums for some wilderness rangers and we've got the best tourist draw imaginable too.' If hunting foxes is stopped, mabye hunting the likes of Hari would do instead.

Democracy, a perversion of representation, has inevitably resulted in the rise of the sexual perverts to power and influence, as a prime aspect of its decadence; moral laxity and sexual deviance always accompanying and increasing with a decay of society. Their rise has been hugely helped by their cleverness at word play whereby they have managed to get the accurate but unpleasant term 'queer' almost entirely replaced by the pleasant one of 'gay'. By means of this clever masquerade they have succeeded in gaining general acceptance, indeed from being furtive they have become obtrusive, demanding as a precept of democracy what is unnatural be regarded as natural and equal.

While homeland Britain experiences the ravages of multiracial democracy in consequence of the dreadful disregard of basic British interests, the politicians of this system in extension of that disregard find time and money in plenty in order to engage in continual intervention all over the globe in support of this system and its requirements. Our soldiers are sent to die far and wide, our money is expended on foreign causes, and our ministers jet ceaselessly abroad to exercise their tongues.


Placing Britain's grievous plight in historical perspective, out of the mists of obscurity in the vastness of time came the Great Race, the Fair Ones, the Aryans. they were supremely the makers of their civilization. Theirs was the will to rule and the ability to do so. they spread their sway far and wide in the world. They came to Britain and registered their imprint of ownership on every acre of its soil, mixing blood and soil in validation of their tenure.

Thereafter came Jewish-inspired Christianity, a creed in its potentiality designed eventually to overcome Aryan strength of character with its preaching of docility and submission, so beneficial to the enemies of the Aryans. In its eventual fullness of germination it has come to vanquish strength with weakness, softening the subject to self-defeat, softening up the Aryan West so it will succumb eventually to Afro-Asian overflow, the greatest ever menace to white civilization.

Out of this debilitating Christianity, begat by it, came its political progeny, democracy, falsely claiming derivation from Ancient Greece, whose city-state citizenship and direct participation in government conflicts with the theory and practice of the nation-state 'democracy' of today, which is a gigantic confidence trick in its purported representation of the people as a cover for the reality of masked rule by certain elements with their special interests who rig the functioning of the thing to suit and serve themselves. The nature of the thing, the practice of head counting after head filling by the controlled media, especially the dominating television, is the great opportunity and facility for the oligarchy or plutocracy, the highly organized minority in other words. The democratic process of quantifying the nation by head counting for ostensible 'representation' is a ready-made chance for the intruding Jews to seize control of the instruments and assets of the country, thereby to achieve the ethnic supremacy they aspire to as the fulfilment of the divine promise of their tribal god Jehovah. Far from being the epitome of freedom, democracy is by its falsity and deprivation and coercion the negation of freedom.

Out of the quantity focus of the electoral pantomime of the counting of the heads, after the media's stuffing of those heads, in respect of the candidates chosen for hte counting by the promoters of the confidence trick, inevitably has come multiracialism. If you are going to pretend to rely on decision by head counting regardless of the quality of the contents of those heads, it is the next step and the natural corollary that you prefer to rely on all heads, whatever the shape and colour. The more heads that can be got to wag more easily in favour of their figureheads, the better for the head herders and counters. They thus naturally favour and work for multiracialism in Britain, and this means favouring and working for multiracialism all over the world. Thus democracy is bound to be the mortal enemy of a White and Aryan Britain.

Then, in the cardinal chronology of the Aryans, there came to the world a racial savior. To a Britain still white but harbouring the seeds of thorough decline and to an America so vast in autarchic potentiality to be a world on its own but poised to pass from Northern European supremacy through Southern European expansion to the multifarious extreme of mongrelisation, there came to them along with the rest of the white world the great chance to halt the rot and pursue the rebirth. For the one and only time in all history, both before and after, there came to the world the inspiration and the example of an unique champion of the Aryan Folk, Adolf Hitler, with his creed of National Socialism putting the Great Race first, and his warrior movement fighting for that creed with unparalleled courage and determination.

With utter madness, demonstrative of a death wish, the brother Aryans of Britain and America spurned the opportunity, succumbed to Jewish misinformation and incitement, and proceeded to make war on the Aryan champion and his force of salvation, and to do so significantly in alliance with none other than the beast of Bolshevism, their Comrade Stalin, their lauded 'Uncle joe'. Thus battled together for the benefit of the Jews, ascendant in both quarters, the twin manifestations of the manipulation of the materialist masses in their name but for the benefit of their controllers: the captialist democracy of the west and the communist 'new democracy' of the east. Their common victory, far less numerous and far less materially endowed but vastly superior in spirt and ideal, was the victory for vengeance and vulgarity and the vileness of decline and degeneracy, and thus the utter defeat of the Aryans in the sense of their true intersts and their survival and revival.

That insane and fratricidal war on National Socialist Germany in response to Jewish propaganda and pressure was the great watershed in Aryan history. The best of men on both sides were massively slaughtered. This terrible blood-letting was tremendously debilitating for both sides with both Britain and Germany registering a resultant degree of human depletion ever since. Britain for her part exhausted herself demonstrating her ability, if for the last time, to wage such a war to a nominal victory, while before and after proving her inability to create for herself anything equivalently beneficial as the system she so foolishly fought and destroyed.

In the Britain of today, a country in extremis under democracy with the death bell tolling, we now encounter the incongruity of the very force which presents itself as the one and only remedy for the evils emanating from the present system fondly embracing that very system. This woeful contradiction is comparable to a doctor advocating for a patient writhing in agony of persistent poisoning a regular dose of yet more of the same poison. We have this in the form of the British National Party, as doctored by its present leader and his disciples of ruinous compromise, feverishly and frantically declaring its devotion to the democratic system and its desire to become what they call 'mainstream' in their attachment to it, and to this dismal end denouncing Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, abandoning the cause of restoring a wholly white Britain, accepting Coloureds and Jews and race-mixing whites as not only members but election candidates. This emphatically is not correcting or curing the system but compromising into conformity with it.

The Griffin approach of accepting and adopting the system of democracy, seeking to work within it to make some repairs to it, and thereby becoming part of it and contributing to its survival is absurdly self-nullifying, made that much more absurd by the extent to whicht eh practitioners congratulate themselves on their cleverness in so performing. This is myopic muddleheadedness not cleverness because all the features and defects of the democratic system are correlated in a malaise of society as a whole, a totality of corruption and decay which we have to perceive and confront and cope with in its entirety. to acclaim democracy, as though good on the whole and simply needing some bits and pieces of repair when conforming to it is to display a fatal failure of insight and resovle in wastage of our last opportunity at the eleventh hour to save our race and our nation.

What is needed is nothing less than complete rejection and outright rebellion. If we are at this late and crucial point to stand any chance at all of averting the disastrous consequences of democracy, its culmination in the virtual death of our race and nation, then instead of seeking to become, as do the Griffinites of the BNP, good, 'respectable' democrats, we have have to regain the fighting spirit of our early ancestors and take to fighting the mortal menace of multiracial democracy with the fury of the Viking berserkers.

The Griffinites, in working to change the former BNP of racial nationalism into a mainstrema body of multiracial democracy, do so in the belief that their contortions will surely enable them to gain support from the public sufficiently to win sufficient elections to gain such numbers in Parliament that they gain the power of the state and form a govenrment of the country. This motivating theory is fallacious for two very definite and irrefutable reasons which make the whole venture in the long run a terrible waste of time and hope and work and money. Firstly, the percentage of Coloured electors in the majority of electoral constituencies is so rapidly increasing as to outpace the BNP's ability to increase its votes to the winning point.

In this connection its power to win over whites to vote for it at the ballot box is going to be increasingly contested by the ultimate opwer of the gogglebox, the mind-shaping box of television in every home. As time goes on and the daily indoctrination goes on and sinks in and captivates more and more, the common herd of democracy, which has put up with the Coloured Invasion for half a century and with all the other aspects of the great betrayal of the nation by the poltiicians of democracy, can be relied on to become more and more enslaved to the sytsem and less and less cpaable of turning against it. Trained to bleat 'I'm not a racist' in response to any proposition of White patriotism, and trained to accept the elevation of Coloureds and the demotion of Whites; trained to find all the outlet they need for a combative spirt on the football pitch and the other areas of commercialized sport; sufficient of a subsitute for idealism in the sloppy sentimentality of the everlasting begging box of charity for Africa and Asia's incompetent poor; sufficient excitement in the daily surfeit of soap operas to keep them content in passing the time: these are the millions of subhumanity which are the degenerated Britons of today and on which the vote-hunting BNP fondly depends. Thus the BNP is doomed to be outbid by the entrenched and dominant forces of the old order, which by control of the gogglebox control the ballot box, even when by all their compromises they stive their utmost to become part of the old order of democracy.

The second reason why the BNP cannot hope to succeed by the ballot box is that the allied array of the old parties of multiracial democracy, who put on a show of conflict for the purpose of the party game to delude the manipulated public, are in reality just differently made up sections of the same crowd of tricksters and exploiters who can for certain be depended on to band together to exclude by any means any political force which threatens their allied overlordship. They have already in preliminary fashion shown something of their capacity to and intention to obstruct the path of the party by a variety of obstacles and restrictions. Even if they do not resort to banning the BNP as some sort of utterly unacceptable, racist or subversive or terrorist organisation, which they are thoroughly capable of doing if necessary, they will most definitely bring about as much in the same way of impediment and harassment and penalization as is necessary to have almost the same effect as an explicit ban. At least they will try this first.

Only one thing can possibly save Britain and that is the uprising of a Vanguard as outlined in earlier issues of this bulletin. Without it Britain is finished, fated to end as a mongrelised, crime-ridden, drug-beset, ghastly twilight zone off the coast of Calais.


Copies of Mr. Jordan's The Uprising, chapter one of which you can read here, are available in paperback for $10 apiece from: NS Publications, POB 188, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267.

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