President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus: the White Gene Pool's One and Only Head of State

by John C.

4 April 2005

Russia's Vladimir Putin plays a subtle game. He has a big ship to steer. He's in White Man's corner, but to what degree is still unproven.

Every other White Gene Pool Head of State ia a jew boughtling (ranging from Bush to Ukraine's Yushenko) with one very bold, and extraordinary exception:

President Alexander Lukashenko of the Republic of Belarus. His official site here:

Belarus is the only Great White Gene Pool nation to garner the unique honor of being labeled a "rogue state" by the jewSA.

The jew "Wall Street Journal" calls Belarus a "semi-fascist" state run by a "tyrant," too bad Belarus did not rank as a "full-fascist" state.


The fact is jews want to seize Belarus' appliance factories, truck factories, bus factories and their petrochemical businesses, and whore out their beautiful females.

Lukashenko moves by the simple principle that the economy should support the volk, not the international jew mafia, and governs accordingly.

Belarus kicks fat jew ass up one side of the street and down the other.

Out of all of the nations comprising the Great White Gene Pool, out of the 550,000,000 genetically pure White Men on this planet, only one national volk has brought forward a "Leader" genuinely representing White interests -- the Whites of Belarus.

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus: the White Gene Pool's One and Only Head of State.

Alexander Lukashenko's Belarus, the tough as a pure white diamond, White volk nation. Tough as Yulia Nesterenko -- the "Belarus Bullet" -- Lukashenko won't allow jews to sell his White diamonds into slave whoredom in Israel, sucking dicks of short, fat, dark, hairy, jews in Israel, as the Ukraine does.

Hitler would know Lukashenko.

Fast Facts about Belarus

1) Population: 10,000,000 Slavs, 99% pure White Slav nation, less than 1% jew. (Belarus has experienced a recent monumental demographic realignment. In 1939, 50% of the population of Belarus' cities and towns was jewish. [See how fast shit can change in the right direction White Man. From jew shithole to 99% White diamonds in the blink of an eye.])

2) Minsk, the capital, 1,700,000 population.

3) Landlocked nation-state with 11,000 lakes, about the size of Kansas, bordered by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

4) See female pic above: The premiere Olympic event -- The 100 Meter Sprint -- the "Belarus Bullet" -- nigger stomper -- Gold Medalist in the 2004 Athens Olympics is the blond, blue-eyed Yulia Nesterenko. Adjusted for population Belarus finished fourth in medals of all the nations in the world in the Athens Olympics -- the USA finished 30th.

5) Environmental challenges: Along Belarus' south border the damage from the Chernobyl, Ukraine reactor emissions must be managed.

The Failed jew Mafia War on Belarus

Quite expectedly, President Lukashenko is the politician most under attack in the entirety of the Great White Gene Pool. Jews have tried over and over to "Milosevic" him. The most maligned, the most attacked Head of State in the entire White Gene Pool, the most beloved by his constituent volk.

Lukashenko of Belarus: the White Gene Pool's One and Only "Leader."

The jew World Order labeled him a "tyrant" -- they paid him the highest compliment by calling him "a Hitler." jews have beat out their brains and squandered their money in vain trying to destroy him. He laughs at them, and throws their fat asses in prison.

While other east European nations beg EU and NATO entrance to the jew mafia club of political bribery, Lukashenko disdains these weak and corrupt jew-pussy race-traitors and repudiates both the EU and NATO.

While jews take over Georgia and Ukraine to "privatize" - steal the national economic assets and send the females into whoredom in Tel Aviv -- Lukashenko defends his people from economic and sexual predation -- "model agencies" in Belarus come under government oversight. This way the exquisite Belarus females don't wind up becoming jew whores in Israel.

"The Belarus Political Model" Whips the "jew-Franchised Amerikwan Political Model"

Lukashenko's "Belarus model" is the rock upon which the jew World Order will break.

The jew world Order successfully moved in for the kill in Georgia and Ukraine, but at the same moment Lukashenko gets reelected by 80% of his volk.

Lukashenko kicks the jew-funded International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute out of Minsk. On the other extreme, Ukraine's Yushenko promotes and is elected by these same types or jew organizations.

Lukashenko in Belarus is supported by his white volk. By contrast, Yushenko in Ukraine is propped up by the stolen wealth of wealthy "oligarchs" -- the international jew mafia.

The jew mafia successfully groomed and bought the politicians of Georgia and Ukraine. From the US and the EU they sent in paid "impartial observers" - agitators. They bought the media. They bought the courts and the judges to rubber stamp their "democratic revolution." Their CNN and BBC mimicked the lies in the US and the EU countries. They have begun "privatization" -- the theft-exproptiation of the major industries and businesses, as they did in Russia before Putin began to rope them in. When these same mafia sneak into Belarus they wind up in jail. They are not even able to meet in Belarus, they are forced into backrooms outside Belarus in Vilnius or Kiev.

The jew mafia has its jew-Franchised "Amerikwan model" -- the jew "democracy franchise." Send in the jew mafia to bribe local politicians and the Soros media money to set up the jewsmedia thought-frame, promote rock concerts in the capital for the duped fuzz-nut teenagers, and declare that "democracy" has prevailed.

But opposed to this model is Lukashenko's "Belarus model":

1) Protect females from jew exploitation and predation.

2) Jail the jews.

3) Maintain economic independence and self-sufficiency.

4) Close off outside incoming capital flows aimed at bribing potential boughtling race-traitors.

5) Allow no jew ownership of the press, actually allow no jew participation in the media whatsoever.

When the EU threatens to economically boycott Belarus for not submitting to jew pressure or when the EU asks to send "Human Rights" Fifth Column jew spies into Belarus, Lukashenko laughs and notches down the spigots on the critical oil and gas pipeline flowing through Belarus from Russia supplying all of Western Europe. Then the EU quickly forgets talk about trade restrictions and "Human Rights" issues -- jew supremacy. When the EU tries to seduce or buy Lukashenko by begging him to join the EU and NATO to take up his rightful place of leadership in the West, again, Lukashenko laughs. He tells them to go fuck themselves. Who needs the EU (the "jewU") and for what, to enslave and whore out my volk brothers and sisters to jews?

Lukashenko's combination of responses for protecting the economic health and ethnic purity of his pure White volk nation has become known around the world as the "Belarus model." This model is beginning to get play in Russia. Putin can learn from Lukashenko. So can the White Nationalist parties in the rest of the Great White Gene Pool.

When jews have tried to "Milosevic" (verb) President Lukashenko, he capitalizes by exposing and flouting jew subversion to bury the jews, he gets 80% of the vote by opposing the jew mafia. He will again get 80% or better of the vote in his 3rd five-year term, which will begin in 2006.

The next great political wave in European history will be the jew World Order getting "Lukashanked" by an increasing number of White nations, first in line being Russia.

What White Americans need most today is their very own version of volk "Leader" President Lukashenko and his "Belarus model."


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