The "White International" versus the "jew World Order"

by John C.

1 April 2005

Here's the historical dialectic of the coming century in advance -- the 21st Century in a nutshell.

Here is your compass. Take your side. Find your personal place in history in this context.

There is now at hand the most arduous task for the most courageous of all White Men. There is a test to be taken that has been given over and over for thousands of years, but never once passed. A final test has been scheduled for this century that will result in either a conclusive victory or eternal death for the White race.

Here's how White Man best conceptualizes friend and foe.

Here is an outline covering a lot of historical ground. It even fits in the "White Freedom Party". It's not fluid or casual reading, but it's short, and perhaps useful. I invite the White Nationalist activist to read it twice and put together the pieces-names of the mosaic.

In the 20th Century, the worldwide struggle of opposing dialectic forces was the White Man Berlin-Rome alliance v. the jew "Comintern" (the jew "Communist International").

Recall Hitler and Mussolini's defensive anti-Commie, "Anti-Comintern Pact" of 1937 against the aggressor jew Commie "Allies" -- against those White race murdering aggressors Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.

The "White Freedom Party" -- "WFP". Where does it fit into the 21st Century struggle? Maybe add an "American" national descriptive to "White Freedom Party" -- call it the "American White Freedom Party".

"American White Freedom Party" -- "AWFP".

"American White Freedom Party" -- strong, invaluable, homegrown propaganda value is gained by adding "American", with the emotive that White Man can take back his birthright name stolen from him by the jew.

The "White International" v. the "jew World Order".

The fight-to-the-death struggle between these two antithetical forces/races will determine the new "thesis" -- will determine the outcome of history in the 21st Century "100 Years' War".

This take-no-prisoners global conflict will culminate in the elimination of either the White race or the jew race-tribe-cult -- this monumental struggle will define the history of the 21st Century.

22nd Century historians will write it thus: The 21st Century can be broadly summarized as the global race war between the White race and the jew race -- between the "White International" and the "jew World Order".

The 21st Century "100 Years' War" begins with a below-radar, supra-national White Man ideological alliance opposing jew dominance. It will grow into a broad, united, White Man counterattack against the enslaving jew race-tribe-cult that murdered 100,000,000 White Men, along with an additional 200,000,000 in murdered-lost White Man progeny.

The "White International", the "WI" is the global alliance of White racial political interests within the jew-enslaved White Man nations. The "WI” represents the social and political interests of White Man in nations enslaved by "jWO" mongrelists.

List all the predominantly White race nation-states today. There are White Freedom Parties in all of them with locally-inspired names. All of these numerous national "White Freedom Parties” combined make up the "White International".

Let's rename them all. Imagine the "American White Freedom Party" -- "AWFP", the Lithuanian "LWFP", the Russian "RWFP", the German "GWFP", the French "FWFP", the British "BWFP"; imagine White Freedom Parties in every White Man nation working in concert -- this is the "WI”.

This historic fight must of necessity be pursued over the full surface of the earth. That's where the jews have spread. Only a "White International" -- an international alliance of brotherly national "White Freedom Parties" can viably confront, pursue and defeat the shape-shifting, shuttling, international jew -- the "jew World Order" (the former Communist International -- the "Comintern").

The "White International," the aligned international White forces must form a current version of the "Anti-Comintern Pact." They must forge a White racial supra-national alliance to defeat the "jew World Order."

This naming scheme clarifies the relationship, and by assumption spells out the responsibilities of the worldwide White Man alliance. It best identifies and isolates the global "jew World Order" adversary -- the White murdering genetically inbred jewish race, wherever it is, or moves.

THE "WI" versus THE "jWO" -- THE 21ST CENTURY "100 YEARS WAR."


Global White Man, of which of the brotherly national "White Freedom Parties" are you a member? What are you doing to build your homeland "WFP"? How are you linked up to the "WI"?

Were you in attendance at the historic "First International White Freedom Party Conference of 2008" held in Minneapolis, or Paris, or Berlin, or Moscow?

Were you there at that preeminent moment in all of recorded history when it was concluded that jew expulsion as practiced by Egyptians and Assyrians, and even by the most heroic and well-meaning of all volk leaders, including Ivan IV and Adolf Hitler, was not sufficient to remove the terminal HIV-type infection of the genetically mutant jew?

Were you there for the discussions on tracking jews by their DNA?

Were you there when it was determined how to separate the jews from history forever?


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