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by Iranian for Aryans

30 January 2005

I read an article entitled "One Thing and One Thing Only: a Movement to End the Islamic Republic." This article was co-authored by Foad Pashaie (OK, not an attention getting name) and Pooya Dayanim (wait a second!). The latter author has a Jewish surname. The suffix "-im" implies plurality in Hebrew, like the charged term "goyim," which means "nations" but has taken on a sinister term of insult for gentiles, such as nigger for blacks. Anyway, as I read the article, I wasn't astounded by its grandiose goals of regime change in Iran. What caught my eye was the last paragraph. To quote in part: "We along with the rest of the pro-democracy movement support President Bush's vision of a democratic middle east...The Bush administration must engage Iran's pro-democracy movement and support those who are fighting for a free and democratic Iran."

Iranians who support Bush's bologna about a democratic mid-east? Iranians who want "Bush's" (more like Wolfowitz's, Feith's, Perle's, and other blood relations') administration to support anti-IRI forces (communists no doubt included) in order to topple the Mullahs? Now, hold on a minute. One of these authors of this article is, seemingly, (based on the name alone) Iranian. The other is not. Dayanim is advertised as "the President of the U.S.-based Iranian Jewish Public Affairs Committee (IJPAC)" no less! Am I missing something here? Am I the only true-blooded Iranian who read this and didn't get in a "koshtee-geer" mood? From when is an Iranian Jew allowed to tell us Iranians what's best for the land of our Fathers? An Iranian Jew who is in cahoots up to the hilt with AIPAC, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, ADL, and other Jewish Supremacist organizations knows what's best for Iran? Why isn't Dayanim more vocal about what his racial kin are doing in Palestine to its original occupants? Why are he and co-religionist Nikbakht screeching about the traitorous thirteen Shirazi Jews accused of spying for Israel when said nation is discriminating on an ethnic level against all Palestinians?

Pooya Dayanim is not concerned about truth. Iran has no ties to al-Qaeda! Iran is not de-stabilizing the Mid-East! Iran had nothing to do with the Khobbar Towers! Iran gone nuclear poses no threat to America! One must read between the lines. The only reason Dayanim is concerned about Iran and pushes Neo-con lies is because Dayanim is a Jew.

Jews and their bought gentile politicians lied to us about WMD in Iraq. They lied to us about the uranium deals with Niger. They lied to us about Hussein's interactions with al-Qaeda, and his involvement in 9-11. Now, the Jews again are lying to us about Iran with similar lame fabrications so that the boobs are riled up again to go die for Israel. Jews like Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, and Wurmser concocted the war against Iraq with their gentile catamites (Rumsfeld, Woolsey, etc.) because it benefited Israel. They are again boldly spewing falsehoods because Iran is the biggest threat to Israel, not America! Iran wants to go nuclear because of fear of Israel's cache of undeclared nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran blunts the military edge of a nuclear Israel. Israel cannot tolerate this. Iran's support of patriotic Hizbollah is a threat to Israel, not America. Hence, America the Shabbas-Goy puts Hizbollah and its al-Manar broadcasting station on a terrorist list. In fact, it is Israel that is de-stabilizing the Mid-East with its chutzpah, and military low-grade genocide. It is "that shitty little country Israel," to quote the French ambassador to England that most Europeans in a recent poll view as the biggest threat to world peace. Why don't Dayanim and his fellow "Iranian" Jews talk about this? Why don't they ask for regime change in Israel? Indeed, if Dayanim is for religious tolerance and democracy a la America, then why doesn't he raise a fuss about the "only democracy in the Middle East" having Orthodox Judaism as the official state religion, where pious Jews (even kids!) have a history of spitting at the Cross (

"Every Jew a Pollard." "Every Jewess an Esther." Iranians must never forget this. I ask that intrepid Iranians go and read the "Book of Esther" in the Old Testament. Compare Esther's ancient slitherings to gain power and exterminate the Hamanites by using the mythical Persian King Ahasuerus as her Goy-Toy to that of Neo-cons like Dayanim and his ilk today.

Let the above suffice for now. My unquenchable anger is for stooges. If Foad Pashaie is a gentile then damn him for collaborating with a backstabbing relative of Katsav and Mofaz. Damn all the gentile Iranians be they Baha'i, Christian, Zoroastrian, Muslim or Atheist for working with and/or praising Iranian Jews and American Jews like Lantos, Ledeen (hmm, sure sound like Levine to me!), Kristol, Krauthammer, and other Neo-cons (a.k.a., Jews) in order to bring about "regime change." Worst of all, damn this Pahlavi punk for giving a speech at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, for meeting with Netanyahu, Katsav, and Sharon, of all people (!

Naive fools, regime change is only pushed because it's good for the Jews and their parasite-state Israel. Bush and his Jewish opinion-moulders don't care about us gentiles, but only about using America the Bully-Goy for a Pax Judaica, the Orwellian "War on Terror." Think. You are being manipulated.

A wise man once said, "For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?"


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