The Anti-Ethnostate

by Moriarty

10 May 2005

[From Instauration, August 1998]

A few weeks ago, a sign proclaiming, "Welcome to California -- The Illegal Immigration State" appeared on a billboard that greets visitors driving in from Arizona. The Illegal Immigration State: yes, that's one thing the former Bear Flag State, the erstwhile Golden State, has become. But -- for all the worthy intentions of the Coalition for Immigration Reform that erected the billboard -- illegal immigration is only one symptom of the underlying contagion.

Not too long after the sardonic sign went up, President Clinton came to California to give a speech. The nation's chief magistrate (and chief executive of its tattered immigration laws) chose the occasion to rhapsodize that California and four other U.S. states will soon enough have no majority race. That Clinton was celebrating the eclipse of America's beleaguered Majority -- the nation's founding and sustaining race -- doubtless came as no surprise to hardened Instaurationists. Nor should the fact that the President's hosannas to the Majority's dispossession came at the commencement festivities of a once great university, the intellectual, moral and physical architecture of which are entirely the work of the white race, have any special irony for us. All that's old hat.

What does pique some interest at the First Rogue's latest race rant is Clinton's unbridled (though no doubt expertly feigned) joy at the prospect that all too soon will not only the Majority no longer be the majority, but -- no race will! We are thereby given to believe that the resulting racial stew will serve not only the idol "diversity," but will somehow deter interracial naughtiness, from discrimination to anthropophagy to even a "Holocaust." The President, ably guided by his clever advisors, has proclaimed a new racial federalism that trumps the botched old design of the dead, white "Founding Fathers." He now prepares America for launch into the Millenium in all its rainbow-hued multiversity. So Clinton and his managers would have us nervous Caucasians not only believe, but celebrate with Dionysian transport.

California, by Clinton's lights, embodies the multiracial motley in all its majesty, with sizable minorities from all the major races. As any sentient white who lives amidst its mixed-race precincts knows, or any visitor soon apprehends, California is a congeries of mutually suspicious alien races, occasionally united by their envy and hatred of us palefaced longnoses. With a nod towards our editor's persuasive case for the Ethnostate, a homogeneous polity that sacrifices size and imperial aspiration to build instead on a kindred stock with a common ethos, California is the Anti-Ethnostate.

For all the garish colors and febrile vitality of the state's sprawling racial hubbub, what first strikes this former resident and recent visitor to the Anti-Ethnostate is the drabness, physical and spiritual, which rules the scene. Which is not to say that certain alien quarters are not without their charm or sometimes even their utility. As to nearly all the nonwhite neighborhoods, however -- black, brown, yellow, what have you -- only a sociologist could love them.

Worse still than the general dinginess (including the maraudings of nonwhite criminals) is the hypocrisy, moral and intellectual, which hovers, like the smog above Los Angeles, over all that touches public policy regarding California's transformation into the Third World. It will come as no surprise to readers of this column to be told that the chief villain here is neither the Mexican wetback nor the stowaway from South China nor even Snoop Doggy Dogg from South Central Los Angeles. The Majority's oppressor and grave digger in California, as elsewhere, is a media-financial-political colossus often steered, to be sure, by Jews, but heavily staffed, owned and run by whites.

Like its California predecessor of the 1880s, Frank Norris's railroad-banking-shipping "Octopus," today's ruling clique is in direct defiance of the wishes of most Californians, as exemplified by its successful campaign to make Proposition 187 a dead letter. Unlike the Octopus thought, today's unelected establishment seeks to dominate not straightforwardly through force and power, but through indirection, dissimulation and deceit. What is striking is how feline, deceitful, hidden, yet all-pervasive and unforgiving is the cabal that rules the Anti-Ethnostate.

Its chief local oracles, TV stations and newspapers, devote much of their energy to chastising white "racism." Not even death deters the furies of the Anti-Ethnostate from pursuing their quarry. Thus when baseball executive Al Campanis -- the Los Angeles Dodgers' man whose inopportune television sound bite on why he thought blacks couldn't manage in the big leagues made brief news a decade ago -- died last week, the Los Angeles Times headlined primly: "A Lifetime Destroyed by a Few Words." Soon enough, they'll demand the power to inscribe the "racists'" tombstones.

While the snide oracles of the race-destroying Leviathan spare no effort at crucifying any tattooed white jackanapes unwise enough to punch a Negro in the nose, they are no less bent on justifying, rationalizing, or -- best of all -- concealing the anti-white racialism of the miorities. Concealment, too, is deemed by California media best for every evidence of the interminority hatreds that fester and sometimes flare in the Anti-Ethnostate, to wit, the longstanding and often bloody strife between black and Mexican. If such unpleasant facts prove temporarily unconcealable, the prescribed response is a bout of soul-searching, hand-wringing "agonizing" -- concluded best of all by blaming Whitey.

It's crisis, though, that brings the minority-friendly Anti-Ethnostate media hydra to the summit of its powers of obfuscation. After Bill Cosby's son was shot dead (in circumstances still not entirely clarified, but that's another matter), the chief suspect proved to be a thuggish young white man with promisingly short hair. But soon enough, alas, Mikail Markhasev turned out to be a recent immigrant from the former Soviet Union who, together with his mother, gives every sign of being a bird of a feather with the vast gaggle of Russian Jews that have flocked to the Anti-Ethnostate in recent years. Did broadcast media or press let the least suspicion slip? Not on your life: their formula for Ennis Cosby's killer is "Ukrainian immigrant!"

Majorityites hightailing it out of the President's promised minority paradise (as so many Majorityites have been doing recently) will have, in exile from its oceans and its mountains, the luxury at least to wonder how they came to lose the Golden State, and perhaps to ruminate on when the glories of the Anti-Ethnostate will fasten on them in their new home.

No need to wonder, though, about a copy of the anti-immigration billboard if they're driving into Arizona. The illegals' representatives complained. They threatened boycotts of Best Western and Burger King, who advertised with the offending billboard's owners. The companies complied; the anti-immigration sign came down.


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