Race, Religion and the New Morality

by Jay Lock

12 May 2005

The destruction of the white race in America is being justified by a new, modern and now "postmodern" morality fueled in large part by emotional, hyperevangelical religion. Concurrently, and not coincidentally, this religion has also been the rabble-rousing fuel of all sorts of hucksters, frauds, revival circus freaks and social change agents.

Loosely termed this religion may be described as modern evangelicalism. Its roots go back to ancient times, to the Baal worship of the Canaanite-Jewish caravan merchants who borrowed bits of superstitious lore from their trading partners during their Levantine and Oriental excursions.

For a thousand years this civilization-leveling religion and its practitioners were cordoned off from the Aryan peoples and consequently had no impact upon the development of Western culture. Occasional thrusts into the cultural mainstream in the form of Gnosticism, Kabbalism, witchcraft and Satanism were beaten back, smoetimes by violent means. With the advent of the Protestant Reformation, the power of religion as a means of mass manipulation became apparent to all manner of little tyrants.

While the Reformation served to correct some of the abuses of the Catholic Church and to establish a new, more accessible Christian Church, it also set in motion the forces of atomism and sectarianism. Sects and cults set up shop in Munster, Germany, announcing the coming end of the world. This millennialism was borrowed from the fantastic rabbinical musings, which are today deemed the "wisdom" of the Talmud.

The evangelicals preached the necessity of rejecting life "in this world" and preparing for the next. This rejection of common sense and reality having little appeal to the German people, the evangelicals moved on. Many of their manipulative tactics, however, were taken up by opportunistic aristocrats, politicians and secret societies.

In the mid-19th century Charles Dickens looked over the Victorian London skyline and saw hundreds of spires and steeples of every religion then imaginable. Without the strict accountability and hierarchy found among the Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Catholics, evangelicals' excesses went unchecked. Millennialistic propaganda fed the kind of hysteria and emotionalism whipped up by roving, unattached preachers, who persuaded the masses to drastically alter their lives "for Christ."

In the U.S. the Protestant Puritans knew what would happen if the new religion invaded the land. They fired cannon shot at the Quaker ships as they sailed near the shore line. The Puritan posterity ultimately surrendered the cause to a U.S. Constitution that permitted freedom of religion and pluralistic universalism. The national motto of E Pluribus Unum was violated from the very beginning.

The religious universalists, from the Baptists and Brethren to the Quakers to the Universalist-Unitarians, decided that abolition of slavery was somehow to be found in scripture as God's will for America. As Otto Scott wrote in The Secret Six, the modern evangelicals made league with the country's first socialists and the radical Republicans. Setting the example for other civil institutions, Negroes were invited into these churches. A new morality was proclaimed throughout the land.

The new morality was the natural outcome of reckless religious revivals. Crowds engaged in extremes of frenzied behavior. Congregations barked and howled like dogs one moment, then fell en masse into a stupor. Believers were subjected to fits of emotional ecstasy. Musical shows with unintelligble lyrics anduncontrolled dancing became the order of the day. As might be expected in such an environment, there were all sorts of sexual byplay. Interracial sexual contact was said to demonstrate the new brotherhood of God's people.

The new morality trumpeted abolitionism, temperance and Prohibition, women's suffrage and feminism, free love and ultimately interracial marriage and Negro citizenship, as conferred by government, not by God, nature or heritage.

The dreadful "equality" and "independence" vicariously won for aliens within a nation not their own remains a unique feature in the history of government. Because of the nature of this victory the Negro race remains obligated to central government.

The vicarious victory for Negroes in the Civil War was only temporary. From the end of Reconstruction until 1954, the white majorities of the various states largely preserved their rights to self-government, that is, in what touched their families directly and what mattered most. Beginning in 1954, however, with the Brown v. Board of Education case permitting racial integration in public schools, central government began to assert special rights for blacks, ostensibly stemming from the gift of congressional citizenship granted them in the post-Civil War 14th Amendment.

Thurgood Marshall was the NAACP lead attorney in the Brown case. He argued it was emotionally destructive to black children to be educated apart from white children. His conclusion was bolstered by a study written by Negro sociologist Kenneth Clark, in which Negro children were said to prefer playing with white dolls. Subsequently the federal courts discovered that Clark's "study" was entirely fictional. Marshall's presentation was emotional, not factual, not legal and certainly not constiutional.

The Supreme Court adopted Marshall's findings as its basis for dictating racial integration. White mercy and magnanimity was, as always, played upon by shrewd minorities to wheedle yet another grant of privilege. Precedent was set fo rthe rule of law to be overturned by the new morality and its religious and political pluralism. The civil rights movement grew and marched forth under the banner of modern evangelicalism and the new morality.

Ours remains an era in which emotional pleas for "salvation" have been used by Negro reverends to plead for all manner of racial privilege. The conditioning of modern evangelicalism has induced people to shift their theocentric worship of God to the humanistic worship of "equality."

Just as importantly, the new morality has become the province of minority revolutionaries. The particular language of this religion is reserved for those showboaters who make public spectacles of racial "reconciliation" and "inclusiveness." Even in the debate concerning affirmative action and quotas, solipsistic, pandering "white" leaders do not refer primarily to the Constitution or history, but to the "intent" of the civil rights laws.

It's no coincidence that the 1960s witnessed the monstrous popularity of both the civil rights movement and religion in the form of Pentecostalism and other charismatic movements. One of the spinoffs of the evangelicals' religiosity after the Civil War, Pentecostalism was confined at first to Negro churches. By mid-20th century this voodoolike faith had swept all across America. Worshipping with negroes, in the Negro manner, was considered by modern evangelicals to be a "new dispensation" of the Holy Spirit. To oppose the Negro or interracialism is to oppose God. Messianic central government echoes this new morality.

The self-evident decline of Christianity in America has coincided with the rise of intrusive federalism and the public policy victories of the civil rights movement. Pollster George Barna found that 60% of self-professed Christians do not believe in absolute truth, while more than 95% believe in integrated worship services. No absolute truth means no moral absolutes and no racial absolutes. It's that simple.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians call telephone psychics for spiritual guidance, now a $300-million-a-year business. We know the stories of the Jimmy Swaggarts, the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakkers, the Robert Tiltons, Oral and son Richard with their 900-foot Jesus tower. Interracialists one and all, frauds one and all. With the possible exception of Oral Roberts, all have been tainted by sexual scandal. All have as their saint Michael King, aka Martin Luther King, adulterer, plagiarist and fellow traveler.

Despite, or perhaps because of, tyrannical enforcement, the failure of federally imposed "equality" was a given from the very outset. The experiment to uplift an entire race on the backs of the Majority has failed.

The new morality guided the formation of a virtually new nation unrecognizable to the Founding Fathers. Many scholars and historians are now admitting that the judicial decisions and legislation emanating from the civil rights movement were imposed on Americans against their express will and against the rule of law. The new morality has become the prevalent standard -- all law, natural law, constitutions, religion, history, science and self-government to the contrary be damned.

The race hucksters are revising their strategy in accordance with these new cnoditions. Now that the new morality is not just the de facto but the de jure means of toppling white society, Negro activists have been credentialed as white society's "moral supremacists."

The new morality works in only one direction, towards the condemnation of the white race. Destructive means are necessary and therefore moral, as Malcolm X held, because white supremacy so pervades America that all of white society must be eradicated, root and branch. The good news is that, finally, the minority revolutionaries are revealed to be barbarians. Their new morality is a sham. Their religion and the religion of their ostensibly white counterparts is false religion.

Is it too late for Majority members to be aware of this? Are they, like South African whites, too numb, too comfortable, too blind or too mentally stunted to act?

I listened the other day as Shawn Minton, a host on the syndicated Talk America Radio Network, delved into the subject of race and Clinton's commission on race. Minton, no different than a hundred other media folk, spouted the usual line about the color of people's skin not mattering, etc., etc. Whenever we listen closely to these types, we find multiple inconsistencies.

Minton argues that a contemplated national apology for slavery is not necessary, because it would be unfair to white people today. At any rate, an apology would not be enough. Only reparations would fill the bill. He makes no mention that reparations would also be unfair, as he nervously laughs and calls racially minded whites "hicks" who have "a 1910 mentality."

Minton was in over his head, as is anyone who is not staunchly moral, objective and supportive of his own white racial kindred. The redeeming feature of confronting people like him is that they eventually have to deal with their contradictions, which can only result in their coming over to our side, that is, if they are logical, moral and reasonable and not fully under the mesmerism of the new morality.

Those who change their thinking must agree with the immoral minority racial hucksters in one respect. In their claim that all white Americans are white supremacists, the racial hucksters are, surprise!, correct. American society was created to be a white society. Western ideals, creativity, values, norms, religion and institutions are indeed dominant in a white society because they are the inherent treasures bequeathed to us by the Founders. In making their new claim against white supremacy and white society as a whole, minority agitators hope to provoke the Majority's final downfall. They expect the minds of white Americans to be so thoroughly conditioned that they will give in supinely to all minority demands.

Until whites realize the truth that American society was to have been a white society and act upon this truth by renewing the vigor and supremacy of white institutions, they will continue to surrender their nation, bit by bit, until preachers of the new morality have gained complete control. In that day do not expect Christian mercy to prevail among our new rulers. The new national motto will be E Pluribus Nil.


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