The Northern Traditions

by Norton Higbee

11 January 2005

"The road goes ever, on and on, down from the door where it began..."

It's not my way to offend Christians who don't deserve it (many do), so I hope YOU won't take this the wrong way.

My opening line above comes from JRR Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings."

This Yuletide, I watched the recently filmed trilogy several times. I listened to the soundtrack incessantly. I'd read LOTR as a youngster (three times), but never felt more in touch with 'something' than now. One thing that seems very clear to me about the Biblical Lore of the semitic "G*d" of Abraham, an alleged 'deity' who behaves more like an evil spirit from nine time-zones away... the jew-based religion is very "real" (count all the dead bodies if you don't believe me), but it is not True.

On the other hand, Tolkien's fantasy world, while it's not exactly real, is most definitely True! It's True based upon it's being crafted by a scholar and artist well versed in the history, linguistics, and lore of the various Peoples who make up what you might now call the Northern Remnant. Tolkien knew what makes us tick. (Forget the fact that he was a Roman Catholic :-)

Forget that Tolkien's tale never happened; consider it instead as a framework upon which the man expounded and demonstrated the Ways of the Northern People. White people, in other words. Germanic people, if you want to be real technical -- and 'Germanic' includes not only nation-state "Germans" (a fairly modern development), but Angle Saxons, Scandinavians, Frisians, Dutch ( the 'low' Deutsch), and apparently many of the French and Celts as well. Canadians, Australians, Americans.... but I digress.

My mother had a degree in Christian Education from the Presbyterian Church (She worked as Director of Christian Education in a large church of that flavor, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, of all places.

I never believed the h*brew god was real. Not even at the age of 2-3. I also noticed that most of the self-styled pious didn't believe their god was real either. Maybe it was their behavior that gave them away.

Interestingly, while I didn't believe in YHVH and didn't give a hoot for Jesus, I did believe in the Tooth Fairy once I grew old enough to begin dropping baby teeth. Think about that, but bear with me a while.

I know a very good man who is of the Anabaptist Faith. In case you don't know, Anabaptists are people who descend from those who wanted out of Popism, but didn't find anything joy-inspiring about Calvinism, Lutheranism, or the any of other Protestant cults. As Christians go, Anabaptists tend to be good people; you might know some of them as Amish, Mennonites, and related sects. My friend and I chat now and then. He tells me how mankind is bad and sinful; I tell him he's wrong (just look in the mirror, I say). He talks apocalypse, I reply, "cycle." And so it goes. One of his big things is Loyalty and Morality. I tell him this didn't come from the 'middle east' (Western Asia), but from his Northern ancestors.

He doesn't believe me yet.

"They were barbarians," he replies. Sure, and you are a barbarian to the Chinese -- even those without indoor plumbing, forced air heating, or two automobiles! Barbarianism is in the eyes of the beholder. Germans were not Roman, hence the Roman called the German a 'Barbarian," as the Roman stuck his finger down his throat to make room for another helping of hummingbird tongue, before he left for the Coliseum (where "Virgins Raped by Zebras" was playing again).

"Christianity," the saying goes.... "what's good in it is not new; and what's new in it is not good." My Anabaptist friend doesn't believe me -- even though he knows all about the mass quantities of old Northern Heathen ways and customs grafted onto the 'Body of Christ," in order to fool the Northerners into converting (those who still wouldn't buy the rotten corpse were beheaded or in some other way slaughtered, or boycotted into near extinction).

Have you ever spent time as a young boy, catching a fly and pulling off one wing after another, followed by the legs? One by one? "What the heck happened to that darn fly?" you probably queried! It's much the same with Christianity.

Take Christmas, for example. There's nothing "Christian" in it except the nativity scene; and even most of the characters lurking there are frauds.

I won't complain here too much about Abraham's "god," because why give 'It' my energy? You are probably familiar with people who spend so much time "Hating" jews that for all practical purposes they are WORSHIPING that disagreeable semitic cult. And we all understand how people tend to become what we hate! Indeed, many world-class jew haters have taken on many very jewish behaviors. A pox on both their houses and let it go at that.

That said, If you've never read it, you really need to read the hateful book of Joshua, in the so-called Old Testament. You just read it and see: God's beloved co-pilots were candidates for the label, "kike," long before they took up the practice of downgrading 'Euro-centric' culture and promoting "Hate Whitey" rap-music among the descendents of the Negro slaves they peddled on this continent.

So, what do I propose?

I must suggest something better, right? If I'm going to criticize and tear down?

I have Three words for ye:

The Northern Traditions.

I might have said 'Odinism," but Odin is not the only Northern God. I might have said "Asatru," a truly nifty Real alternative religion, grown now large from a tiny remnant of un-wiped Heathen in Iceland. But there are too many Asatrur mincing around chanting a mantra of "we don't hate anybody; all are welcome; we are universalists!" Meanwhile, these reprobates downgrade and threaten those of their Northern Kindred who are savvy and nervy enough to point out the enemy and his works. The works, after all, expose the enemy as the enemy; if the works "worked" otherwise, the enemy might be a friend, eh? But they don't work otherwise and many he-man Asatrue types don't have the balls to face the truth.

So I won't call it Asatru, either. Let's just leave it at The Northern Traditions. Oh, if you have a 'thing' about bugging 'xtians,' then feel free to call it Heathenism (a good Northern word, by the way).

What! Paganism? Have I lost my mind, you ask? Not exactly. First, here's a slap on the wrist because pagan is a Latin term for "hillbilly."

Heathen! There's a difference (you look it up).

I will admit that when I first learned about the resurgence of the Northern Gods and Traditions, I was unimpressed. After all, I'd learned the runes at an early age. I used them for secret notes in elementary school. But give lip-service to a gang of somewhat kooky old 'Gods?" No thanks! That was my first impression and it lasted quite a while.

As one who had, by some 'miracle,' managed to avoid becoming a victim of the big hebrew 'God," I had been very careful to avoid all the smaller hebrew gods. Hey, I'm not going to worship ANY foreign so-called God; I don't care if he's hanging on a cross.... or hanging on the news rack next to the checkout counter; or hanging out down at Moe's House of Hip Hop. I'm not buying it. In fact, I stopped following "television" the season they took "My Favorite Martian" off the air, many years ago, way before it dawned on me that Mrs. Browne was a jew (along with Gladys Kravitz in the original "Betwitched").

The last thing I thought I needed was some tired old religion, even if it was supposedly the Way of my remote ancestors. So I ignored The Northern Traditions for years, while they proliferated all over the Internet.

In the meantime, I had examined -- just out of interest, mind you -- the cultural beliefs, myths, and odd lore of many foreign cultures, not all of them White. Many are very interesting, but none drew me to the point where, say, I'd want to dress up in odd garb and pretend to be something I'm not.

Recently, by a roundabout way, I began reading more and more about The Northern Traditions, as certain things happened in my life; and as other things happened in the world about me, causing me to think more and take more notice of these Things.

Slowly (no flash of inspiration here), it dawned upon me that everything I have always valued and all the ways by which I have always tried to live are encompassed in The Northern Traditions. You name it. Trust, Loyalty, Honor, Bravery, Intelligence, and love of Knowledge and Wisdom, it's all there. Valuing one's ancestors and heritage, to boot. Patriotism, in the true sense of the word? You bet!

What about these so-called Gods? Well don't leave out the Goddesses. And by the way, it's said that a religion without a Goddess is half way to atheism, surely a nasty place to spend the nicht!

In truth, the Northern Gods and Goddesses are not 'worshipped' in the Christian manner of cringing, pleading self-debasement. They are considered more as Elder Kindred and are served more by acts than by words. Acts as in striving to follow Nine Northern Virtues and other worthwhile character-building endeavors. There are also not exactly Priests, Priestesses, or Holy Men, though there ARE some adherents and devotees with more advanced or even 'mystical' knowledge and practice. But it's up to you. You can learn and live as a Northern Man or Woman; and you may do it alone, or you may join with others. It's completely your choice. Some may conceive of the Gods as more or less real; others see them as purely symbolic. And there's a definite case to be made for the Northern Gods as a genetic reflection of the qualities and traits of we Northern Folk.

Don't worry too much about prudes or hypocrites, either. Northerners take Oaths most seriously and most don't hold with philandering, nevertheless Freyja, one of the more important Goddesses, once spent the night with four dwarves (one night to each) in exchange for a priceless necklace that caught her fancy. She's also wont to travel about in a cart drawn by cats, teaching the secret womanly arts (and maybe sex-magick too). But you'd better not criticize her -- best mind your own business because Freyja is not only the Goddess of Love, she is also a Goddess of War, riding onto the field atop a huge wild pig, named Hildisvine (Battle-swine). Maybe that's why the jews hate pigs so.

Freyja is also known for her wisdom and common sense. She advised her Frisian children to avoid intermarriage with Blacks and Asians (the people of Lyda and Finda), but commanded that they not be harmed unduly. Help them, even, should they ask you, Freyja bade her people, "but if they come to reave (plunder), fall upon them with lightning fire." It doesn't get more Real than that!

And the Northern Way of "Deeds Not Words" should tend to keep it real. If you're at all interested in this, you'll need to read much more than these few words to find out what you need to know. Then you'll need to live it, but if you are like many of us, you have been living it all your life, without quite knowing why.

Again, I don't want to disparage Christians who don't deserve it, but I will chide them for following alien Gods. When you worship your enemy, you are defeated, as one savvy old man once put it. As for all you millions of 'sitting on the fence' Christians... all you who so want to believe, yet have never felt quite at home within the semitic sheep's fold, you should consider that all the Morality you so admire is to be found within The Northern Traditions. Indeed, that was its source (I'll include Links after I have my say).

There are many Northern Gods besides Freyja and Odin, who are probably the two best known and most popular. There are even two basic kinds of Gods, or clans of Gods. The Aesir are the more modern Gods and Goddesses. The Vanir date back to pre-agricultural times. The Aesir are considered more warlike and the Vanir more nature loving and peaceable (but don't cross them; Freyja is Vanir). Then there is a whole kitten caboodle of folklore that was saved from the bonfire under the guise of "fairy tales" (Grimm's, et al). Giants, Elves, Dwarves and the like! So it's a large tent with no existing rules-oriented hierarchy of hypocrites.

Finally, if you are on one hand interested, yet you are so judaized that a Holy Book you must have, The Northern Traditions have just what you've been looking for. Runes! The Northern Character Set! No easy-reading put-together book of fabulous fables here, in which the words are age-old revealed doctrine, which you must obey or be damned. No way! YOU take the Runes, which have deep, diverse and ever more convoluted layers upon layers of meaning; YOU learn about them; and then YOU use them to allow the Northern Gods and Goddesses to reveal some words and ideas to YOU: words, wisdom, and ideas that will have relevance in YOUR life; and which YOU will need to learn to ponder and understand. Difficult as it may seem at first, I think you'll eventually see that it's a pretty sweet swap for your favorite jewish fairy-story book!

Did I say there is no canting, ordained clergy of hypocrites in The Northern Way? Yes, I did. Here's something else: Northern-oriented people often strive to come together with their Kindred and form communities and work groups, large and small, with women and children and oldsters. Real communities. Lots of them! Usually self-directed and successful. And that's something no goofy 'White Power' group has ever come close to, so if you've ever looked into that can of worms, maybe you ought to give The Northern Traditions a chance!

Hildisvine lives!



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The above are links to the most informative set of articles I have found to date. Otherwise, there is a huge pile of similar material on the Net, so search at Google or your favorite search engine. Don't fret much about whether or not a site adheres to your opinions on the race issue, most sites contain at least some good info, if only to show you the wide and "diverse" range of people (who are almost all White, as much as that makes some of them uneasy) involved in The Northern Traditions!

All in all, this is one Hel of a Healthy development!

"Semitic-Free Zone" (yes, that includes MohamMADans).


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