jEW CHERTOFF -- Amerikwa's neo-Stalinist Totalitarian Dictator

by Henry R.

12 March 2005


(What's below is not serious. Pure amusement, take it as an uninformed joke. Read its entirety as a Jonathan Swift farce. Each and every word should be independently verified by the reader.)

I will summarize broad content. 20th Century Euro/American and Soviet history. It's really a single history with a common thread -- jew tribal-racial supremacy -- it's the history of dual-passport, shape-shifting jew tribal supremacists shuttling back and forth between two geographic poles.

It's the history of alien oriental jews destroying and systematically genociding vast White populations in Russia (Europe, Eastern Europe) and America. It's about jew engineered WW1 and WW2 that eliminated 100,000,000 actual living, breathing White Men, and forever denied their potential progeny.

Sinister murdering jew semites kicked out of Russia rule Amerikwa today.

In a recent dramatic reversal, a genetic White Man, Vladimir Putin, at least to a measured degree, governs Russia for White Man, while under severe stress from racial tribal jew semites who have recently transplanted themselves to Amerikwa.

Here's how it is, and how it fits together. Here's where we are.

For the real Leopold von Ranke out there, here are the broad brush parameters and the general background necessary to flesh out all the nasty historical details.


Part jew Stalin presided over the perfect jew "democracy". There was 100% participation in every Soviet election -- every single "qualified" voter of the USSR voted. And, every White Man slave to the jews in the Soviet Union voted for the jew Commie Party nominee and jew Stalin. Why? Because they were scared shitless by threat of the gulag or of death to do otherwise.

Amerikwa today: Vote! Vote! Vote! You vote for one of two parties -- in fact, you vote for one of the two faces of the same jew party. Why? Because, you have no other "Politically Correct" option, and because soon-enough you will be scared shitless to do otherwise. Amerikwa has already progressed 90% toward its own perfect jew Soviet "democracy".


In the Soviet Union, the "elected" official was not the location of real power. The Politburo was the singular real place of top-down absolute totalitarian power. The "elected" Commies were sinecures who rubber stamped the Politburo. Who was the Politburo? It was a cabal of jews, a jew mafia family in actual complete, totalitarian control of every aspect of Russian White Man's existence. The KGB (the Soviet equivalent of Amerikwan "Homeland Security") was the fist -- the enforcer -- of jewish supremacy in Russia. The semitic non-White jew-tribe-cult-race used their absolute totalitarian KGB-thorough terror dominance to murder 40,000,000 racially White Russians. Russians got wise -- many jews have been forced out of Russia, White Man Putin is in. These same, formerly Russian-located jew racial semites, now reside in, and control Amerikwa.

During the jew fabricated Cold War, historians developed a workable methodology to analyze Soviet "democracy" -- to figure out what was really going on (the grey secrets) in the Soviet Union's perfect "democracy". It was called "Kemlinology". Instead of looking at the elected rubber stamps, "Kremlinologists" examined individual jews in the ruling Politburo, and looked to the Party Congresses and Conferences for clues. Who was standing next to Stalin, on which side. Who was fourth removed on his right side. Who sat on the selection committee for speakers at the Party Congresses? If you followed these developments in detail and put together all the clues you could gain a rough idea of which jews were actually pulling the levers of power and setting the policies.

Then if you researched these particular jews with real control, closely monitored their contacts, their minutest action or statement, you could acquire useful insights as to what direction the Soviet Union was headed.

The Neo-con (neo-Stalinist jew) gatherings of Former Soviet Union jews in Amerikwa, the AIPAC Conferences, the JINSA Conferences, the ADL Conferences, the JDL Conferences are Amerikwa's equivalent to the various jew Soviet Party Conferences and Congresses. It's precisely the same tribal jewish mafia organized the same way, acting precisely in the same manner. These jew Party Congresses are where the Amerikwan jew "democracy" carefully qualifies and promotes those who are to be its leaders, and, most importantly, anoints that one individual jew who will be their ultimate final supreme power-broker, their Grand Inquisitor, their Stalin.

jew Sharon said "Don't worry about the Americans, jews run America, and the Americans know it."

Yes. BUT, WHICH JEW IN PARTICULAR COMMANDS MULTI-RACIAL AMERIKWA TODAY. WHO IS AMERIKWA'S TOTALITARIAN DICTATOR? WHO IS AMERIKWA'S STALIN? Who sets in motion the tribe, the hive, who is the top jew. jew AIPAC and jew JINSA elevated Bush to the Amerikwan Presidency. They "elected-appointed" "useful idiot" Bush (Lenin's own fitting term), but peeling back one more layer of the jewish onion, they "encouraged" the "useful idiot" to appoint as Homeland Security Chief, jew Chertoff. jew Chertoff is Bush's overseer-manager, jew Chertoff is now "King of the jews". He directs Bush, he commands Amerikwa. He is Amerikwa's KGB enforcer-chief and the final ultimate power-broker of the jew World Order.


"Homeland Security" is "protection" for the jew mafia to operate in all spheres of Amerikwan life unchallenged and unimpeded.

Much is made of the fact that jews own 90% of the Amerikwan media, that jews, Perl and Wolfowitz et al, direct Amerikwan foreign policy. While this is true it obscures the hugely more profound fact that jews permeate all Amerikwan political and economic institutions and in a coordinated fashion direct them to a common purpose. Simply enough, jews run and direct both the foreign and domestic agenda in Amerikwa for the benefit of their criminal enterprises, and ultimately to enable them to implement their genocidal "all-brown" designs on the White race.

White Man. Did you know that jew former Commie KGB Chief Yevgeny Primakov was last year feted in Amerikwa, that he is on retainer to the Amerikwan government, paid with Amerikwan tax dollars, that he was "retained" to design your Soviet-style "internal passport"?

Homeland Security, the Amerikwan KGB, will be the oversight agency, the holding company for all the other combined jewish mafia agencies. The Amerikwan jew Grand Inquisitor, the jew mafia tribal chief will operate out of the Office of Homeland Security.

The Chief of Amerikwa's (in fact, the jews) Homeland Security is the head of Amerikwa's Politburo, is America's Stalin, is Talmudic jew Michael Chertoff, arrived from Russia.

So for you new Kremlinologists who want to know what is going on in Amerikwa, find out everything you can about jew Chertoff.


Remember Arnold in "Predator"? "Who are you? Where did you come from?" It's about your immutable inbred predatorial jew semite DNA, jew Chertoff.

jew Chertoff, you are of genetically inbred semitic alien parentage which first sneaked into White Man Russia, then your semitic parents sneaked you from Russia into MY America's back door. You are not a Russian, you are not an American, jew Chertoff -- you're just another itinerant alien semitic jew with forged papers. You are not White Man. You are genetically, immutably, racially, an alien semitic tribal jew, yet today you command White Man America.

From earliest childhood a trained "in the blood" "Talmudic scholar," son of a Rabbi, you, jew Chertoff. A Talmudic "kill all the best goyim" "scholar" from birth.

Though you now would like to conceal it, your wife is a former ADL Director, a director of the convicted felons at ADL, organized to promote-"protect" brutal jew rapist-murderers of young White women, and spies on Americans.

You single-handedly released your genetic tribal-brother jew spies "home free" to Israel after their highly successful 9/11 job, their monumental hit on America fully accomplished.

Shabbos goys Bush et al are your submissive clients. They were hand-picked by your tribe to carry its water.

WORLDWIDE jEWRY HAS APPOINTED YOU THE "GRAND INQUISITOR" OF THE AMERIKWAN "DEMOCRACY," the mover and shaker of state control, while your parasitic tribe sucks Amerikwa dry and genocides the despised White Race. The jOG-bought pensioned cowering whores in the Senate approved you 98 to 0. You got 'em all by the balls, don't you jewboy?

jEWBOY CHERTOFF, your tribe enslaves my people just as they formerly enslaved Russians, MY PEOPLE ENSLAVED solely for the pleasure and benefit of your White-murdering genocidal tribe.

JEW MICHAEL CHERTOFF, Amerikwa's Totalitarian Dictator.




Watch the AIPAC, the JINSA, the ADL, the JDL Party Congresses. Who are the speakers? More importantly, who is picking the speakers, who is writing their speeches. Who is seen whispering what to whom? What is said by being unsaid?





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