Defeating the Lying Kikes and Their Anti-Aryanism

by Max Hadden

8 September 2005

What we watched happening in New Orleans is nothing new to those of us who have been awakened to the lie of racial equality. Black people behaving like...Africans. Bah, what else is new? But Katrina gives us another opportunity to reach Whites who start asking questions and seek the truth. The situation is different from the L.A. riots because in this case there is no excuse for the idiot blacks in New Orleans to justify their behavior. There is no video footage of a Rodney King being beaten up by cops. Of course, what our brainwashed reporters, journalists, and political commentators will do with this event is use it to advance the anti-Aryan agenda of their Jewish masters. It is the Zeitgeist created by the same Jews who are the owners, editors, producers, and writers of American mass media and who have spewed their anti-Aryan venom for decades. To hell with fighting "anti-Semitism." We must defeat anti-Aryanism if we are to save our race. We must defeat the lying kikes.

A brief aside before I continue... The occasional passerby to VNN will write us a letter saying, "You guys don't back up anything you say with proof." And of course, this is laughable and absurd. I wish that the people who believe that our opinions are somehow less worthy would hold to the same standards of evidence everyone else that opens his piehole. Over the years I've sat through many hours of university classes and heard the most outrageous anti-White or anti-Hitler claims and lies by Jewish, African, and feminist "professors," and for some reason they were never challenged to come up with "proof" by a single student. No one ever asked the teacher making anti-Hitler statements if they had read Mein Kampf and could quote it in context. Besides, as a teacher at the Johns Hopkins once said, "I don't teach anyone anything. Everyone teaches themselves." Meaning that from your own observations, studies, and reflections, you have to think for yourself. What we say reflects reality.

Lessons in Reality

The first thing one should ponder when seeing the television coverage of Black looters is, are we living in Nigeria or the U.S.? Is that flooded city Mogadishu or New Orleans? Of course, the answer is somewhere in between. It is both part of Africa and part of America. It is neither one nor the other. And who do we have to thank for all this? We all know, or should know, that the Africans were bought to our country by Jews (Aaron Lopez, et al). It is a fact that 76% of Jewish households owned slaves while only 31% of White families did, as Prof. Tony Martin of Wellesley college has pointed out. The "Civil War" is a long topic and I'm not going to get into it here, but the fact that remains that the niggers wouldn't be in this country if it wasn't for Jews. The question, "What the hell are these ugly, violent, and stupid Africans doing in New Orleans?" will NEVER be posited or answered in any way by our politically correct news reporters on television or anywhere else it really matters.

Racially awakened people can already guess how this story will play out in the mass media. Anti-Aryan politics will kick into full gear as our self-appointed authority figures, experts, and political commentators will fabricate numerous reasons to blame White people. This Pavlovian reaction is easy to predict when you understand the world we live in. Diehard Liberals who are afraid to face the Jewish problem will ask: Where is Louisiana's National Guard? Oh, they're fighting Bush's war in Iraq. Why are they fighting Bush's war in Iraq? Because Bush is a racist who hates Arabs and a greedy oil millionaire. Nonsense. Yes, he's a silver-spooned idiot, and yes, our troops are in Iraq for no good reason, but Bush is not a racist and to claim otherwise is absurd.

Keep in mind that many years ago the "hate the rich" revolutionary politics of the Jew Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" variety was flamed by Jewish Communists in Mexico, Russia, and other nations. We already have the tall tales explaining that the reason the Blacks in New Orleans behave so badly is because of their poverty. This is most assuredly White people's fault again as we will be blamed for the poor condition of Black schools and not educating them enough. The fact that Blacks have low IQs and higher testosterone levels apparently has nothing to do with it. We must not let the Jew Moore's anti-Aryan mythology take root. His ultimate aim is to blame Whites and "racism" for everything that's allegedly our fault in America and Iraq so that we'll say, "OK! We give in! Us White males are just too damn dumb to run our country! Here, you take the reins." Which is the final step needed for our national sovereignty to be handed over to the New World Order Jewish globalists.

Typical Nigger Behavior

Wasting more money and labor trying to educate the ineducable Negros is a waste of time. Our "authority figures" expect us to believe that enough Miracle Grow poured on a daisy will eventually turn the negro into a rose. We at VNN and other race-conscious organizations know the New Orleans debacle is TNB, or typical nigger behavior. I'm sure it'll also be accompanied by TJB, typical Jewish behavior vis-a-vis internet sites and organizations with titles such as "New Orleans Disaster Fund" will pop up bilking altruistic White suckers out of their hard-earned cash which will swiftly disappear into a Jew's wallet.

The scariest thing about the New Orleans mess is that the same sort of savagery -- Africans looting, raping and murdering -- can occur in any major city in the U.S. given the right ecological circumstances. N.Y., L.A., Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and D.C. are just a few of our cities that could easily "go native." But why are Africans even living in Louisiana? Wasn't that area a French colony at one time? If the stupid nogs in Louisiana were in the Sahara, they wouldn't have to worry about hurricanes and we wouldn't have to worry about them. Their fate in Africa would not be our concern. We have to send rescue missions to save spooks here in America because they are physically here. And as long as they're here, we'll always be subject to the Black monkey on our back. God help us when we run out of bananas.

In a nation that is racially homogenous, the violence done to our people by the Black savages in New Orleans would not be possible. Nor would it be possible for there to be any claims about White "racism." It would be impossible for Whites to be blamed for the plight of these stupid groids if we were not living together. Racial tensions, conflicts and false accusations would not exist. It's that simple. A few White people out there want real answers and real solutions. We have them. Whether they can "handle the truth" about racial realities, is not our problem. In the Germanic spirit of honesty and frankness, we speak out for the truth no matter how much it hurts our fellow Whites' feelings. As former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky once asked, if your son had a drug problem, wouldn't you tell them? Or would you believe that you shouldn't point out his problem because, "He won't like me if I tell him?"

I admonish all of you to point out TNB and TJB or any other idiocy as often as possible to everyone you know wherever you are so that reality sinks in. It may take time, but even a dripping faucet will fill a bathtub. Just part of the truth can lead to the whole truth eventually.

Death by Numbers

Of course we've all heard to our dismay the recent news that another American state has a non-White majority. Although this is the result of our open borders policy with Mexico among other stupidities, a recent report indicates that Whites are having 1.25 children on average. That means that out of 20 couples only 5 have 2 children, the other 15 have a single child. This means that the number of White couples for the next generation has been reduced by 37.5% on average. Forty Whites have produced only 25 White children. The replacement level for 20 couples needs to be 2.0 children per couple assuming 50/50 distribution of male and female. In other words, for every man and woman that exists right now: each man and wife must have 2 children in order for our numbers to remain the same. And what is the percentage of Whites on planet Earth? Only about 10%. So only 1 in every 10 humans is a Caucasian. We are the minority.

Since Whites are not reproducing enough to replace the last generation, there will be no next generation. White people will go extinct. It is inevitable. Even if we reached the 2.0 replacement level, we can't assume that 40 White children will NOT miscegenate in our Jew-created Marxist and cosmopolitan societies. In the anti-racist and multicultural nations that we live in, a large percentage of our White females WILL miscegenate, thereby stopping the continuance of the White genes in their family. It kills White genes. Race mixing, primarily by White females, is on the rise and not just with African males, but Mestizo and Asian males too. This must stop if we are to survive as a people. And what it takes is balls. Courage. Bravery. Don't fear the smear, "anti-Semite." Screw'em. These are serious stakes we're talking about here: the end of the White race.

Criminal Leadership

A nation's leaders are supposed to be the guiding light of the people and lead them in the proper direction. We have to have a national goal, best embodied by a natural leader, leading us into a fruitful future. Otherwise the people are like a ship with no navigator, wandering aimlessly. Lost. When you don't have a destination, any port will do. The navigators at the helm of the USS America continue to lead us into death and destruction. The charts they go by were created by Jews and are comprised of: the mass media world of news and entertainment including MTV with its nigger music, the anti-Aryan false history taught in our educational institutions and cable television programs, and the globalist, Marxist, Communist, Capitalist, and Imperialist agenda of the Neocons -- Jews -- and their brethren in our government and everywhere.

White children are taught in schools that their forefathers were evil slaveowners, murdered "innocent" American Indians, wrongfully imprisoned "Japanese-Americans" in concentration camps, and -- the worst of all White nationalities, the Germans -- roasted 6 million blameless and inoffensive Jews in "gas ovens" because of their religious beliefs. The importance of the way White history is portrayed is the long term effect it has not only on our White children, but their non-White classmates as well. White children hate themselves, while non-White children are taught to hate Whites. This is one reason why political prisoner Ernst Zundel said that teaching the "Holocaust" hoax to school children is child abuse. What could be more evil than for children to be taught to hate their own people?

What you will never hear from the one-eyed Jew box in your living room is that the reason Third Reich Germany and Hitler are the most demonized topics on this planet is because they understood the Jews for the lying, mass murderers, race-destroying nation-wreckers that they are and kicked most of their asses out of the country so they could do no harm. The biggest sins that Adolf Hitler committed was the idea that his nation's people should work for themselves and not for the Jews, that money or gold wasn't the most important thing in the world, and that the Jewish international, Communist -- read globalist -- swindlers of the Soviet Union would not overrun Europe. He defended our race. When will you keyboard commandos out there do the same? Get active in any way you can. Connect your words composed of electrons in cyberspace to the real word outside your front door. Even just attending a demonstration or rally means you've done something rather than nothing.

Whites are going extinct. The society and culture that we are living in has become anti-Aryan to the point that our extinction is inevitable without serious changes. White women at work in an office, instead of being mothers at home, is a Jewish feminist's wet dream. The White children who are born are taught to hate themselves. Our females told to mate with non-Whites the Jews have brought into our homelands. These non-Whites are portrayed as cool and loving, and not "racist" or evil, like the imaginary White male image the kikes have created. What does it matter how good our educational institutions are if they will end up going to Mestizos? We'd like to think our labor is for our kids, but we are really working for non-Whites who are replacing us in our own countries and the Jews who run things behind and in front of the scenes. We need to get off this suicide mission by replacing our criminal leadership with healthy White racist leadership as soon as possible.

The Children Revolt

Many of our children turn to deviant behavior ( and even other cultures to escape their own allegedly "White" culture. Actually, IT IS NOT OUR culture that they see every day, but Jewish fronts masquerading as reality. The Hollywood Nazis and the evil White slaveowners of "Roots," the ignorant Archie Bunkers and toothless KKK clansmen, the lying and hypocritical televenagelists and pedophile priests, and a rich, White elite running an oil greedy government. Our kids instinctively try to escape this fictitious Jewish manufactured image of our White society by entering the Goth underworld, or the MTV multicultural, anti-racist culture, or by taking drugs, or joining the Japanimation scene.

Incidentally, Japanese anime is not wholly negative as the Nips, whom I have great respect for, as did Rockwell and Pierce, love to draw Caucasian heroes. However, one bad element continues to rear its ugly head. A lot of Japanese fiction has story elements that remind the viewer of the dangers of nuclear weapons. An understandable topic given what happened to them in the Second World War by the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons -- the good old U.S. of A. This is another negative image that fits the Jewish Aryan stereotype of the warmongering and "racist" White man. I wonder how the Japs would feel if that kike Edward Teller would have gotten his wish to drop his powerful hydrogen bomb on them. Would they blame the kikes? I've heard Teller's been in a bad mood ever since his missed opportunity to test his invention on human beings. Sick bastard. But this anti-Aryan belief that Whites are warmongerers and are proud of Hiroshima is very wrong and harmful. Lest we forget, that kikenvermin FDR provoked Japan into war. The sad truth is that for the greater part of America's history our presidents have not represented White people or their interests.

Our kids seek alternative cultures because they have no White culture. The White culture children hear about, usually circa 1950s, has been replaced with the "American," actually Jewish, culture of anti-Aryanism: a plethora of sitcoms containing constant sexual innuendos and stupid White characters who are Jewish. Look at the writers, the producers, and in many cases the actors. They are nearly all Jews. And why should our children want to preserve the faux "White culture" presented on television and in the classroom when it's always portrayed as negative? Why would they want to preserve the White race, when there's nothing good to preserve? The answer is obvious -- if they believe what they see and hear, they will think all races are equal, but Jews are the best. And so they adopt anti-Aryan, racially destructive and genocidal Jewish attitudes toward their own people. A few cultural events every year, St. Patty's Day celebrations and the like, can not compete with the constant anti-Aryan political propaganda vomited by the mass media, taught in our schools, and preached in many churches. And they say "anti-Semitism" is a problem! BIG LAUGH. Wish that it were.

The false reality that our children believe is the truth - hurts. And they seek to escape it in the same manner as many: by avoidance or by joining the great anti-Aryan crusade. In some cases this takes the form of an anti-Christian crusade because Judeo-Christianity has both positive and negative values and makes such an easy target. We White parents and "adults," and I use the term loosely, have failed to provide our children with the correct culture. What's infinitely worse is that we let the Jews define our culture for us. We have no White leaders pushing healthy White cultural values for our kids to believe in, and the first step in rebuilding a White society is to denounce and destroy the Jewish culture that prevails. We have to wreck the anti-Aryan establishment by becoming anti-Semitic, and by that I mean anti-Jewish.

The Authoritarian Method

The idea that children have rights is utter stupidity. Children need to be protected, not turned loose or given the "freedom" to do what they want. The reason is simple: because in their inexperience and innocence they will hurt themselves. It is impossible for an adolescent to have an adult's wisdom. They are not born with it. They must learn it. And it takes many years. Our kids are expecting us to protect them. They trust us. We let them down if we do not protect them from themselves or from bad adults, like the White leaders in our governments and Jews. Even when they are not our own kids, just like school teachers are in loco parentis, all adults in a healthy and homogenous society have an obligation to look after the well being of the young. Until they become adults we must be the adults for them.

At what age a child becomes an adult is debatable. It generally varies slightly from person to person, but should ultimately be based on science and not on speculation, religious beliefs, or general moralizing by the ignorant. William Galey Simpson discusses biological factors extensively in Which Way Western Man and I defer to his experience lest I behave immaturely myself. It takes an adult to admit that someone else is in fact more talented or knowledgeable than one's self. This can be called modesty or maturity, but is equably definable as: recognition of reality and natural inequalities and acceptance of it. The masses of White people need to grow up.

The masses are like children and require authority. This is not the authority of tyrants who want their selfish desires fulfilled -- another term in office, some particular legislation, or short-term financial gain, etc. -- but the authority of a fatherly sense that is FOR the people. The father of the family has only the best in mind for his wife and children. This is the type of authoritarian state that the Germans had in the Third Reich. Hitler was the father of his people in every sense. This is what is needed for all races in all nations on this planet. It's a law of Nature and not a man-made contrivance used to wield power irresponsibly. Alpha males exist.

As an authority figure, the values that are in the best interests of the people should be promoted: family values, healthy lifestyles and the importance of race and its product: culture. Smoking tobacco products is a perfect example of how children and the masses hurt themselves. If anyone were today to attempt to sell a product that scientific data shows kills over 50% of the people who use it, our government would not allow it to be sold. But since we have the frog-in-hot-water scenario and a government that is in bed with greedy Capitalists, high school kids continue to puff cigs in designated smoking areas and die a slow death.

The "buyer beware" warning is not the appropriate way to protect the consumer. Anyone who believes in it IS NOT FOR the people and is probably of the greedy Capitalist or Libertarian mindset. The consumer is the people. The consumer, the worker, the public, the masses are all one and the same, and the responsibility of our authority figures who should only be the elite. A society that allows "buyer beware" to be the standard is granting a license to murder. It's very important that the public are protected from the small number of lying and malevolent entrepreneurs who are trying to make a fast buck by selling miracle potions and other fraudulent products. Psychic hotlines are as good for the people as the fortune teller at the carnival. Meaning, not at all. Such concepts are not tyranny when they are obviously more humane.

Let's not lie to ourselves and believe the "evil White men" stories that are put out by the Jews and their brainwashed or whacko allies. That idiot known as "Dubya" in the White House does not know or understand the least bit about National Socialism and it's ludicrous to believe he's a White racist who's part of a Skull and Bones secret "Nazi" society and Illuminati conspiracy. Bush is a Jewish puppet who does what his masters tell him to do. He has been brainwashed by the kikes' anti-Aryan propaganda, and makes the normal, healthy, anti-Jewish, White racist look bad. I guarantee you he is honestly and truly anti-"Nazi" and therefore anti-White. Our nation's policies toward Iraq and Palestine are the result of Jewish supremacist control, not of a National Socialist ideal or healthy White racism.

For the People, Not for the Cause

The true National Socialist, White Nationalist, White racist, or whatever you want to call him or her, does not follow a cause blindly and without understanding. The Marxists, feminists, Communists, Capitalists and other Jew-indoctrinated groups do. They will fight and fight for "diversity," "female equality," "liberation of the workers," or "free trade" without thinking through what it means. All of their ideologies are against Nature and ultimately destructive to their own people. They follow the cause rather than what's good for the people because they truly believe -- at least the non-Jewish ones -- that their cause IS good for the people, when actually the opposite is true. On the other hand, a true racist only works for what's good for his race and ultimately ALL humanity. This doesn't mean brainwashing or programming with lies and persuasive rhetoric. All one need do is understand reality and the laws of Nature. Nature is our reality and science explains nature best, not pseudoscience dictated by Jewish "intellectuals."

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that racism, as defined by Jews, is the problem when healthy racism, as defined by White separatists, is the solution. Bush does not represent White people or their interests. He represents Jewish interests. In fact, one can safely say that this nation's policies have not worked for White interests in at least the last hundred years, probably longer. Any sympathy that I have for the plight of Africans suffering in Louisiana is overshadowed by my empathy with my White kin who have suffered at their hands. Just like one can safely say that the Bolshevik Communist Revolution would not have been possible without the Jews who lead it, neither would the looting, raping, and murders in the Big Easy have occurred if our "colored equals" from the Congo weren't running amok in what is their natural behavior. The fact is that the Blacks would not exist in great numbers in a former French colony of the US if racists were in charge of this country. And the fundamental fact is that niggers would not be in this country if Jews hadn't brought them here.

Propaganda and Why They Do It

If one still doesn't understand the importance of the mass media to our struggle, they should ask themselves why the U.S. military places priority on destroying the television and radio stations, and the newspaper and book publishers when they invade other countries, such as Iraq. It's not to destroy communications as civilian and military infrastructures are always separate. The reason they destroy the propaganda outlets is because they work. And usually against the invading enemy and for the people of that country. I say usually, because the kike-dominated Soviet Union was certainly working against the Russian people. And what was this whole "re-education" and "de-nazification" program dumped on the Germans after WWII? Our government knows the power of mass media, yet they allow the mass media here to promote anti-Aryanism.

So when one discovers that Jews are responsible for so many problems, a natural question to ask is, "Why do they do it?" Well, the answer to that is in Dr. Pierce's speech titled, "Why Do They Do It?" here ( and is also explained in Kevin MacDonald's books, but the short answer is very simple: the White race is a threat to the Jews whenever we have racial solidarity. In a multicultural society, the Jews just blend in with the rest of the "tolerated." Jews use their money and ethnic networks within White societies to gain control and give their relatives important positions to make us ALL, White and non-White gentiles alike, do their bidding. They instinctively knew the power of the mass media and use it to propagandize us into believing what's good for them. This what the "neocons" in the Bush administration have done with the war in Iraq as "Middle East experts" and stretches back in history to the time of Daniel at a minimum.

As I've stated before (, many unthinking Americans in our military and in our society truly believe that in the U.S. there is no propaganda. This is a load of crap. Everything we hear in the mass media is propaganda whether its purpose is to sell Big Macs or a war against Iraq. And Jewish Marxist propaganda has lead us into this insane world where our people think we are equal with Blacks, despite the television evidence of Africans brawling with their fans at an NBA game, or the current carnage in New Orleans. Africans don't think, they just do. And most Whites don't think, they just believe. When White people realize the kikes are playing them for suckers, as happened in Third Reich Germany, then they will fight for their interests and band together against the kikes. They are safe as long as they are not seen as the threat that they are. Just like the movie "They Live," we sleep.

Real Solutions

Many White Nationalists offer solutions because they have the best interests of our race in mind and really believe they can help. The solution to our problems will not come by the reading of a book (whether it's The Turner Diaries or Jewish Supremacism), the formation of a White constitution, the creation of a White religion or even a White political party. Things will change our way when the masses of our people realize that White people have ethnic interests. Alex Linder mentioned this in the August 22 Goyfire show ( as did Prof. Kevin MacDonald on Dr. Hesham Tillawi's ( September 1 program. When White people realize that they have interests that they must fight for, then the tide will begin to turn. I'm not saying that the masses will ever grasp the deeper concepts that require critical thinking, but they will comprehend the emotional message of "we are dying and must do something in order to survive" as well as "the Jews are our people's deadliest enemy".

How do we get White people to realize they have common racial interests? As Dr. Pierce repeatedly pointed out, and Lincoln Rockwell explained, there are only two foreseeable ways that Whites will come around. First, some ecological or economic disaster befalls the entire country resulting in open racial warfare for resources in the streets. Once this has happened, anti-racist Whites will suddenly seek out skinheads, the KKK and other pro-White racists for help. Dr. Pierce said if he knew how to make the race war start, he would do it. So would I. Maybe it will happen naturally. The economy collapses, massive gas shortages occur, the increasing Mestizo tidal wave might spark it, whatever. The point is it's not predictable and might or might not happen in our lifetimes.

If a catastrophic event does NOT start the race war in America anytime soon, it leaves only one alternative solution: to build a White mass media to compete with the Jewish mass media. How can we get White people to understand they've been lied to by the Jews if we can't even reach them? They do not and can not hear what we have to say as long as televisions and radios are in the hands of the Jews and brainwashed White lemmings. Some ignorant anti-racists might say that our views have gotten out, but the occasional "skinhead" that Jew Jerry Springer displays spouting stupidity is a paid actor and not a true skinhead. Our people will never hear our message as long as the mass media is controlled by kikes, so the only way to counter it is to create our own mass media.

The Internet and Running for Office

The internet is not the solution as it only reaches those who seek answers for themselves. This is a small percent, probably about 5% at most. Worse still, many places such as corporate America, federal and state government offices, and our schools, colleges, and universities have the good ole "hate filters" provided by the ADL. And typically a Jew or a thoroughly programmed female of the Marxist, feminist, homosexual or other "hate the White male" variety is in control of what internet URLs should be blocked for employees or students. Although, the internet has given us a great tool for reaching our like-minded White brothers and sisters in the world, it is not the magic bullet that will break the Jews' control over us. Unless, obviously, we happen to reach a billionaire who's willing to buy us satellite television, radio stations, and newspaper outlets just like the half- or quarter- Jew Lenin was able to do thanks to Jewish millionaires and bankers. Or unless the computer replaces the television for media, as hardware technology increases. Still, this is highly unlikely. And of course, the kikes are working feverishly to have "hate speech" banned everywhere.

It's important to understand that any political office a White Nationalist holds is doomed to failure when we don't have mass media that will provide the proverbial "equal time." The Jewish mass media will destroy anyone pursuing White interests. They will call him an "anti-Semite," give out his home telephone number and address, concoct baseless crimes that he allegedly committed, and eventually he will be kicked out, forced to resign, put in the hospital, or possibly even the grave. And in many cases he will be destroyed by his own people -- Whites -- who have adopted the anti-Aryan agenda spread by the kikes. So nowadays when a pro-White candidate runs for political office, the only benefit it gives us -- since we still don't have control of our mass media -- is a little extra publicity, and lets people know that like minded individuals exist giving them somewhere to run when the Scheisse hits the fan.

Personally, I advocate ALL FORMS of activism: leafletting, White cultural events, pro-White music concerts, internet forums (when it translates to true activism), and even running for political office. But we should all understand that they can only help us reach people who have healthy natural instincts, want to find the truth, and are independent thinkers. Building our own mass media is the key to competing with the Jews and the only way we'll be able to defeat them. Fight fire with fire.

Final Thoughts

White people need to realize that: the races are not equal, White people are dying out, their children are being brainwashed and freed to do harm to themselves and forced to grow up hating marriage and the idea of children, but loving money, fame, non-Whites and casual sex. White people have interests and need to fight for them and the world consists of groups of different human species fighting for natural resources. Our children are our bridge to the future. Without more White children, we do not have a future. We fight for not only ourselves, but for our ancestors and our progeny.

Dr. Hesham Tillawi, a Palestinian living in the U.S., has some good points to make and I urge you to listen to him in his interview with Prof. MacDonald (the link was referenced earlier in this article). He points out that he left his country which was occupied by Jews only to end up in another country that is occupied by Jews. He also points out that with the "Whites are no longer a majority" thing happening, that the description of "European-American" will begin to be highlighted more and become the norm as the description for Whites who've become a minority in a country they created. And the last and most important thing he mentions, is that White people ARE AFRAID to be proud of being White because that would be "racist." Tillawi disagrees and thinks Whites should be proud. If he can understand that the current anti-White pride stance is absurd and self-defeating, why can't more Whites?

White people will not recover from their inevitable extinction without a strong leadership that fights unashamedly for White survival, reality, and the truth, no matter how politically incorrect this is for the current Jewish culture. The only way for a leader to get control and to win is for us to have a mass media that speaks for White people. More and more people are naming the Jews and speaking out. Talented film makers and writers like Byron Jost are making documentaries and distributing them through pro-White groups. There is strength in numbers and courage in unity.

The first order of business, assuming the U.S. is the first nation to get control back from the kikes, would be to call a constitutional convention to correct our mistakes. All Blacks should be repatriated to Africa, and other non-Whites to their respective homelands. After that, assuming the Jews haven't gotten the UK and France and some other Jewish-run countries to start a war with us, we should straighten out Europe by freeing them from their Jewish yoke and repatriating their non-Whites. Then we should give the Palestinians the same weapons we've given the Israelis so that they can finally have a fair fight.

The ultimate goal to preserve our race is geographical separation, and not dominance or "supremacism" of other races. We should also promote the idea to other races, which is true, that if they love us and want us to survive they should leave us alone and let us thrive. Set us free. But we don't expect this since anti-Aryan propaganda has been pushed for so many years. Non-Whites should understand that we will fight our way out if we have to in order to survive. We have been backed into a corner.

Where should we send our Jews? It's hard to say. Once again we are confronted with the Jewish question. What will Israel do? Who knows? The fact that a megalomaniacal bunch like them has nukes is truly frightening. Let's create a foundation for our house first, which means building a White mass media and taking our government back, before we start moving furniture around or worrying about the neighbors.

The millions of Angry White Americans who continue to hear the excuses, justifications, and "blaming Whitey" for what happened in New Orleans need to understand that it's all right to dislike the violent niggers in New Orleans. It's all right if we feel bad for the Whites who fell victims to them. And that the lies they hear from their televisions and radios about Black behavior and White racism are the same lies Jews have been promoting for years. Most important, things will only get worse, and darker, for our race in the future if we don't stand up and defeat the lying kikes and their anti-Aryanism soon.


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