Arrogance and Ignorance

by Max Hadden

28 February 2005

Every time I read something written by Apollonian I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. He believes so strongly in his views that he is arrogant, yet he has the nerve to keep preaching about "hubris" to everyone else. The fact is that his arrogance is continually blinding him to his ignorance. After being thoroughly throttled by Thomas Hamilton at VNN, he continued pushing his agenda and was once again trounced in VNN Reader Mail. Now he's brought his false beliefs to Herr Brooks's White Alert.

And I quote from Apollonian's latest drivel:

Thus Hadden and some WNs, like Alex Linder even, evidently threaten to become like Jews, deliberately and consistently ignoring reality, which is indubitably un-Aryan behavior.

This is so laughable as to be insane. I think this poor fellow needs psychiatric help. We ignore reality? We are un-Aryan? This is the same garbage those anti-racist types rant about Bush being Hitler, the Israelis being Nazis, and that Hitler was half-Jewish. Morons, your bus is leaving.

Hitler is useless for practical emulation; he was the tool of the money-power -- the truth that Hadden seems to want to deny -- and no one in his right mind would want to play their game which they're guaranteed to win, as Hadden himself seems fairly well enough to indicate in his essay.

I never denied that Hitler got some financial help from Jews, but "the tool of the money-power" is a lie. What I think is that Hitler took their money with a wry smile because he knew what it was going to be used for. It's one case where someone was smart enough to deceive the Jews, for a change. Does Apollonian understand that via the economic barter system and the printing of the Reichsmark that the National Socialists under Hitler had dealt the International Jewish Bankers a crushing defeat? The Jews lost their stranglehold of financial power over the Germans who had, as Dr. Pierce so aptly put it, "Broken loose" from the grip of the Jews. It was followed by the removal of Jews from occupations in the mass media of news and entertainment as well as educational and legal professions. Yeah, some tool of the Jews that man was.

What Apollonian means is the same thing as preached by those Jews advocating World Kikedom, or the New World Order if you prefer. If the "International Bankers" funded Hitler, then he was just their tool. When in "reality," a word that Apollonian uses but doesn't appear to understand, the people who were played by the Jews were Britain and the U.S. There is so much evidence of this that it needs no faith or belief system as Apollonian must concoct. The lies that Jewish agents of the NWO promote are being adopted by Apollonian and he claims that Herr Linder and I are the ones being fooled. I have often said that is full of these NWO saps who are either ignorant, or consciously aware that they are misleading us. Any articles by Sherman Skolnick, such as this recent one is intended to continue the Jewish brainwashing -- Hitler was evil, therefore his racism and anti-Semitism were evil, therefore National Socialism is evil, and to top it off he was funded by bankers (of course, the fact that this was not the case from 1933-1939 is ignored), so he was their pawn. Again, the point of this is for the believer to think racism and Nazism are evil and eventually to fall for the trap -- "there is only one race, the human race" and "diversity is our strength".

Another quote from Apollonian:

Hadden's above statement is simply poor advice founded upon a misconception. For any political program must entail national and local consequences, implications, applications. The problem is the same as Theory-Practice. The theory has to apply to both local and national, but practice ALWAYS COMES FIRST LOCALLY.

He was referring to what I'd written -- briefly, that the White Freedom Party should have as its primary goal to overcome ZOG, not to build local WFP governments. And I still stand by my statement. If Apollonian really believes that if a local government, say the City of Los Angeles, went WFP and started kicking out Jews, Blacks, Spics, Queers, Communists, et al, that ZOG would leave that city alone, then he's living in a cardboard box under a bridge. The fact is that Jews would do everything in their power to have all WFP jailed and/or killed, like Ernst Zundel, and would see to it with their mass media propaganda that no one ever dare claim to be a WFP; just like they did with National Socialism. Anyone they label a "neo-Nazi" today is someone they want to destroy because they are a threat to the Jewish World domination. Apollonian, with his anti-Fed stance is a threat to no one, but simply causes confusion among some WNs.

White liberation must be consistent with white/Western culture featuring OBJECTIVITY, hence rule-of-law and sanctity-of-contract. The main problem then is the master fraud consisting of the Fed -- it must, like the "Carthage" for the old Roman, Cato The Elder, be "destroyed," eliminated. Everything else of practical nature must lead to that Fed-elimination, and a good practical place to start is, as I've pointed out numerous times, reform of US Senate elections, back to the state legislatures.

Has Apollonian ever gotten out of his house? Has he been part of any political activities or demonstrations? I doubt it. I was part of the Reform Party years ago and even a National Committee member. The RPUSA had as its planks the elimination of the Federal Reserve and the 17th Amendment which has to do with election of US Senators -- big yawn. The problem with the Reform Party was that it was not openly pro-White or anti-Jewish. Any political party that doesn't name the Jews who are behind the numerous frauds, corruption, and destruction of the White race is just a waste of time. Griffin has been dreaming about a grass-roots abolish-the-Fed revolt for years, but it ain't gonna happen. The blatant Jewish lies regarding the reasons for 9-11, the deceit of the Jews in our government that caused the war in Iraq, lies about Communism, the Holocaust, racial differences, and on and on, is going to get the Aryans pissed off enough to react. Not all or even the majority of them, but enough to turn this country around by FORCE.

Thus Hitler must be set aside for the real heroes of white/Western culture, the original Christians who were perfected then by the American founders, inspired by these Christians. Jews are enemies of white folk as they are foremost exponents of subjectivism, basis of fraud and the Fed. Local activity is simply application of the correct theory, necessary prelude to any national program.

It's difficult to understand how this man's mind works. I believe he is honest in his desire to help White Americans get out of our present Marxist predicament, but he fails to comprehend the simplest examples of objective reality. Sorry to inform you Apollonian, but America's Founding Fathers were more inspired by Plato, Adam Smith, and John Locke than by Jesus. If you ever consider stepping down off your Christian pedestal, maybe we can have a man-to-man conversation instead of a man to God one. It's been pointed out many times before, that Jews will baptize themselves as Christians to infiltrate and subvert. Hitler did away with this by instituting racial requirements for citizenship to a nation, thereby once again defeating Jewish tactics of false baptism and multi-racialism. I could go on, but I'm getting bored.

My purpose has always been to emulate Dr. Pierce -- although I'm not anywhere near as wise as he was -- in educating my fellow Whites. I try to explain the Jewish Problem in yet a different way, with a different twist or insight, for each article that I write; unless I'm responding to someone. I'm open to new ideas and criticisms if they stand up to my litmus test. Apollonian thinks only he has the keys, and that Herr Linder, myself and countless others, are being mislead or falling for something which is Jewish, but in reality, he is the one that falls for Jewish propaganda. As I've said before I'll say it again, being anti-Hitler or anti-National Socialism is anti-White. The only people who do these things are either ignorant or liars. There's no in between. I personally don't care who defeats ZOG and the Jewish NWO. If the political party that finally succeeds has an American or Christian flavor instead of a German one, so be it.


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