Hate Jews Or Die

by Max Hadden

11 January 2005

A lawn overtaken by weeds will never be pure unless the weeds are torn out by the roots. What will it take for the White Americans and Europeans in their respective countries to put down the rake and pick up the weed killer? The only answer to that is the perfectly appropriate and natural emotion of hate.

Systemic Problems

Many of us continue to address symptoms of America's problems without understanding the big picture. Some symptoms are: the illegal and Marxist-Leninist income tax, the failure of the Social Security system, the Jewish cartel that is the Federal Reserve System, and many others. These things are the result of Jewish influence and are evidence of a systemic problem that can not be overcome unless the Jews are removed from our midst. Whether or not these destructive tools and institutions were originally conceived in a Jewish mind does not matter. Jews control them.

The Hitlerian philosophy of National Socialism solves our problems beautifully. If I were to put on a politically correct historian's hat for a moment, I would contend (as I personally once heard a Jewish feminist professor in a major university proclaim) that Hitler simply compiled in his ideology the "racist" and "totalitarian" concepts that White men had for years past incorporating lessons from Plato's Republic up through Gustav LeBon's The Crowd, but this is only half-true. Yes, Hitler was very educated and knew history, and "political science," as well as many other subjects, but that doesn't make NS unoriginal. The same sort of accusation is made against Aristotle, who was said to simply have "organized" the philosophy propounded by other Greeks in his corpus. The fact that Aristotle separated topics into different areas of science doesn't mean that he did not add anything new; his "unmoving first mover" theory is ample proof of his originality.

The two-party system in the U.S. is explained as a good thing by talking heads on the radio who are experts (laugh out loud) in political science. Any subject that contains the addendum "science," such as political science, computer science, or social science, usually isn't very scientific. National Socialism, with its reliance on and respect for the laws of Nature, has come closest to defining government using scientific facts. The very idea that a nation should have two or more political parties, like the Dems and the Reps in the U.S. or even a dozen or more as is the case in Europe today, is absurd on its face. Are there multiple truths or sides to an issue? Or is there always one truth and one answer that best fits them all? The same holds true for a State's ideology then. There should only be one political ideology guiding the State that handles all inputs and citizen concerns. Any more than one is like a family with more than one father.

National Socialist Economics

The State guidelines the Germans developed from National Socialism are equally applicable today. Keep in mind, NS existed in full bloom only 70 years ago. Hell, that is so near in time that one of my uncles as a Hitler Youth shook Hitler's hand. One important element of NS is an understanding of economics and what constitutes real money. G. Edward Griffin, whom I respect for his exposure of Communist and Marxist problems in this country, believes gold and silver have intrinsic value. False. Gold and silver are just metals that exist in finite quantities on this planet. The only real value is labor.

For example, if a person had a mountain of gold in front of them, it's just a pile of metal until human hands take some of the gold and DO something with it. That DOING is labor. Whether or not labor (say to wash a load of laundry) is associated with value (say so many dollars) as set by some authority (the State) and a piece of paper certifies that the labor was done is all that is necessary to recognize the labor appropriately. Gold and silver are unnecessary in this system. Paper could just as well be used to represent the labor that has been done and which can be exchanged for a different labor (such as gathering apples) and its products. There is no possibility of speculation in such a financial system. Values don't change unless the State says. Wall Street and its plethora of carnies would disappear.

The above concept leads to the elimination of the dependency upon finite resources. Gold, being in scarce quantity and found useful to mankind (and I don't mean useful for jewelry but electronic circuitry) goes up in price because there's less of it available for others to use. This is the same problem with that liquid gold known as oil. There's no value inherent in petroleum products except as we, quite stupidly I might add, have created it. We need oil and gas because they keep so many planes, ships, and automobiles moving. We could solve the problem by powering these things with other sources of energy, like electricity, and then oil and gas would not be needed. These are things the White race should be working on instead of fighting AIDS in Africa, funding disaster reliefs with money that we don't have that must be paid back by our grandchildren's labors, and fighting wars for the globalist Jewish oligarchs. If we don't solve the problem asap, the fight over gas and oil portrayed in the movie "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" is inevitable.

Under National Socialism, there is no unemployment. This is well documented not only in NS Germany but by the French. A video documentary titled "The Eye of Vichy" makes this clear even though it was intended to be anti-Nazi propaganda. Field Marshall Petain had adopted NS to France and low and behold their unemployment went to zero. All due to the fact that supply and demand economic theory had never before been correctly linked with the only true value: labor. Oh, maybe never is a strong word as there have been a few communities, like today's Amish, who understand the concept and apply it to one degree or another. Either way, Jews like Greenspan who steal our labor and future through scams like the Federal Reserve would be out of a job. Game over. Just like the Jew Rudolf Hilferding, who was Finance Minister during the disastrous economy of the Weimar period, Jews would be handed their pink slips and a plane ticket.

Improving National Socialism

The only valid improvements to NS ideology that I've discovered have been few and far between. William Galey Simpson in his mammoth work Which Way Western Man has thought many moral issues out and explains them well. NS can almost be thought of as applied science, except for the heroic ideals best expressed in several excellent SS manual translations by Alfred Kotz posted on VNN. Nonetheless, Simpson is definitely required reading, although I personally felt his take on Jesus and Nietzsche (personally I prefer Schopenhauer) were not very useful and expressed the author's wishful thinking regarding these two individuals rather than an unbiased opinion. Simpson also comes to the right conclusions about Jews as a whole.

One potential improvement to NS ideology surrounds the argument between some NS leaders regarding whether or not the nation and its people should have a rural society or whether or not they should allow greater urbanization. The importance of rural life was emphasized in NS doctrines, yet many cities were built and rebuilt. So are cities a good thing or a bad one? The ultimate answer to the question lies in a little known scientific study: a group of psychologists once overcrowded the proverbial lab mice in cages to see what would occur. They found that a good percentage of the mice became homicidal, some became homosexual, others suicidal, and a few just went nuts. The reasons for this behavior is that subconsciously, given to us by Nature or its Creator, the mice knew that they were overcrowded, so they engaged in behavior that would decrease the population. Acts of homicide and suicide result in immediate decreases in the population. Homosexual behavior, essentially masturbation that does not produce offspring, takes longer.

This study regarding overcrowding has been substantiated throughout the U.S. by normalized statistics of murder, homosexuality, etc., in urban areas versus rural areas. For this reason as well as many others, such as mitigating environmental pollutants, decreasing stress caused by traffic congestion and therefore incidents of heart attacks and strokes, etc., the modern day National Socialist should be anti-urbanization until our scientists define a safe level of population density for urban areas. This would be a real improvement to NS ideology -- or maybe not. NS leaders of the time did debate the matter as is recorded and perhaps one could argue that a larger and more detailed definition of what is meant by "Lebensraum" is all that is needed.

National Socialism and Hate

National Socialism is not founded on hate for the Jews or some ignorant bigotry and incorrect feeling of superiority. It is not the nature of Germans, which is my heritage, to be hateful. As Dr. Pierce once said, I spend very little of my time hating. Most of my waking hours are spent doing work that requires critical thinking, quietly reading or studying, or performing various physical activities, intermixed with brief periods of human emotions: happiness, sadness, surprise, etc. But the fact is that Nature or its Creator has given us hate for a reason, and that reason can only be to induce self-preservation by acting against the object of the hatred. Everyone knows that any African nation's culture is inferior to any European nation's culture. The products, abstract as well as physical, of the White race proves this unequivocally. This fact alone does not promote hate.

A local turban-wearing Pakistani who worked at a gas station was shot and killed by some young White American male right after the September 11th attacks. This was a stupid waste of life perpetrated by an ignorant person. The real hatred and anger should be directed at the folks, Jews mainly but includes many Whites in our government, who allowed non-Whites into this country. September 11th would not have been possible if Jews and Arabs were not physically in the United States. It's that simple. The young White male who killed the Pakistani really believed all Muslims were terrorists who "hate our freedom" and he needed to kill or be killed. And he felt that way because that's what the Jewish mass media wanted him to hear and believe. He didn't understand that the problem is bigger than a few ragheads in our town: it's cultural, societal, and systemic. This Marxist State system, known by us at VNN as AmeriKwa, of which Jews were the leading catalysts and creators, causes Whites to kill non-Whites as well as each other.

Not very long ago there was an armed robbery at some small grocery store where I live. The police caught the two guys, a nigger and a spic. The television reporter, a Mexican chica, interviewed another Mexican woman who eyewitnessed the crime. The witness said, after having her Spanish translated, that she had seen the two men leave the store and told her boss who called 911. The reporter then claimed that if Senorita Gonzalez (or whatever her name was) hadn't seen the crime and reported them, the men would never have been caught. First off, it's an absurd prediction that the men would NEVER have been caught. And second, the reporter who thought it was such a great thing that the woman had helped catch the men doesn't even understand the original sin -- the African and Mexican (or possibly Puerto Rican) who committed the robbery shouldn't be in our goddamn country to begin with! There would have been no crime for the woman to see if none of them were physically here! They should not be here!

Why Hate Is Necessary

The Jewish influence spreads poison throughout the world. Jews made it possible for the nigger who calls himself Seal to marry a German beauty named Heidi Klum. Thus killing off generations of White children. I am serious. Assuming these two have children, they will never be White. It is impossible for a White child to be born from a Caucasian womb when mixing with a Negro. As a result, the White children that could have been will never be. The little freckle-faced redhead girl, gone. The blue-eyed curly-haired blond boy, gone. They are dead. Aborted. Never to walk the earth. This is her fault just as much as it is ours for letting the Jews fool us into believing that race doesn't matter. This is our punishment for not loving our race enough and it is ultimately why hate is necessary. And I mean hate for the Jews who got us into this mess.

Need more reasons? Jews lied us into a war that has resulted in the creation of hundreds of thousands of potential Osama bin Ladens who will gladly martyr themselves to do us harm. Jews put our military in Iraq: which is now the American version of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is not another Vietnam as many critics allege; our military in Iraq is occupying land that doesn't belong to them, just like the kikes do in Israel. Our troops are located in harm's way between Iran and Israel, while Jews in AmeriKwa fan the flames of war with Iran. If it were not for the Jewish presence in our society we would not have race-mixing, destructive ideologies like "if it feels good do it," the creation of artificial role models (like Kobe Bryant and Madonna), abortion on demand, what happened at Waco, Texas, an overly litigious society, and the list goes on and on. No rational White person can but hate the Jewish usurpers who continue to ruin not only the U.S. but every formerly White nation on earth.

The simple fact is that Whites can not survive long in this world with Jews living among us. We are only 10% or less of the world's population right now and falling fast. Those of us who feel so noble as to think "anti-Semitism" is beneath them, should keep something in mind... if you think the Jews would ever willingly leave the country out of love for the White race or to help save the White race from extinction, you're wrong. Hell, I'm willing to give it a shot though. It can't hurt. Someone get on CNN and ask the kikes, "Will you please leave our countries?" And if they love us, or even like us a bit, they will. If they don't leave the only alternative for their feelings toward us must be hate or dislike. It's that simple. They're going to label us as "haters" anyway, so be it.

A National Socialist knows that we must separate ourselves from the non-Whites, especially Jews, because we love our own race and our culture and simply want to preserve it. But in order to get White people stirred up to the point that will eventually lead to them TELLING the non-Whites to leave (which is what needs to happen) not just ASKING them, we must advocate hate. If we don't hate the destroyers of our race and culture, we will never be able to defend it appropriately. This hatred toward the Jews is natural to the informed White racist, but must be encouraged in more of them if we are to achieve our goal of getting the Jews off our backs. This is the first step. Can one take this step if one has Jewish friends? The answer is: no. If you can't see the forest for the trees and hate your destroyers, then you will die. You are doomed.


I advocate National Socialism for several reasons. Once you've found the truth, there's no need to look any further. Should we continue to look for another answer to 2+2 once we discover 4? We could, but we'd be wasting our time and would eventually wind up back at the place we started. NS is the best form of government that's ever been created by mankind. My belief in this has absolutely nothing to do with nostalgia, although it lends itself to it so very easily because the NS Germans were so cool. They were the real role models that we should honor, respect, and tell our kids about, just like many great figures that we have in U.S. history. And the most important reason: National Socialism terrifies the Jews. They hate the swastika and what it means more than they hate the Muslims; and you know how much they hate them. If the White race ever breaks the Jewish yoke that has kept us in chains for so many years, there is no better poetic justice than it be done by National Socialists.

The systemic problems that exist in the manifestation of various symptoms, such as the Federal Reserve, are but tools that the Jewish destroyers are using against us. Without the enemy creating and/or wielding these tools, there would be no threat. Anyone who advocates suppressing hatred toward Jews is simply doing what the enemy wants. How can you defeat an enemy if you only play by their rules? If I have to hate in order to save the White race, I will hate. I should change the three-pointed star on my Mercedes to a swastika. VNN should have stickers made that say, "I hate Jew York". As the population of the White race continues to decline, and until the Jews are unable to destroy our people, to my fellow White brothers and sisters I say, "Hate Jews or die."

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