Jeff Joseph: AILA's Criminal-Alien Carpetbagger & Counselor At-Large

by Terry Graham

4 January 2005

Free-speech foe Jeff Joseph -- Chair of Denver's American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) -- has said some mean-spirited, intolerant and downright hateful things about me in the media.

Joseph, no doubt, is being paid for these tawdry attacks as part of his job jawin' and lawin' for Julissa Molina Soto, the Mexican charged with assaulting me last July at Denver's open-borders "Immigration Reform Forum" sponsored by First Data Corporation and its subsidiary Western Union.

My all-American response to First Data/Western Union's "invitation to the community to participate" in their forum -- I participated -- has Joseph hissing to the press: "She makes it her life cause to disrupt these forums." (Here.)

Since Mr. Joseph [right] is such an expert on my "life cause," I studied up on his and have come to the conclusion that he is a 21st Century carpetbagger, deconstructing America one criminal alien at a time. He is a noted advocate for convicted immigrant child molesters and sex offenders, as detailed below.

The Joseph Law Firm website (Here.) boasts that "Jeff has dedicated his entire career to the practice of immigration law." His recent publications include such tall tales as: "How Immigrants are Raising [U.S.] Educational Standards," "How Immigrants are Helping the [U.S.] Economy," and "How Immigrants are Improving the U.S. Social Situation."

"From Jail House Rock to Blue Skies: How Advocacy Can Make a Difference" is the snappy title of Joseph's presentation at the 2003 AILA/National Lawyers Guild Conference on Crimes and Representing Criminal Alien Defendants. There, he taught AILA co-conspirators how to spring criminal aliens from jail so they are free to re-victimize Americans.

While Joseph and his ilk often cloak their dastardly deeds in the Constitution, he invokes the United Nothing's Declaration of Human Rights -- which restricts freedom of speech in cases of "insult or incitement to criminal acts"-- when attacking my speaking freely at the First Data/Western Union Forum. "She went there to cause some sort of riot," he huffs. (Here.)

In my case, exercising my God-given First Amendment rights to speak about immigration got me beaten up in public by Joseph's Mexican client, who is is still walking our streets thanks to his help and, reportedly, the interference of Denver's Mexican Consulate.

Joseph's twisted views on far more heinous crimes are highlighted in a March 1, 2004 article in The Charlotte Observer describing Operation Predator, an ICE program targeting deportable aliens convicted of sex crimes, with an emphasis on child molesters.

Here, Joseph voices concerns of immigration attorneys that foreign perverts could be "unjustly" caught in the sweep. "Some states make people register as sex offenders for what are sometimes nonviolent [sex] crimes," he whines. (Here.)

Jeff Joseph's advocacy for alien pedophiles, and his view that immigrants convicted of "nonviolent [sex] crimes" should not have to register as sex offenders -- thereby avoiding deportation -- are repulsive given that many child molesters don't need to use physical violence to victimize their innocent, vulnerable and precious prey.

He snivels on, "... the way immigration law defines sexual crimes is very broad." His comments beg the question: Exactly which definitions of sex crimes would you like to eliminate from American law, Mr. Joseph?

Perhaps Joseph dislikes protections U.S. laws afford women and children, in stark contrast to sexist, barbaric legal standards imported with his third-world clientele. For example, many Mexican states rank rape as a less serious offense than stealing a cow, and drop charges if the rapist marries his hapless, often young victim. Does Joseph favor a two-tiered legal system, holding Americans to tougher standards than criminal aliens charged with sex offenses and other crimes? Or should our laws be made to conform to those of nations that treat women and children as chattel?

In another article, Joseph spins a sob story for a Laotian rapist client facing deportation from Idaho with nary a care for victims, past, present or future: "Suddenly he was picked up and threatened with return to Laos -- which he does not know at all, and where he might be in grave danger." (Here.) Well, boo hoo!

I can't help but wonder if Joseph's twisted views on sexual offenses are in some way related to the fact that in his nine-person law firm -- per his website -- he is the only rooster in the hen house. Eight women to one man. So much for diversity and gender equity.

Still another news article finds Joseph carping about ICE efforts to use electronic bracelets to track criminal aliens awaiting deportation. Scuffing at claims the bracelets will help law enforcement officers to locate aliens who skip court hearings (all the more reason to jail them), Joseph brags that AILA will soon introduce judicial appeals to block this new Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP). He reiterates that "only immigrants charged with or convicted of violent crimes should be jailed...All other [criminal] immigrants should remain free." (Here.)

As Denver's most notorious bottom-feeding, border-busting barrister, Joseph recently debated Congressman Tom Tancredo, whose efforts to enforce immigration laws and limits are supported by 80 percent of our diverse Citizenry. Joseph criticized President Bush's wildly unpopular jobs-to-amnesty proposal for not offerings incentives (!) for illegal aliens to become legal residents, adding that, "[The] enforcement policy of immigration is not in line with reality." (Here.)

The truth is, Jeff Joseph's views on enforcement policy for criminal aliens, including child molesters and other sexual predators, are not in line with reality shared by the vast majority of Americans. If you wish to help him overcome his delusions, he can be reached at .



Terry Graham, an American Citizen, was assaulted by a Mexican immigrant while participating in a public forum on immigration sponsored by First Data Corporation/Western Union in Denver on July 22, 2004. She has filed a civil lawsuit ( seeking damages from her attacker and First Data/Western Union.

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