Movie Review: 'Fargo' (1996)

by N.B. Forrest

25 August 2005

Directed by jew Joel Coen

Written by jews Joel Coen & Ethan Coen

I watched this again last night, and what a hebist experience it is, too. These two Coen kikes grew up in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, the insulation-gnawing spawn of a brace of perfesser ratz. I read that this movie is their revenge for being forced to grow to breeding age in such a "whitebread" atmosphere, and I don't doubt it for a second because this is one of the most venomously goy-hating flicks I can think of.

The story is about Jerry Lundegaard [right], an oily, book-cookin' car salesman (William H. Macy). Jerry is all "You're darn tootin'!" Midwest cheerfulness 'n' shit-eating grins on the outside - but of course the REAL Lundegaard is a bitter, frustrated little coward, wound-up tighter than Barney Fife on crank. Hard-up for cash, he hatches a desperate scheme to get it from his secretly loathed father-in-law/boss: Have his wife kidnapped. He has an Injun mechanic get him in contact with a couple of moronic thugs: Carl Showalter, an ugly jabbering dirtbag with weasel teeth (Steve Buscemi), and the conspicuously Aryan-monikered killer Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare).

It seems clear that the jewboys gave special attention to the creation of this character: The blond Grimsrud [left] is as eerily cold and silent as the whited-out Dakota landscape; impassive and dead-eyed as he chain-smokes Marlboros. I think Grimsrud represents the atavistic jewterror of White hyper-violence unleashed by the sudden shattering of the carefully forged chains of jew false morality. He's the grinning Slavic peasant with with the crimson sickle; the SS waste disposal specialist dumping the gobbage at the Babi Yar Landfill; Edgar Ray Killen: The physical embodiment of all their darkest hates and fears.

Naturally the kidnapping plot goes comically pear-shaped in short order: When a state trooper pulls Carl & Gaear over as they've got Jerry's wife covered up in the back seat, Gaear brutally snuffs him and a couple of passer-by witnesses (including a young boy - da lousy Nordic schmuck!); Jerry's gruff old father-in-law further fucking things up by insisting on delivering the money, getting killed in the process; Gaear smashing Jerry's wife to death with a chair when she won't shut up, etc.

The White characters are portrayed as the dullest of dullards: Bovine buffoons in fur ear-flap hats; sporting just enough wattage to nose-out "Ja" to any simple question put to them. The handful of characters who aren't schneered at as hydrocephalics are depicted as greedy goy shysters.

About the only White depicted as both decent and semi-intelligent is Marge Gunderson, the hugely pregnant sheriff (Joel Coen's shiksa wife Frances McDormand). Marge pursues the clues in that stereotypically slow-but-steady White manner as she weebles her way through the snow.

Summation: This frozen jewturd of a movie is skillfully made and very well acted, with a heady mixture of violence & humor; highly effective Hate Whitey jewpaganda pinched off by two cleverly vicious tapirs.

Should all such be wood chippered by Grimsruds from Fargo to Vladivostok? You betcha!


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