A Video Review: A Line in the Sand by October Sun Films

by Mark Farrell

12 September 2005

I recently watched the video "The Line in the Sand," which was made by October Sun Films and directed by Byron Jost. I was extremely impressed with it. This video is undoubtedly the most controversial video ever made about America's open borders, and deserves to be watched by anyone who is even remotely concerned about how America's policies are leading to the complete decline of Western civilization. It tells the story of what has become of our borders, and how it occurred.

The video interviews many people throughout it. A congressman, a professor, a pro-American activist, and many every-day citizens are interviewed. You feel like you're sitting there with them, listening to their problems -- our problems, as Americans -- because of all the illegal immigration. It's hard not to feel emotional when watching this -- from angry to sad to disgusted, as the people tell of what has become of our border, how it is essentially nonexistent any more.

And hardly anyone in our American government seems to care.

You're taken out to the desert. A well-spoken woman points to a tree, and tells of what once was: "Once upon a time, you could bring your children out to this tree, which had a swing on it. And your children could enjoy swinging on it. But look at that -- it's human sh*t and, toilet paper. Who knows what kind of diseases this could have." She points out to who the entire area has completely deteriorated into shambles as a result of the constant flow of illegal aliens.

People talk about how a Mexican could come across a dozen times or more, before they're even charged with a misdemeanor. One gentleman said it has been estimated that there are about 80,000 illegal aliens who are known criminals in the U.S., who have been deported and who came back.

Many of these illegal aliens are child molesters from Mexico. But, being that the government doesn't stop the illegal alien wave, nothing is done to prevent them entrance. It usually ends up as a newspaper story, if that.

The video shows people who care -- people who want to make a difference -- taking a walk along the border. They point out all the garbage littering the area: Pornographic cartoons of Mexican men having sex with white women. Jeans. Bras. Empty food containers. Tampons. Anything you could imagine, literally, is strewn across the lands.

One person who lives along the border told of how an illegal alien drug-runner bought a home along the border so as to avoid having any problems running drugs.

Another person told of how someone informed the Border Patrol about an illegal alien drug-running cartel. The illegal alien drug lords then machine-gunned the home of that American.

A woman whispers to the camera: "Well, El Presidente Bush, it appears that just a few years after 9-11, we're still being invaded." You wonder how he could allow not only NAFTA to continue but also promote CAFTA, which works to destroy America's borders, for a few political bribes from companies that hire illegal aliens. How could he? How could nearly all in Congress do this to America? You feel puzzled.

A house-builder told of how he had once hired American workers, often paying them $22.00 an hour. His competitor hired illegal aliens, hiring them at $12.00 an hour. He had no way to compete with others who would hire these illegal aliens, as their costs were significantly lower, forcing him to follow suit or go out of business. He had ethics and refused to do things the illegal way. He lost his house, and just about everything else. The average wage for construction workers there has since been significantly lowered, with even American workers now only getting about $16.00 an hour there. Additionally, the government is undoubtedly getting less taxes, if any, from these illegal aliens who come without documentation.

A man who had monitored illegal aliens told of how he called the Border Patrol on some illegal alien Mexican drug-runners. The Border Patrol let the illegal alien drug runners go free, and then the Border Patrol pursued charges against the man who had alerted them to this.

The brilliant Prof. Kevin MacDonald is interviewed during the course of the film. He calmly tells of how Jews have worked in a concerted effort to change the immigration laws so that, today, the legal immigration is blatantly anti-white. He tells how these illegal aliens are working to get more anti-white laws that give them preference. You're faced with the utter irony of it all: Many of these illegal aliens come over here, have babies, are awarded citizenship, then get the anti-white discrimination laws to their benefit.

Chinese, Colombians, Brazilians, Kazakhistanis, Haitians, Arabs, Koreans, Pakistanis, and dozens of other groups -- many have been found to have crossed the border illegally. But few in the government care. They allow it. They support it. They commit treason. And they smile when they do it.

Pro-American activist Alex Linder tells of how America is being led astray by our government. He told of how our country continues to work against the average American and promotes Jewish anti-white European immigration efforts. Linder tells of how diversity, as a result of our open borders, is causing America many problems. These problems are deep-rooted. Undoubtedly, many of these problems require surgery.

Jim Gilchrest [left] of the Minuteman Project is shown speaking to a crowd. He told of how the Minutemen are falsely portrayed by the media. He said that they're portrayed as "vigilantes" but their "weapons" are simply cell-phones, to alert the Border Patrol, and binoculars, to see the illegal aliens coming. A man at the Minuteman Project tells of how the Mexican government is encouraging Mexicans to come here (presumably so that they might send the American money back to Mexico), and how the Mexican women can illegally come here, have babies, become citizens, and collect welfare or the myriad of other social benefits.

Congressman Tom Tancredo [right] talks before a large group of people. He tells the Minuteman Project that they can make a difference. He tells of how some people from the Mid-East have paid "coyotes" (people who smuggle illegal aliens across the border) as much as $50,000. And he brings up the point that no ordinary person would pay that much to work at a convenience store, and that homeland security is thrown out the door in this process. Tancredo describes how both the Democrats and Republicans work for their own selfish interests, whether votes or cheap labor, to allow this.

Glenn Spencer [left] brings many relevant issues to the forefront during the course of the video. Spencer has long been an advocate standing firmly for America's borders. He tells of how all the illegal aliens use word-play to get their way: "They're taking over, and you're called a 'racist pig' if you resist this." He told of how one Mexican-American leader remarked, "We have got to kill the Gringos [Whites]." Yet whites are the racists for trying to stop this.

About a dozen Mexicans or so are shown holding up a sign along a major street that says, "Remember the Alamo," undoubtedly referring to the dozens of innocent white Americans who were murdered by Mexican countless years ago, the sign being suggestive that it could occur again. Mexicans are shown screaming, "Go back to Europe." "We're going to send you back to Europe." "This is our land." "Racists, go home." And many illegal aliens shout, "Victory - La Raza!" ("Victory for the [Mexican] Race!")

Many of these people tell of how our biased media ignore this illegal alien wave that incessantly comes across the border.

The video concludes with Glenn Spencer speaking in a room. He said that when this finally erupts, there may be much bloodshed and a Civil War, undoubtedly the result of our uncaring government who allows this invasion to occur.

After watching the video, you're left with a sense of almost utter disbelief -- wondering how in the world our government could allow this affront to our liberties, this invasion-tsunami to occur. You're left with the gut-wrenching sense of urgency that we need to do something, before our rights are further abrogated, before the government completely quits pretending that they actually care about our border -- while we can still make a difference. If you're an American who cares about where this country is headed, you really need to see this.

Undoubtedly, we have been abandoned by our government. And it is up to us, the rank-and-file Americans -- working within the law -- to regain our land, to restore America to its former glory.

If you only watch one video about immigration this year, if you only watch one video about immigration in your life, it needs to be this one.

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This video can be found at October Sun Film's website: http://www.octobersunfilms.com . The entire video is approximately 1-hour and 40-minutes. A short video excerpt, which requires Apple's Quick Time (a free online downloadable video player, with links to it provided), can also be found at the website as well.


Mr. Farrell is a filmmaker whose writings and videos can be found at http://honestmediatoday.com/ .

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