Can the Truth be Racism?

by Robert Ericsson

18 September 2005

Described as one of the most destructive natural disasters in our nation's history, hurricane Katrina caused immense devastation. The citizens of America watched in sympathy as the extent of the damage and the toll of human suffering became known, and generously responded with a nationwide outpouring of support through volunteerism, and the donation of massive amounts of money and emergency supplies to assist the hapless victims.

Even before the storm had passed, the shameless and utterly despicable exploitation of the hurricane by the mainstream political powers had begun. Only now that the floodwaters have receded, residents are slowly starting to make their way back to shattered homes and businesses, and the immediate and widespread danger has passed, is the time appropriate for analysis and discussion.

The vast majority of people have long known that the truth is rarely "politically correct," but can that same truth really be racism? In light of the racially based recriminations that started almost immediately after the first few images of post-Katrina New Orleans began to appear, the question deserves consideration. The abundance of early images that managed to leak through to the public told the story. The public saw black faces taking advantage of the chaos by stealing electronics, clothing, shoes and anything else they could get their hands on. Of course the media, in their unwavering fairness had to go out of their way to hunt down some footage of white looters as well. All of these images soon disappeared from broadcasts and were later downplayed by claims that the looting was done to obtain food, water and other necessities.

From that point onward the stories describing acts of theft and violence, including the ransacking of a nursing home, and even an attack on a rescue helicopter were attributed to the raceless "looters." Given the racial composition of pre-hurricane New Orleans (roughly 2/3 black), the preponderance of early evidence, and the sheer impossibility of a "multicultural" gang roaming through territory in a state of anarchy, one can easily see through the media smokescreen.

Yet even this tiny amount of information showing untainted pictures of the black onslaught brought charges of "racism." Which raises the question...can the clear and unbiased TRUTH be racism? Amazingly, the answer seems to be yes. Through a carefully orchestrated disinformation campaign the media have attempted to redefine the extreme black apologist position as the political "center" thereby making anything that comes close to objectivity a case of "racism." While few conclusions can be universalized, there are certainly a multitude that can be generalized based on repeated observations. Must outright lies and distortions of reality be used to maintain this charade that we're all somehow equal as evidence to the contrary continues to accumulate?

If an average person encounters 10 Doberman Pinschers over a span of years, and 8 of them turn out to be vicious, is it wrong to make the general conclusion that Dobermans are by nature a mean and vicious animal? Many people undoubtedly have made that exact conclusion based on their personal experiences. Is it somehow "bad" to hold that perception even when it stands up to a sizable and indisputable body of evidence? Is it "unfair" to the remaining 20% of the Dobermans for people to make that conclusion and act accordingly? Certainly not!

Time and time again the same images are seen, be it Los Angeles, Cincinnati, or New Orleans. Mobs of blacks engaging in blatant acts of theft and violence at the slightest disruption of law and order. These observations alone, representing clear and unbiased evidence, are enough to form a solid basis for general and entirely appropriate conclusions. Consider also that these are the barest shreds of information that the public is allowed to see by a media that goes far out of its way to avoid portraying blacks in a negative light. The truth is undoubtedly more horrific and would lead to sharper and more immediate conclusions. We have cities full of vicious animals just waiting for their opportunity to get off the leash.


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