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7 July 2005

15th May, 2005

Mr. Allan Massie
The London Independent
London UK

Dear Mr. Massie,

I have on hand an article of yours published in a local newspaper ("Harry's Nazi outrage has echoes in history") sometime in January. It is always nice to bash the Germans as they cannot defend themselves. To try to do that would land anyone brave enough a 5 years sentence. It is called freedom of expression. But as someone once said, IF THE TRUTH MUST BE PROTECTED BY PRISON SENTENCES, IT CANNOT BE THE TRUTH. Fortunately the wheel is turning and more information comes out every year to bring the truth in line with the facts.

Just imagine if Harry had disguised himself as a communist political commissar, complete with cap and hammer and sickle emblem. he would probably have been praised from certain quarter as after all 90% of the commissars of the Red Army were jews. And they only murdered 66 million good Christian people. What is that compared to that swine Hitler! After all those Russians were not human, they were Goyim, the human cattle. Only the self-styled Chosen are human!

It is indeed a pity that Prince Harry knows nothing about the Nazis. He has not been properly brainwashed, which shows that holocaust education should be introduced forthright in British schools. And of course he should have been taken immediately to DISNEY POLSKI HORROR THEME PARK at Auschwitz, where like all believing idiots he would have been shown the fake gas chambers built after the war, with holes in the ceiling where the gas was supposed to flow, (the original building is still there, collapsed, but the ceiling is intact, and surprise, surprise, there are no holes in the ceiling. NO HOLES, NO HOLOCAUST.) And of course the torture chambers and the pits where the babies were thrown in with a forever brazier burning at the bottom...in spite of course of the fact that the water table is only 50-70 cm below ground and that bodies cannot be burnt in pits for lack of oxygen. And he would have been told that the smoke would belch from the crematorium in spite of the fact that crematoria are smokeless. And also that that smoke turned green when Polish jews were being roasted, was red for Hungarian jews, was blue for Soviet jews, etc. And that on one day 24,000 Hungarian jews were gassed and cremated in spite of the fact that on that day or any other day Allied surveillance aircraft who were taking photos, never saw anything at all. And that inmates were gassed with an insecticide, instant puddinglike, and removed immediately afterwards in spite of the fact that it would have taken hours for the gas to dissipate, and that guards were without gas masks and smoking while removing the bodies without causing an explosion. And crime of all crimes, that they were removing the gold teeth from the corpses and pocketing them. That is the ultimate, stealing gold from the jews. The Talmud tells us that when the Messiah comes all the gold of the world will belong to the jews, so how can those Nazi swine steal their gold teeth? (By the way, have you ever wondered what they do with the gold teeth in London crematoria? I know here they resell the coffin handles to the undertakers, who recycle them, at the same price, of course). And what of that Schwein Mengele and his ghastly experiments, which we are told involved researching foreskins to turn the poor jews into Christians...and whom the British were so happy to employ after the war.

Indeed a lot of people praised Adolf Hitler, including Churchill and J.F.Kennedy and plenty of others. Lord Shawcross, the British prosecutor at Nuremberg stated in 1984, that he had to admit that Hitler NEVER WANTED WAR. The most telling comment is the one by James Baker III, secretary of state under both Reagan and Bush I who said:


And the charade continues. We already have been "holocausted" to death and now we must be forced to believe as well. It has become a RELIGION, with the threat of the unholy Inquisition hanging over everybody who tries to question its tenets. And we must all atone for our sins in front of the HOLY PEOPLE who themselves holocausted 66 million Russians and Ukrainians, under their law of PURIM. And every journalist in the "free press" must bow before the master and repeat the orthodoxy ad nauseam so that the gullible masses be prevented from using their brains. And if one dares ask questions, he will soon be put in jail (5 years in Germany, one in France and other European countries) or will be sued until he is a pauper in the gutter. How long can this charade continue? Even the jewish historians do not believe in it anymore. And the Germans are getting tired eventually of being swindled for non-existant inanities. THE TRUTH WHICH MUST BE PROTECTED BY JAIL SENTENCES CANNOT BE THE TRUTH.

The alleged holocaust is like the weapons of mass destruction, an excuse to justify a war which, as James Baker III put it so well, was only a PREVENTATIVE ECONOMIC MEASURE. Churchill said that BRITAIN COULD NOT TOLERATE A RISING POWER AT THE HEART OF EUROPE. There again an economic reason. At the end of the war, looking at his ex-great friend Josef Stalin, he said: WE HAVE KILLED THE WRONG PIG. By that time, it was too late. He had handed half of Europe to the Soviets, killed 40 million of the best of Europe, lost the British empire and turned Britain into a multi-cultural cesspool which does not augur well for the future. And all that because he took a bribe of 150,000 pounds to pay his gambling debts and save his Chartwell residence. The Jews declared war on Germany, 58 days after Hitler took power. He had nationalised the Reichsbank, a Rothschild bank, got out of the Gold standard and banned Freemasonry. That was the real crime of Hitler. The mere fact of declaring war, made every jew under German rule an enemy alien. In tmie of war, an enemy alien is put in concentration camp as happened in the U.S. and Britain probably as well. Following that declaration of war, all Jewish traders round the world cancelled their German orders, putting Germany in dire straits. The trade with Britain dropped 25%. Germany resorted to barter and took the entire South American trade from the U.S., the British and the French and of course the International Bankers. Churchill in his memoirs stated: THE UNFORGIVABLE CRIME OF GERMANY BEFORE THE SECOND WORLD WAR WAS THEIR ATTEMPT TO TAKE THEIR TRADE STRENGTH OUT OF THE WORLD FINANCE SYSTEM AND TO BUILD UP THEIR OWN SYSTEM OF GOODS FOR GOODS TRADE, IN WHICH CASE WORLD FINANCE WOULD NO LONGER RECEIVE ANY PROFIT. And in his book The Art of War (1964), British General J.F.C. Fuller wrote: HITLER'S POLITICAL IDEAS WERE NOT WHAT THRUST US INTO WAR. THE CAUSE OF THE WAR WAS HIS SUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT TO BUILD A NEW ECONOMY. THE ROOTS OF THE OLD WERE ENVY, GREED AND FEAR. Just as they are today. That is why Hitler must be demonised for eternity. He was a threat to the crooked elites who ruled the world.

As you say so well: ADOLF, JUST TODDLE OFF. AND ALL YOUR NAZIS TOO. WE ARE ALL, AS THE SONG HAD IT, FED UP WITH YOU. Indeed, but the problem of course is that his ghost will not rest until the TRUTH has been told. And that is the last thing both the Jews and the politicians want. Juts imagine for a moment that suddenly somebody like the Pope for example tells the world that the story of WWII is just a pack of lies and Hitler is rehabilitated... Can you imagine the international repercussions? I would love to see those rotten politicians jumping up and down, from George Bush to Ariel Sharon. I would love to see Germany reclaiming all the money swindled from it as reparations. I would love to see the people of Europe raising their head and throwing out all the aliens in their midst, which they are forced to feed, because of holocaust guilt. A Europe reborn, a Europe of nations stretching from Ireland to Vladivostock. It just needs the TRUTH.

Wishing you all the best, I am,

Yours sincerely,


15th May, 2004

Mr. Tony Patterson
The London Independent
London UK

Dear Mr. Patterson,

Your article ("Nazi horrors missing from autobiography") which appeared in a local newspaper makes interesting reading. But to accuse the pope of not writing about atrocities in his autobiography... Why should he? To please the jewish lobby? Do you know that there is no mention of holocaust or gas chambers in the memoirs of Winston Churchill, D. Eisenhower, Charles de Gaulle or even Bernard Baruch, head of the World Jewish Council at the time and assistant to Roosevelt. If they did not write anything about it, how true is the story? That is why I take all atrocity stories with a pinch of salt. In the first world war, it was Belgian babies with their hands cut off and nuns gangraped. That brought America into the war. Then we had stories of jews turned into soap and their foreskins used for lampshades. That has been debunked by Yad Vashem in 1991, but all the years it was gospel truth. Millions of visitors have seen the gas chambers of Auschwitz which the Washington Holocaust Museum have now declared to be fake. A quarter of a million American soldiers visited the Dachau gas chamber, which was built to make a propaganda film to nail Nazi leaders at Nuremberg. Without mentioning the torture chambers and the thumbscrews and the butcher hooks which were used to nail Saddam Hussein as well. So Muhldorfer is not different. He has to sell a book and will exaggerate if need be. War is war and as an Irish song on a family whose father was in the British army says, "a soldier is the living proof of inhumanity." See attached on the depredations of the British army in South Africa and Kenya.

Indeed the SS committed atrocities, but what are a few prisoners shot compared to the mass murder of Dresden where an estimated 475,000 men, women and children were roasted to death by the British Air Force under Bomber Harris who got a statue a few years ago. As Churchill boasted: "We have killed 7 million Germans and will kill another one million before the war is over, so there will be enough place for the refugees from the East." At the end of the war, watching his great friend Josef Stalin taking over half of Europe, he said: "We have killed the wrong pig." Of course, you will tell me, what about the six million? A tough one, since the total Jews under the Reich after 1941 never exceeded 2.5 million and all are accounted for. Where are the mass graves? If they had been roasted as the legend tells us, we would still be roasting today as cremation capacity only allowed for about 275 a day, at 2.5 hours per corpse. The International Red Cross after 10 years of research confirmed that a total of 400,000-odd detainees died in the camps. They have all the records and were even running some camps at the end of the war. Who would you rather trust? The IRC or the Jewish crooks who made billions out of the story?

The SS evacuated the camps from the East as the inmates were more worried about the Soviets than about the Germans. In Auschwitz, the inmates were given a choice, either leave with the Germans or wait for the Soviets. Poor Ann Frank left with the Germans but her father who was sick in the hospital stayed behind. She caught typhus in Bergen Belsen and died while her old man went went on to make a fortune out of her diary partly written with a ballpoint pen invented in 1951. So is life. The evacuees knew that escape would be punished by execution as the Germans could not allow the criminal element loose around the countryside and those too weak to continue would have died of cold anyway. Of course, it does not justify the shooting. Were the SS worse than any other army in the field? I doubt it. When you read about the behavior of the British Army in South Africa or India after the Rebellion, there is no reason to boast. Every army has got its psychopaths and the British Army more than most. And the jewish bolsheviks who participated in the mass murder of 66 million Russians, Ukrainians and Muslims should be the last to complain. They are still at it in Israel.

The story of "Polish slave labourers" is another of those. All laborers in Germany were paid, including those in the concentration camps. In fact they were flocking from all over Europe to go and work in Germany. Even jews worked in factories and as a Dutch friend who worked there at the time told me, they were getting Kosher food which was better protein-wise than the one from ordinary labourers. My friend asked for jewish food and he got it. More beans and therefore proteins. My cousin, a French prisoner in Silesia, met a Polish woman working for the Germans. They found the time to make two kids plus one in the tummy and they walked and hiked all the way back to France.

I enclose some material on the period as well as on the crimes of the Allies who passed judgment at Nuremberg. It is interesting to note that Lord Shawcross, the public prosecutor at Nuremberg declared in 1984 that he had to admit that HITLER NEVER WANTED WAR. Britain wanted it, the U.S. was pushing for it after the great depression, the Soviet definitively, the French reluctantly, the Poles without doubt (they were the first to mobilise two days before the Germans. General mobilisation was considered a declaration of war) In fact all of Western Europe should be grateful to Hitler. By his pre-emptive attack on the Soviet Union, he saved Europe. According to the memoirs of the Soviet Marshals, Stalin would have marched one month later had the Germans not attacked first. he was waiting for the German to be bogged down on the channel. Only 6 German divisions were facing the East at the time, so it would have been a walkover. In 1944 the resistance of the European Waffen SS delayed the Soviet offensive by a full year, enabling the Western Allies to land in Normandy.

I will remain anonymous as some people do not like their stories demolished. We are dealing with a religion; Holocaustism, to be believed or else. But I know what I am talking about. My grandmother, a student in Kiev in 1932, was told not to return to her village 50km north of the capital as it did not exist anymore. The jewish bolsheviks, under the leadership of Lazar Kaganovich, the son of a jewish cobbler, murdered an estimated 10 million Ukrainians simply by surrounding the villages of Ukraine and letting them starve to death. No need for gas or shooting. My grandmother fled to the West and met my grandfather in Paris where they married and moved to the Alps. During the German occupation they were fighting in the French Resistance. My grandfather was 10 cm away from a firing squad. That was the distance between the feet of the German officer searching the house and the case of weapons under the chicken coop. An aunt was in Bergen Belsen, I can talk about that camp and what happened and did not happen. My wife's grandmother was in British concentration camps in South Africa where 27,000 women and children died of disease, malnutrition, shortage of water, broken glass put in their meagre food, rape. Imagine a quarter of the women and children of Britain dying in camps. To put a number to it, let us say that there are 40 million British women and children and 10 million died in this manner. Imagine also that in Britain, every farm had been burnt, every domestic animal killed and most women raped. What would you call such a crime? A COLONIAL WAR. And you worry about the SS...

Wishing you all the best, I remain,

Yours sincerely,


30th April, 2005

Ms. Gail Walker
Belfast Telegraph
Northern Ireland

Dear Ms. Walker,

I have here an article from Peter Worthington in the Toronto Sun of Sept 9, 2004, in which you are quoted. It refers to an article you wrote titled "Beslan or Belsen, pure evil is the basic cause" and in which you compare Beslan to Belsen, Auschwitz and Treblinka.

Wiley old fox Peter Worthington did not state that himself, instead he quoted you. So he can always retract and say that he just quoted someone else. For Peter Worthington knows the truth about the German concentration camps, but of course cannot print it. In his youth he was Moscow correspondent for one of the Bassett newspapers, and there, wrote an article on the jewishness of Brezhnev's wife and the entire Soviet system where 63 million Christian Russians and 3 million Muslims died at the hands of Jewish commissars. He also wrote an article on Operation Keelhaul where 2 million Russians who fought on the German side to free Russia from jewish communism were handed over by Britain and the US for execution by Stalin and his mainly jewish commissars. He was not afraid to call the Western leaders at the time WAR CRIMINALS for that is what they were. That cost him his job as a journalist in the Bassett stable and they told him that as long as he lives, he will never have another job in their company, and they kept their word. On top of this, his darling daughter married David Frum, of "Axis of Evil" fame and converted to Judaism. He cannot upset the in-laws, so he has to "holocaust" from time to time, in spite of his knowledge that most of the story is bunkum. the life of a journalist is tough and I would agree with John Swinton, that a journalist is an intellectual prostitute who will betray everything and everybody if requested. A journalist has to live, like all of us.

The Beslan massacre does not only reflect on evil terrorists, but more important on their backers. The Chechen problem would have been solved a long time ago if it had not been used as a means to destroy the present government of Russia. The backer of the Chechen rebels is Jewish oligarch Boris Berezhovsky, which even Soros called the vilest man he has ever met, and the good old CIA, who knew nothing of 9/11. The reason: Central Asian Oil and pipeline/refineries in Chechnia, and Putin's stand against the New World Order. Strange how history repeats itself. Same pattern as 1933, when JUDEA DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY, 58 days after Hitler took over. Hitler wanted a Germany free from the international banksters and the same with Putin and Russia. The problem for the banksters is that Russia has nuclear teeth, so if life can be made miserable enough, maybe the people will vote in puppets which can be controlled. Only time will tell. [...]


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