Letter to Toronto Star

by Devil's Advocate

15 June 2005

8th April 2005

Mrs. Peggy MacKenzie
Star Library
Toronto Star
1 Yonge Street
Toronto Canada

Dear Mrs. MacKenzie,

I read with interest your article in the TS of March 6 (How a toy lost its innocence) and had to smile. For a person who never saw the war, to worry about the symbol of the swastika is strange. Have you ever worried about the HAMMER AND SICKLE of the communists and the 66 million murdered in Russia? That would be about eleven times more than the alleged jews kills by the Nazis. Not at all, I am sure! Rather believe the likes of Ann Landers and Bernie Faber and their acolytes who benefited by hundreds of billions dollars from the slaughters of th cream of Europe. I would call that selective morality. Don't you think so too? Or are you so engrossed with their lies that you cannot see the wheat from the chaff? In any conflict, always ask CUI BONO? And you will soon find who the organisers are.

I can comment on the subject as my family was maybe the most "concentrated" family in the world. It seems that if there was one camp, one of our relatives would be there. My grandmother came from a little village north of Kiev in the Ukraine. At 18, a student at Kiev University in 1932, she was told not to return to see her family as the village did not exist anymore. Like 10 MILLIONS other Ukrainians they were starved to death or sent on holiday to the Arctic Circle, never to come back. The man in charge of this real HOLOCAUST was none other than LAZAR KAGANOVITCH which Enclyclopedia Britannica describes as "the son of a Jewish cobbler." He was Stalin's father in law. (Stalin's daughter Svetlana moved to the US in the sixties and proclaimed her jewishness). Lazar Kaganovitch, who first tried his hand in the liquidation of 3 MILLION MUSLIMS AND COSSACKS in Central Asia in 1926, used a tried tactic - STARVATION - to liquidate the builk of th epopulation. Red Army units under Jewish commissars (90% of commissars were jewish) surrounded the villages and let the people starve. Nothing went in, nothing came out. The first to die were the children, millions of them, then the women and the old people. Some of the fitter young men did survive, so when the Red Army moved in they either put a bullet in the back of their neck or if fit enough they sent them to the Arctic to build the canals in temperature approaching 50 below. Very few witnesses were left behind...

My grandmother, after various adventures, made it to the West and worked in Paris where she met my grandfather. They married and moved to the French region of Haute Savoie, a hotbed of resistance to German occupation during WWII. The family was very much involved in the fight and one aunt ended up in a German concentration camp. She used to tell us how they had to stand naked in line outside the barracks for inspection by SS doctors. It was an humiliating experience, but one which saved their lives. The barracks were being fumigated and their clothes deloused and any physical problems they might have could be examined by the doctors. If bad they would be sent to the hospital (not to the gas chamber as we are constantly told). She came back home in one piece. My grandfather nearly joined her in the camps. Weapons and ammunitions were buried under the chicken coop. One day the Germans decided to search the house. The German officer went with my grandfather to search the same chicken pen and was standing right on top of the weapon cache... I do not want to explain my grandfather's natural reaction...

My wife's grandmother was in British concentration camp here in South Africa. 27,000 WOMEN AND CHILDREN died in those camps. Starved, with little water to drink or to wash, with broken glass put in their meagre food, raped, they died one by one. And English papers boasted of the superiority of the British who lived a clean life, compared to those dirty farmers' women who brought disease upon themselves by their hygiene. A quarter of the Boer population died which would be equal to about 7.5 MILLION Canadian women and children... And good Christian Canadian soldiers were also involved in the burning of farms, the killing of cattle and the raping of women. If it wasn't for an English woman Emily Hobhouse raising hell in Britain, they would have all died. As to the motive of the war...Jewish financiers wanting to grab the diamond and gold fields...What is new?

Since you enjoy "evil" and that madman Adolf Hitler, let us go to him. The first thing to know about the whole period is that it is not AH who declared war on the Jews, it is THE JEWS WHO DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY, in March 1933, 58 days after he was ELECTED to power. At the time, Germany had 50% unemployment with communists trying to overthrow the state to install a Soviet Republic. The Jewish declaration of war, resulted in cancellations of orders for German goods all over the world and put Germany in a worse situation. British trade dropped by 25% overnight. The reason?... Germany DROPPED OUT OF THE GOLD STANDARD, PRINTED ITS OWN MONEY AND REFUSED TO BORROW FROM INTERNATIONAL BANKERS. Within three years there was full employment. While the rest of Europe was wallowing in the aftermath of the Great Depression, Germany was roaring ahead. The German worker, contrary to his other European counterparts, was enjoying the benefits. Best labour laws in Europe, canteens in factories, medical aid, social clubs, holiday pay and holiday trips, including holiday ships (never allowed in British ports for fear of political contamination of the British workers), orchestras visiting factories, theatre for the people at 50 pf. a seat, travelling cinema for isolated villages. On top of this a massive building program to give young couples a house. For every child born, a quarter of the mortgage was written off. Four children, free house.

And children upon finishing their school had to spend one year on the farm, learning how those who fed them lived. It did not matter who your parents were, if you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth or not, you had to shovel the manure like everybody else. And no abortion, no murder, no stealing, no corrupt politicians, no drugs, no rap music, no pornography. And that madman Hitler used to visit factories, without bodyguards, mix with the workers, a lot of them ex-communists, without any protection. Even in the middle of the war he visited the front where men who fought the grimmest battle, armed to the teeth, welcomed him. Compare that to Clinton who had his own soldiers disarmed when visiting the troops.

In his memoirs, Churchill said: "BRITAIN WILL NOT TOLERATE A RISING POWER AT THE HEART OF EUROPE." In 1945, however, in a rare moment of honesty, he said, "WE KILLED THE WRONG PIG." By that time, he had lost half of Europe to the Soviets, destroyed the British and French empires, killed 40 million people and opened Europe and America to third-world invasion. And all that for the paltry sum of 150,000 pounds which the Jewish financiers gave him to save his beloved Chartwell residence and pay his gambling debts. From that moment the fate of Europe was sealed.

As to the Jews, the declaration of war against Germany meant that any Jews under the jurisdiction of the Reich, became an ENEMY ALIEN. And at the time, in any war, enemy aliens were interned. But Germany did not intern the Jews until 1941. Jewish offices were opened in Germany till that time and emigration was brisk. Most of the German Jews and all Austrian Jews emigrated. A transfer agreement was signed with the World Jewish Council in which it was stated that their assets would be paid in merchandise to the future state of Israel. At the same time the Zionists were actively cooperating with the Nazis. It is Theodore Herzl who said in 1896 that the policy of the future state of Israel would be national socialism. Jews were trained in the camps in agriculture for future settlement in Israel. Adolf Eichman was the go-between and was welcome in the thirties both in Palestine and Egypt. He would have ended his life peacefully in South America had he not started to write his memoirs exposing the hypocrisy of the Jewish establishment and the collaborators. The rest is history. He was given a show trial, locked in a glass case where the questions inside were not the same as outside, but the answers were. His Jewish counterpart Joel Brand was quietly assassinated. The relationship was so cozy that former Israeli Prime Minister, then head of the Irgun, offered Hitler a battalion of Jewish soldiers to fight the British.

Did Hitler want war? Lord Shawcross, the British prosecutor at Nuremberg, unequivocally stated in 1984 that Hitler never wanted war. He was in the trenches and was gassed in WWI. He knew war and did not want to repeat its horror. Unfortunately, the countries around him wanted war. Britain wanted war, the French got reluctantly suckered in, the Soviets wanted war, the Americans wanted war and egged the Poles on, who were the first to mobilize their army and march toward the German border. General mobilization was a declaration of war. Their radio transmissions talked of being in Berlin in a week. Faced with the Polish action, Hitler had no choice and smashed Poland. That was the trigger for Britain and France to declare war in terms of the phony guarantee given the Poles. When the Soviets took the other half of Poland eleven days later, the guarantee was quietly forgotten. It had done its job. The pre-emptive attack on the Soviet Union was not a question of choice. Stalin was waiting for the Germans to be bogged down on the Channel before sending in his 5 million soldiers. Facing them were just 6 German divisions. Had Hitler not sent the German army to the East to strike at the Soviets, Europe would have been history. Hitler effectively SAVED EUROPE. He did it again in 1944 when the German army and its one million European volunteers delayed the Soviets by a full year at a terrible price. Western Europe was safe from communism. The East had to bear the yoke of Jewish Bolshevik dictators and millions were killed or deported never to come back.

Now for the alleged holocaust of which you are so afraid. The name HOLOCAUST and the figure of 6 million were invented in 1919 (Hitler was just discharged from the hospital and was jobless in Vienna) by a Senator Glynn who wrote in the newspaper The American Hebrew of July 1919 that if nothing was done for European Jews, there would be an holocaust of 6 million. He was on a fund-raising campaign. Why 6 million? Simply because the number six is the number of doom in the Jewish religion. That is why the total death cannot be changed. Nothing much was heard about it until well after the war, there was talk of reparations. Suddenly 6 million had been killed and they all WANTED MONEY. The 6 million number was made up of 4 million killed at Auschwitz and 2 million elsewhere. Total 6 million. That was still the case in 1995. This year the figure for Auschwitz has been adjusted down to 1.5 million. So 1.5 million plus two million still make 6 million. That is what we must believe. But jewish historians have now revised the 1.5 million figure to 630,000 but 630,000 plus 2 million still makes 6 million. Do you believe that? The International Red Cross after 10 years research gave a total figure of 400,000 for the entire camp system and about 70,000 for Auschwitz alone, of which only 38,000 were Jews. The Jewish World population statistics were even more revealing. By their own records, there were more Jews in the world in 1947 than in 1939. No group losing 6 million of their own could have reproduced at that rate. In any case the total number of Jews under the Nazis could not have been more than 2.5 million and probably even less. But they were all accounted for by the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS which was feeding several camps at the end of the war as no supplies could get through due to the destruction by the Allies of the German transport network. In spite of that, if you look at photos of inmates taken at the liberation of the camps, they look singularly healthy. The attached picture of children liberated from Auschwitz by the Soviets in January 1945 shows healthy kids. Same with the pictures of adults shown during the anniversary. And that at a time when the best units of the Reich fighting the Soviets were eating two potatoes a day and their blood was so thin that it could not be used for blood transfusions.

The story of the gas chambers is on its last legs as well and even Jewish sources use it less and less. The story of the Jewish soap and lampshade made of human skin was debunked in 1991 by none other than the Yad Vashem Museum as being war propaganda. Last year the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum admitted that everything shown to the tourist at Auschwitz is FAKE, built by the communists after the war for the tourist trade. A further 60 million dollars was spent last year by the Bronfman family to "improve" the CHAMBER OF HORROR. The gas chamber shown to the tourists has the famous holes in the ceiling through which the gas was supposedly dropped on the innocent victims. The real building has NO HOLES IN THE CEILING. It is still there and can be inspected. The problem is that if there are no holes, there is NO HOLOCAUST.

In fact, why should the Germans, in the middle of the war, want to move 6 million human beings across Europe, just to exterminate them? A bullet in the back of the neck would have done the job on the spot. Why would they stop typhus epidemics when they were doing the job perfectly? Why would they have used a slow gas like Zyclon B (available at your chemist to kill fleas) when they had Sarin nerve gas? Why have an hospital for inmates if the intention was to kill them? For that matter, why should the inmates be paid in camp currency for their work? Any intelligent person can see that these questions are quite valid.

As to the crematorium stories they are even bigger than the rest. The total daily cremation capacity was in the region of 245 in a 12-hour shift. And that for the entire camp system. It takes about 2.5 hours to cremate a body. Imagine how many years it would take to cremate 6 million. In fact there is nothing sinister about a crematorium. Every major town has at least one. We are told that at Auschwitz, for example, pits were dug to burn the corpses. That would have been very difficult as the camp was built on a reclaimed swamp and the water table is between 50 and 80 cm below ground. In any case bodies cannot be burnt in pits for lack of oxygen. One of the most interesting stories peddled by the jewish establishment is that those awful Nazis were extracting the gold teeth from their victims and pocketing them. The first one is quite possible, but not the second one, as this would have been sabotage of the economy. The reason why Jews come with that story all the time is that in their Talmud, it is stated that when the Messiah comes and they are masters of the world, all the gold will belong to them and each Jew will have 1600 slaves. To take their gold is a greater crime than to kill them. Have you ever wondered what the crematoria in Toronto do with the gold teeth? Maybe you should investigate. I know that here in Cape Town the coffin handles are recycled endlessly to the greatest benefit of the undertakers. You can be sure that the gold is not thrown away.

I enclose some material on the various holocausts around the world, especially those created by the Jewish Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union. Also a different history of Black slavery. As well as the story of the mass murder of 20 million Germans, which of course were not human at all. And worst of all the mass rape of the women of Europe under the prodding of the Jew Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalin's propaganda minister.

But next time you find a box with a swastika and you are frightened of its effects on your daughter, think of all the inventions which you use daily and of which you do not know the origins. Hitler's Germany was the pioneer in television, in computers, in video telephone, in fast trains, in space technology and all its products, in motor cards, including racing cars, in highway construction and hundreds of products which you use in your life. The Allies stole 300,000 patents from Germany and found that German research in all fields was 100 years ahead of theirs. The rise of the United States after the war was due to a large extent to stolen German technology.

So Mrs. MacKenzie, do not believe everything coming from the Jewish propaganda machine and its Hollywood arm. I enclose some material for your perusal and if you want to check the content, by all means. After all, you are a journalist with a duty to investigate. I stand behind 99.99% of the information given. I would suggest for a start the book LOOK TO GERMANY, written by an American in 1936. Available from USM, POB 2600, Rapid City, SD 57709-2600 USA. All concentration camps were regularly photographed from the air by the Allies and i would suggest you obtain the book AIR PHOTO EVIDENCE by Canadian John C. Ball. This book alone is proof of the impossibility of the orthodoxy.

To conclude, I would like to quote the words of author J.C. Pressac, Auschwitz expert of the Beate Klaasfeld Foundation in Paris and author of 18 books on the camp. After seeing his last book being debunked, he said these words:


Wishing you all the best, I am, yours sincerely,


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