Every Time I Flip a Switch (I Thank a White Man)!

by George Crane

6 February 2005






Ninety-nine percent of the people currently on this earth as you read this, if stranded on an island with basic natural elements and minerals available, could not build a simple motor-driven washing machine, from scratch!

The self-proclaimed Chosen (sic) have lived in their "Promised Land" for several thousand years, but never discovered there how to harness electricity.

It required the White man to do that! Men like Franklin, Volta, Faraday, Edison, Ohm, and Tesla.

I don't believe non-Whites would ever have designed and built the first ammonia-based mechanical refrigerator, if you gave them another million years of evolution!

I don't believe non-Whites would ever have made it to the moon -- (It specifically required the best of surviving German scientists to do that) -- and that (jew-promoted) "diversity" and (ZOG-enforced) "affirmative action" now endanger every ZOG-NASA space mission attempted. Expect more calamities, disasters, and "unusual" tragic endings for the mixed-race, but photogenic, crews! Granted, it will be interesting and entertaining to see what the Chinese accomplish as they gear up to overpower Whites militarily, but their 5,000-year track record would indicate that the plentiful Chinese are better at copying and stealing, than at the real innovation and insightful brilliance that has been characteristic of the best of White men during that same time peiod.

But a genuinely endearing, crystalized example of the White man's unique gifts to the world is the old-fashioned record player/changer with an automatic tone arm! What other race, in its wildest peyote dreams, could actually build a reliable mechanical arm that would move over to that vinyl and "know" where to land and when to pick up again?! It's a beauty to behold in operation, and every time I see it, I am reminded of a deep-down gratitude for Thomas Edison, who was the first creature in about four billion years, that we know of, to capture and record sound for playback at another time!

It required the White man to do that! If "race" does not exist, as the jew-media want you to believe, then why weren't turntables invented and mass-produced by the Polynesians, Hawaiians, Angolans, Ethiopians ...? On the other hand, what if the whole planet had been filled with nothing but mud peoples?

Life would be a pretty shallow existence, indeed, if the White man had not created virtually everything that is taken for granted in the expression "standard of living" today. Are we superior?

Is a refrigerator superior to a rotted scrap of meat, or doing without food due to spoilage?

Is a 155mm Howitzer superior to a bow and arrow or a six-pound rock?v Is a Ferrari or Mercedes superior to a burro?

Is a shot of penicillin superior to some ground-up bear gallbladder in North Korea or the rattled trinkets of a witch doctor in Uganda?

An Amazon tribesman may find a good-quality loincloth "superior" to the finest tailored suit in New York City. A rural cook in India may find some dried cow patty "superior" to a portable propane tank. Many Hawaiian islanders may find canned spam "superior" to a fine Delmonico or Black Angus steak. In Asia I found that dried squid was considered "superior" to any other snack food or fish easily available from rural street vendors, and that, among insect eaters, the roasted grasshopper was definitely "superior" to all the other possible choices of insects.

Our people are "superior" in the things that matter to us! The things we like. The things we appreciate, that interest us, and that add enjoyment to our lives and family structure. The things that fit our (White) civilization and manner of existence.

Thus, as habitually presented by the ZOG/jew-media, the question of White supremacy is always an intentionally "loaded" question for WN's ... and intentionally divisive, nonsensical, and a distraction from reality. "Superior" to what, in what context, and who is the ultimate judge? Let's repeat (and let there be no doubt):

Are you a "superior" race?

Our people are "superior" in the things that matter to us!


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