Niggers Doing In North America the Same Things They Do In Africa, Haiti

by George Crane

30 January 2005

1,000 Say Goodbye to Slain Wal-Mart Clerk

[Excerpted paragraphs below are alternated with editorial comments following each, in bold.]

Associated Press Writer

"TYLER, Texas (AP) -- More than 1,000 mourners gathered Saturday at a funeral service for a Wal-Mart clerk whose chilling abduction was captured on surveillance videotape."

How many more funerals do you want, White America? How many will it take?

"Friends and family remembered Megan LeAnn Holden, 19, as a beautiful, compassionate young woman known for her smile. Photos of Holden growing up - in her softball uniforms, at her sister's wedding and being silly with friends - were shown on a large screen behind her coffin."

This is another priceless loss to our race and future White nation, a White female of prime breeding age. Tragic, and unforgivable, in every way. The remedy is already widely known, yet not practiced (yet).

"'To know Megan was to love Megan,' said Jeff Stanley, her former youth minister. 'You couldn't get to know her ... without falling in love with who she was.'"

Did the minister preach and practice a race-conscious racial honesty with her, as is his duty? Did he help her understand Nature's vital (and exalted) role for females of our race? Did he remind her of the dangers of the poison of jew-created feminism [which had her working at a night job in a sick, non-White-self-ruled society]?

"[Megan] Holden had attended only one day at Tyler Junior College before she was abducted on Jan. 19 after finishing her night shift at the Wal-Mart. Her body was found two days later in a ditch 380 miles away in western Texas. Police said she had been shot."

Our grandmothers knew that White women should not be out after dark, alone. I never saw either of my grandmothers violate this common-sense rule. But jew-created feminism teaches your daughters just the opposite. On the other hand, this precaution would hardly be necessary in a non-jewed self-ruled White nation, such as the Third Reich was. Was it even, supposedly, Ghengis Khan who wanted a virgin to be able to walk across the national territory unmolested?!

"Police arrested [nigger] Johnny Lee Williams, 24, two days later at an Arizona hospital seeking treatment for a gunshot wound after a robbery attempt. He was driving Holden's truck, police said."

In other words, just doing what niggers in Africa, Haiti, and worldwide do every day... making a 'hood out of wherever the nigger is. Turning wherever the nigger happens to be, into Haiti.

"Authorities have called it a random abduction and said Williams did not know Holden."

Oh, in that case it's ok then! "Random" in jew journalism is overt propaganda for "don't even try to think for a second that another nigger attack was a racial attack." "Random" is jew-speak for "it can happen to anybody," and "just in the wrong place ..." Lemmings are supposed to feel immediate relief when the jew tells them another nigger attack on White families, White children, and White businesses, was just "random." This is also an outright public demeaning of the value of the life of Megan. The jew-press feels it necessary to diminish dead White victims in every way, so as to reduce White backlash and honest outrage.

"The Wal-Mart surveillance tape shows a man standing outside the store entrance for nearly two hours before Holden was abducted. As Holden left, the man followed her to her truck, forced her inside and drove away, police said."

(1) First of all, it is an unacceptable bastardization of the English language for any journalist to use the word "man" when referring to a nigger, and especially a nigger criminal, in any context. He is not a "man," and never will be! Spare us any niceties for the one who just killed (our White sister) Megan! (2) Notice that surveillance tapes and other technical gizmos will not stop niggers. No amount of high-tech circuitry gadgets is going to stop niggers from doing what niggers do in the midst of an advanced White society. The real solution is as obvious now as it was to our White forefathers 200 years ago! (3) To prevent this sad scenario of being followed out to her truck, a White woman will naturally avoid working at night (and eventually get out of the "job" world all together as absolutely soon as it can be arranged), stay accompanied at all times when outside the White household (preferably by White male family members), and also, if insistent on going out or working, then learn to use a gun and have a plan. Men, be sure your little Megan's are better informed, better prepared, and better cared for, than to be attacked alone in a parking lot. (My grandmothers did not own or use guns. They stayed home.)

"Authorities said that after the abduction, Williams drove west, robbing an Odessa convenience store Jan. 20 before trying to rob an Arizona RV park early the next morning. A store worker at the park fired the shot that wounded Williams."

(1) The nigger continued being a nigger, just on down the road in other neighborhoods? Big surprise, there! Continued spreading the suffering to more White people? What did you expect, America? How long more will you "tolerate" these assaults on our people? When will you pass a new law demanding "nigger control"? (2) It took an armed store worker to stop the nigger! Hallelujah! Thank God for an armed citizenry (who can shoot straight)! That is the one thing that will get most third worlders' attention. Pity the nigger SOB survived the shot and will get some of the White man's limited medical resources so he'll recover at the expense of working family White taxpayers!


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