GOOD WOMEN (of barely 40 years ago) vs. TODAY'S AMERICAN FEMALES

by George Crane

30 January 2005

GOOD WOMEN (of barely 40 years ago) vs. TODAY'S AMERICAN FEMALES

or, How jewish "feminism" is Destroying a Formerly Great People
or, How My Grandmothers Were the Best Females I Have Ever Known (Period)!
or, When American Women were Real Home-makers, Wives and Mothers, and Worthy of the Name

[Jew-promoted] Feminism damages marriages, families, childhoods, lives, and nations!

1. Were they off the roads, tens of thousands of American females would still be alive and traffic jams would go away instantly.

Instead, they're flipping SUVs, crashing, and slipping off ice daily. They're (habitually) speeding. They're "stressed" like never before. Yet, they're uppity about it, as if they're oh-so-entitled (go girls!) to die on the roads.

Not long ago, females who wanted to drive a car and smoke cigarettes were considered akin to street-walking whores.

REALITY CHECK: One of my grandmothers (living into the 1970s) never drove a car at all. Never had, or wanted, a driver's license. Other than riding with a relative (or church bus) to church on Sunday, she rarely left the house at all. Her entire life.

The other grandmother certainly did not "ride the roads" daily either. She rarely drove anywhere, though she'd lived there all her life. In my entire childhood memory of her, she drove somewhere exactly TWICE (both times within about two miles of her home) during the entire 15 years when I knew her closely.

These were noble women who knew what an honest home life was all about!

2. Were they out of the job market (which "business" system was, incidentally, created by White males in Western civilization), all White males, White veterans, and, heck, even nigger males! in North America would have almost full employment, instead of unemployment!

REALITY CHECK: Neither of my grandmothers ever worked outside the home during their entire lives. Not even during WWII. Not even during the Great Depression.

Never. Not even briefly. Not even part-time. They both recognized, and knew in their bones, their undiluted duty to their husband, their children, their home, and their family.

Neither of my grandmothers ever worked outside the home for wages -- yet they raised eight children between them! God, they were wonderful women! (I miss them more than any other humans!)

3. Were White women to create real families and homes again, both (White) adult crime and delinquency would diminish.

My grandmothers, though dirt poor by today's standards, raised eight children, none of whom became criminals or were ever imprisoned.

They all had no education. They never had any money. Screw the sociologists with their excuses for evil and violence!

REALITY CHECK: None of our family line were "latch-key kids." None were tossed off to "childcare" instead of the real thing: mothercare, 24 x 7!

My grandmothers did not live for "materialism" or some new electronic gadget, and they never put their husband under that (jew-fomented) pressure. Neither of them ever lived off "welfare,""child support," or the public dole of any kind.

I never saw them ask for anything, nor complain of not having it. Yet, in their "primitive" kitchens and homes, they were more content than any woman I know today. They had more peace of mind, more character, and more civility.

During the approximate 15 years when our lives overlapped, I never heard either of these two fantastic Christian women raise their voices, argue with their husbands, use profanity, or openly criticize anyone, ever, in my presence. That was their character, their "raising," and their whole way of life, of being.

With only grammar-school drop-out educations, both grandmothers were more literate than today's "high school graduate" American females, such as the ignorant, classless, largely illiterate tramp whom my brother married in haste and sexual desperation. The grandmothers were capable of writing elegant, grammatical, loving, actual postal letters. How can that large discrepancy in supposed and claimed "education" be explained away as "progress"?

4. Were American women to resume their natural role in the home, adultery and divorce would diminish or be practically eliminated.

The "job market" simply gives more women more of a chance to stray. It introduces temptation that should not be there, and was not there in past centuries.

It also stresses and fatigues more women outside the home than would ever have occurred before, making them vulnerable to some thrill-seeking diversion or dalliance. Spending most of your day with some male or males who are not your husband?! How terrible a life! Only the commissar-minded jews (Friedan, Steinem) could come up with some destructive bullshit like that!

5. Rapes would be almost unheard-of in a White society in which (again) females are not out at night, nor alone.

Duh. Our grandmothers knew this common-sense lesson of nature well.

Today one reads of rape after rape case, including by prowling niggers, in which some twenty-something White female was out about town around midnight, or at 2 a.m., driving a car around by herself! Idiot! Where are these girls' fathers? If they are either uncaring or brain-sogged with "equality," then they get what they deserve (and may their family lines rot in hell)!

Many others of today's American females live alone, as they've been jew-convinced that they don't need any male family members or husband around. Or was it Oprah that they listened to, who told them to get their own apartment?

REALITY CHECK: Neither of my grandmothers went alone out of the home at night. Not ever! Neither of them ever drove around after sunset. Neither of them ever lived alone, unmarried. They knew better! It worked. (Their common sense and practical sensibility paid off, in a safer life.) A non-feminist life!


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