New Years Resolutions

by George Crane

3 January 2005

It's the little things that count ....

1. WAL-MART. The PC jews-media and newspapers afraid to lose their advertising refer to the behemoth euphemistically as "big box stores" in editorial comments from readers, as if nobody will notice. I've not been inside for more than two years now. Tearing out the "little guy" out of our White downtown is only a small part of it. Until WAL-MART buys at least half of its big warehouse goodies from our local creators, and from fellow Americans, I'll not give them another goddam dime! Fini! And I've lived without Sam Walton's racial sell-out economics just fine, thank you. If I have to, I'll be much happier making my own wood furniture (and other products) myself! There's nothing in Sam's China shop that I can't find elsewhere or make (or grow) myself!

2. OPRAH. Look at that "studio audience"! How often do you see White males in there? Why is it that White women have made this constant nigger-promoter tool-of-the-jews into a multi-millionairess? Could she have done it in Nigeria or Zaire, rather than spitting on our people? If you tune in or buy from the sponsers (rather than curse them, in writing, with the ridicule they deserve), then you are part of the decadent problem. Be a part of the solution, White man and woman: Cut off 'Oprah' contamination for good from your household in 2005. And good riddance.

3. COKE and PEPSI ... both supported cheating White children at the U. of Michigan out of a life and a future in their own country! Coke and Pepsi paid expensive banks of (jew?) lawyers to file briefs in support of affirmative action before the ZOG Supremes ("Supreme" Court, which includes two jews out of only nine judges, so far). I have not bought a COKE product of any kind in more than four years. Not a single PEPSI in about three years. The longer I go, the easier it gets!

4. THE TODAY SHOW. Such an easy one. Let's see, reward jew-NBC for its daily morning dose of jew Lauer, nigger Al, mixed-Jap Anne, and daffy "perky" "$100-million contract" Katie Couric of suspect jew-connections (or previous marriage to that doctor)? No way in hell! Our TV boxes in future will hire White males. Our TV boxes in future will make a point of hiring White male veterans (with SS officers and NCO's getting well-earned preference!). I've often thought that, without the insidious destructiveness of the eternal jew, Couric's salary in particular could be used instead to hire 100 White men, as head-of-households, at $1 million each! (And they would do a better job of journalism.) But that would be in a healthy, self-ruled White society, wouldn't it?

5. YOUR LOCAL JEW-OWNED (or GANNETT) NEWSPAPER. I made a vow about five years ago not to give the SOB's even one more dime. Since then, haven't ever paid for one and will never advertise in their classifieds again. Since those jews (and flaming feminists!) are undeniably and obviously working against the interests of our White folk every day of the year, why give them even one penny to do so? I don't and won't! The sooner they are out of the print business, the better for us all.

6. BANKS AND BUSINESSES FULL OF FEMINISTS. If I detect that they don't hire males, or that they didn't seem to hire any White male veterans in the past twelve months, I cut them off and find a way to cease all business activity with them. My money will go elsewhere. This is literally a life and death matter for our people, and is especially critical in smaller communities. My part is not to reward the "bad" behavior and this is easy to put into effect.

7. IN SEASON, BUY FROM WHITE PRODUCE STANDS. These are White people selling their own produce. I buy heavily and in cash from them whenever they are present, rather than the supermarket chain produce from "corporate farms" (meaning Mex-picked) or from foreign country imports. As a bonus, the White small-farm or garden produce is of higher quality, better priced, and probably cleaner!

8. AVOID THE MALL! As the archived Mueller real-estate article on VNN describes, many of the large shopping malls are owned by jews. Secondly, their "anchor" tenants, such as BON MACY would then of course also be jews. All you'll find in such a set-up is extremely low-manufacturing cost Chinese goods with the highest possible leveraged mark-up! A cheap aluminum Chinese pan worth about two dollars will be sold to you for maybe $75 or $80!* (Are White females also peculiarly susceptible to this form of rape?) In other words, the greatest "spread" of a rip-off possible in your whole area will probably be at the JEW-MALL! (I have not bought anything there in about six years.) (*For pots and pans, you can order real traditional cast-iron from LODGE online, which is the ONLY American company still left in the cast iron business. These will last your entire lifetime and then can become family heirlooms from one generation to the next -- at no extra cost to the children and grandchildren!)

9. CUT BOTH ELECTRICITY AND GASOLINE CONSUMPTION. May be tough for the "average lemming" today, but still very valuable, and even fun, to work toward. Thrift has its own reward. I've found it's not difficult to coordinate "errand runs" together on certain days to reduce daily automobile trips. If I don't have to go out on business on a given day, I don't. Even one day at home saves the gasoline and all peripheral related expenses of using a car, such as tires, oil, and maintenance. (Still have to pay the insurance, but the risk of an accident is zero when it's parked here all day!) I have grown to love working at home, whenever possible. I'm very comfortable staying here as much as I can. (Unlike our grandmothers, today's street-roaming generation of 200-pound SUV-hugging cell-phone-yapping feminist American females should try it.) I don't need much electricity, especially in the daytime. I unplug the TV (which uses a "phantom" load, even when off). Instead of all natural gas, I augment with some wood heat, some candles, some yard brush, and baking bread in the kitchen at night. I solar-recharge (free) the batteries for my pocket radio. As an experiment, lately I've taken to wearing a jacket indoors during the day and reducing the central heat to just the point where it keeps the plumbing from freezing. (Saved about $60 in December from that one measure alone over last year's gas heat bill.)

10. BUY IN BULK! When I think of all the years I bought four rolls of toilet paper, or a two-pound bag of rice, or a one-pound bag of beans, ... makes me want to cry.

Any dollar out of their pockets, is another dollar in yours!

We might add that one thing NOT to avoid is contributing, even in some small way (financial, personal word-of-mouth, talent-wise or otherwise), to the advancement of White Nationalism in 2005. Each reader will know what to do, in that case.



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