Not One Goddam PENNY to Thailand!

by George Crane

1 January 2005

Oh, so now they want the White man's medicines, the White man's helicopters, and the White man's dollars, pounds, and euros? What an incredible one-way swindle this is for Aryan taxpayers of the White world!

If you're White, try overstaying your visa in Thailand, and see how much "aid" you get from the Thai governement. (Hint: Don't do it. Ever. You'll be jailed immediately by Thai Immigration, whether you pay up the fines or not!)

Then let them start by issuing permanent residence visas to the 10,000 Americans who want to live in Thailand, instead of being jerked around by sudden visa extension rejections, the money racket of frequent "temporary" visa fees, and having to leave the country every 90 days for another "entry" stamp. (By contrast, there are more than 300,000 Thais living in the USA alone; most all of whom have obtained easy "green cards" allowing them to stay and work. Until 9/11 some who resided in more rural areas, such as one I met from Nebraska, even got their green card by mail without ever stepping foot in any immigration office!)

It's a concept called reciprocity. Free Americans should get an easy "green card" too, if they want to enjoy a tropical climate, retire there, or have family or jobs there. But, as the naive and untravelled may not know: There are no green cards for Americans!

Let them change the Thai ultra-nationalistic/racist laws that prohibit a White man from buying a house in Thailand (even if married to a Thai woman). Let them abolish their national law that prohibits you as a White man from holding just about any normal job, other than teaching English. (They only tolerate that one because they need your English to get more of your euros, pounds, and dollars!)

Every White person I knew in Thailand had come to the conclusion that the Thai government wanted our money around, but did not want Whites around! I personally heard horror story after horror story from Americans, Brits, Germans, Canadians, Australians and other Whites who had been beaurocratically ripped away from their loved ones and business interests on short notice (sometimes being ordered to leave the country on three days' notice when a visa extension or new application was rejected). The Thai civil servants seem to get a special kick out of lording it over the White man, because they can, during this weak period in Aryan history.

White people used to be afforded a healthy respect everywhere they went, around the globe.

Until Whites demand and get respectable treatment from any particular foreign government, until there is genuine reciprocity in the treatment of Whites in the foreign territory, any and all requests for "aid" from such governments should be met with a loud "F-OFF" and a vigorously-thrusted middle finger!


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