Letters to VNN

by Cincinnatus

8 July 2005

[letter #1]

Dear Alex -

White Trash is gold compared to a nigger. Jews love gold because when they possess it they believe they can buy the spiritual beauty of white men. White spirituality cannot be bought. It lives in veins of white men. Therefore, the jews believe possession of a precious metal is a fetish that can buy them a soul they envy in white men. What jews cannot own, they must destroy. That is why the jew must mix the base metal of the nigger with the pure metal of whites. Money is a mental projection of the jewish pathological self hatred for being racially inferior and psychologically unbalanced. Jews must debase all they touch, whether it be races, metals, art, or sexual relations. It is a compensation and revenge for their physical repulsiveness and paranoid self hatred and insecurity. The jews perceive they are a physically unattrative race. By forcing the soft, symmetrical physique of Aryan women to be miscegenated with the simian brutishness of the dusky negroid, the jew would feel comforted in the imbecilic oafishness of a semi-human orangutan horde of idiot bumblers intellecutally deficient and easier to rule. The jew must conquer by his stooped, bow-legged, nasally swollen trunk to harangue the apathetic Aryans into bankrupting themselves financially with expensive pharmaceuticals and debauched syphilitic orgies the likes of which Jerry Springer bullhorns on the electric jew tube on a daily basis. Jewy Springer is watched by the stupid Aryan zombies in every office, restaurant, and hospital waiting room. Orthodox jews are not exhibited on the Jewy Springer Circus. Rather, White and Nigger trash are compacted into a nauseating freak show for the benefit of snickering kikes who squeeze billions of dollars winepressing the goy mentality into the equivalent of knuckle dragging deviants with no other purpose in life but to sire mulatto retards to flip Wendy's cheeseburgers and die in the deserts of the middle east to protect jewish slave traders in brothels stacked with Ukrainians to satisfy the prurient lusts of orthodox rabbis in Tel Aviv. This is what Jewy Springer and Abe Foxman of the ADL consider "tolerance." [letter #2]

June 2nd 2005 Friday Morning 4:07 a.m.

Dear Alex --

I've been a fanatic follower of your writings for five years now. No one has the ability to shave the problem down to its most crucial components. You are not as much a revolutionary as the paragon of the truest artist. I honor you as an artist, a poet. I'm not the most well read person, and not very good with computers, so please forgive me that the erudite expertise of your writing sometimes bedazzles me with its truth and light and I feel humbled by your brilliance. It spurs me on to want to strive harder to be more like you as a man and a craftsman with words. Alex Linder and the word, or abstract ideal, "America," cannot be used separate from each other. You, your spirit, are the quintessence of the definitive heart of what America could, should, must be, to survive. I see in you a living myth, an icon of what real Americans should aspire to become to defend the European race and culture beefore it is devoured by subhuman barbarism. If only I had your courage, your mule-headed stubbornness to promote the cause, and your bullish determination to charge at the enemies of the few shreads of good that are left in our exhausted, defiled motherland. Your poetry is my spiritual food, it rips away the corrosive facade of ulcerous lies that poson the body of White America from within. You are the George Washington, the Thomas Jefferson, a reincarnation of the founding fathers and intrepid, noble mission to build an empire of racial magnificence that evolves us closer to Gods, racial gods of a higher order. There are too few real white men in our morally, spiritually, physically diseased race and culture. The "New Hardness" you have described is our ultimate benevolent Providence. Yes, "our race is our nation" is an excellent principle, but I propose another: Along with "ORION" we should also add to our book of wisdom: "OUR RACE IS OUR GOD" = ORIOG. The white man should rule as the GODFLESH, the stewards of hygienic, racially pure, vigilant guardians of our battered planet, and people. For this reader, you are a white hero. How many of them are left? God is a concept that must accentuate the ideal of our race to improve its condition in this universe and defend our race from its natural enemies. Our racial god is a god of flesh and blood and the civilization we design to improve on nature and ourselves. Have I learned correctly from you, judging by my previous exposition on your writings? I know you are a stern but fair teacher. I hope I have been a good student. We should love our race more than our children, for there would be none of our progeny without this nature's blessing of our whiteness bestowed upon us by our universe. If we do not worship our whiteness, we shall commit a deicide of our racial god, our biological majesty. What fiend would kill this benevolent king of caucasoid bliss, and render us damned in the hell of racial miscegenation? No good whiteman with a conscience who loves his God and treasures his Caucasian birthright could do this. White is right. WHITE IS RIGHT! If every white man knew and warmed his heart with those three words, we would never have been scourged into the desperate straits of a mongrelized, downtrodden exile of race-mixing peonage. "WHITE IS RIGHT." A prayre for that glorious day when our white lightning strikes for us a promised land hammered into spires of triumph by our very own white muscle. We must call our white people to victory by praising our Aryan Creator with the battle cry: "WHITE IS RIGHT!" Plaster it on billboards, shout it from the rooftops, hum it affectionately in the ears of babes. This is our national anthem, "White is Right." If every white American knew this, and based all their decisions on this simple, profound logic, our racial enemies would have easily been vanquished millennia previous.

Whiness is our food, it is our spiritual grace, it is the pride we must celebrate when we look in the mirror and realize we are the only life form in the color of a star. In spiritual terms, White men light the stars of truth! Absent our whiteness, the lesser races would never have emerged from the black grime of empty space that coats their beastly skeletons. Alex Linder; Revolutionary Poet, Artist, you possess the qualities of courage that inspire leaders. Keep up the good work, white soldier. We would have never lived, if we did not die for the propagation of our race. The meaning of life is derived from our being white, and the joy of wearing this coat of Caucasian honor each living moment.

Your Racial Comrade -- Cincinnatus
P.S. Alex, if you could be so kind to publish this letter in Aryan Alternative, please omit my name and address. There are so many racial inferiors in New Jersey, my free speech could compromise me into a hangman's noose. I wrote this lette because millions of whites must know about your wisdom. Sitting at your knee, young whites could learn the truth and live healthy, happy lives.

[letter #3]

Dear Alex -

Just got over reading your superb newspaper, Aryan Alternative. I've already written you three letters, one on standard letterhead, the other in the form of two decorative Hallmark type cards. I'm not really sure what is compelling me to write to you so prodigiously. I guess it is because I see you as an outlet for my frustration of having to live in a nigger-jew hell. When I read your writings, I feel that there is a specific reservoir of untapped energy that you are able to mine into and allow to be revealed and released. As a white man to another white man you have articulated for me an awareness that was always vaguely understood within me. Because of the political, spiritual, and physical pressures of social and cultural force that are impounded on ourselves by the jews and their expertise at terrorizing and silencing whites, I was never really able to isolate and identify the psychological source of the conflict of absurdity that was troubling me. The absurdity is, of course, the ridiculous farce of the stupefying and dangerous social conditions the jews and their Goy bodyguards have oppressed us with. It is not because whites are, as a race, a physically weak people. Obviously, the jews, in their physical state, are not only weaker, but uglier. The ugliness of the typical jew is even repulsive to himself, hence jews' reliance on extensive rhinoplasty to correct what they perceive to be not only an obvious identifying mark that would signal to the Aryan Goyim in a previous social and historical era the psychopathic aberrance of the semitic race, but also the plain unattractiveness of thier race. The jews have always been haunted by their homeliness, although homeliness is not peculiar to their race, it is accentuated by their criminally genocidal tendencies to inflict hostility and suffering on their neighbors around the globe. There are beautiful women who, once their obnoxious behavior is exposed, diminish somewhat their pleasing physical features. It is much worse to experience an ugly, semitic appearing kike, adorned with Levantine, bulbous snout and negroid lips screeching for a few more billion dollars in "reparations" for some imaginary slight while Aryans are drummed with self hatred for not copulating with a black babboon. What is the real genocide here? A few yids getting bushwacked by Arabs in the course of burglarizing some destitute Gazan's citrus farm? A few rocks slung from a camel jockey's slingshot into a bagel beezer can't be all bad considering the billinos of dollars in cash whites have bestowed on the Israeli terror state. Here whites are couch fishing for their last few pennies to finance another holohoax memorial in Washington, D.C., while our own race dwindles into nothing, submerged by a spic tsunami waved in by the jews and their puppet politicians in "Jumerica."

"Jumerica"... Where the only real hate is that infused in the Aryan conscience to sterilize their reproductive capacity and unleash the explosive population growth of the fecal-toned races. The very definition of hate is the operant conditioning inflicted by the very jewish sciences of psychiatry and sociology that devalues whites into despising and desensitizing themselves to their own natural instincts of expanding their numbers and accepting consciously the healthy white revulsion for semi-human beasts of the shit-hued variety. It is you, Mr. Linder, of the exceptionally odd genius, who vocalizes the censured traits of the whit erace into recognizing and expressing the essential qualities of whiteness and polishing them into a fine art that makes our kind and civilization great once more. I'm going to send you more money. I konw it is not much. It is the least I can do for the white Revolution.


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