Happy Holocaust!

by Happy Camper

1 February 2005


The 1.5 million survivors of the Holocaust wish to extend to you and yours a very happy and heartfelt wish for a joyous Auschwitz liberation day! As you are undoubtedly aware some six million Jews were interred at various concentration camps that Nazi Germany maintained over an eight year period ending in 1945. It has long been believed that all these Jews died in the camps, but new information is now emerging that many Jews in fact survived the notorious camps! We all know Holocaust remembrance day is traditionally observed in a somewhat more somber manner, but this year is a bit different as all Jews have a reason to celebrate!

Perhaps you unaware that the reason for this celebration is that the official number of victims that died from the Holocaust has now been officially reduced. Originally it was believed that 4 million of our Jewish brethren died at the Auschwitz camp alone, but recently it has been confirmed that only 1.5 million actually died at Auschwitz, therefore the original number of victims has been reduced by 2.5 million!!! For all Jews this is a great cause for celebration, what joy to find that less than half of the original number thought to have originally perished in the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz actually may have done so. Furthermore when considering the 1.5 million remaining survivors who have applied for reparations this year, this means that the actual total number of victims of the Holocaust has now been reduced by 50% overall! This means that three million original camp inmates thought to have perished have survived to enjoy a full and happy life. So it is with this new and joyous news we want to wish one and all a happy Holocaust day!

The original 1948 Plaque at Auschwitz

The new 1990 Plaque with the 1.5 Million Number

The following are photos of happier times at the camps.

Note these well fed and Happy inmates. This was pretty much the case until the end of the war when the allied bombing campaign denied Germany much of her food sources. Due to allied bombing the camp inmates suffered terrible starvation as did the entire population of Germany. The terrible photos of the stacks of emaciated Jewish bodies were actually due to these horrific allied bombing campaigns.

It is often mistakenly believed that the inmates had their heads shaved to degrade and debase them, however nothing could be further from the truth. Typhus presented a real threat to the camps from the new inmates who were often infected with lice; that was the real reason for shaving the heads of inmates. This is the very same reason the US military has long shaved the heads of new recruits after induction. The reason for this confusion was probably due to the fact that the French shaved the heads of women who were suspected Nazi collaborators in order to degrade, debase and identify them as collaborators.

The photo above shows inmates getting their hair cut off in attempt to stem the raging typhus epidemics that ravaged the camps.

This photograph is of women employed as shoemakers at the Ravensbruck concentration camp.

Mealtime at Auschwitz, of course this photo this was taken before the food began to run out towards the end of the war due to the terrible effects of the allied bombing campaign.

Won't you please help the Jewish people celebrate the Holocaust survivors by passing this greetings along to as many people as possible?

And don't forget to visit the Yad Vashem official Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority's web site http://www.yadvashem.org/

Happy Holocaust!


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